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AU highschool .. Sakura, Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Sasuke.

It will be a one-sided Sasuke/Sakura. Sakura thinks about Deidara and Sasori as big brothers, but then Sasori 'suddenly' kisses her, and then you'll see further xD Uhm, Itachi, well he isn't a 'big brother' to her, so you will see...

16 pages long! XX; I know .. long xx; but, it was first 19 pages, so I made it shorted and the other 3 pages are for chapter 2 which -I don't know sure- won't be as long as chapter 1.

"Deidara!" Sakura screamed while she ran to the blond guy who was about to walk out of the gates. Seeing him turn around, smirking "Yo". When Sakura reached him she rested her hands on her knees and panted for air

"Are you still coming tonight to help me with my homework?" she asked quietly. "Yeah" he grinned and patted her head "don't worry, yeah"

Looking up at her brotherly friend she smiled. "Thank you very much Deidara. I really don't understand the .. well, you know what I mean." He smirked again "Yeah. You want me to walk you home?"

She slightly blushed and looked down, whispering "You don't have to." He took her bag and lifted it up over his shoulder "But I insist, come on Sakura" he said smoothly.

She smiled and walked next to him, feeling the glares from many girls burning in her back, she slightly sweat dropped.

"Uhm, Deidara?" she asked quietly while looking up to the tall blond guy walking alongside her. Before he could answer, someone called out :

"hey". Both turned around and looked into the face of a red haired person. "Yo" Deidara greeted Sasori back.

Sasori was wearing the uniform every guy had to wear in school, navy blue trousers which a long sleeved jacket, which he had unbuttoned so you could see his white shirt that he wore under beneath.

Unlike Deidara, who was dressed up according the school's dress code. Sakura was wearing a sailor outfit for girls, a blue mini skirt with a white short sleeved shirt .

"Hello Sasori" Sakura whispered, whilst she catched a glimpse of a vague smile on Sasori's mouth. "Going somewhere?" he said calmly as he looked bored at the two in front of him.

"No, just bringing this lady home, yeah. Why? Want to escort me home as well?" Deidara grinned and heard Sakura laugh at this. Sending Deidara one of Sasori's famous glares meaning as much as "you're annoying, get the fuck away"

"No, I thought I should give you some tips how to get a guy" he smirked and saw Deidara clench his jawbone. "Guys, guys...hehe...stop" she came in between Deidara and Sasori trying to stop laughing by biting down her lip. They both softened when they heard her voice and glanced down at the girl in front of them. "Sasori...You want to come with us?"

"No" he said quietly. "We have tomorrow a test, and I want to study, I think Deidara should study as well, instead of making cracked jokes in class"

"Hey...Someone has to do it, yeah." Sakura turned around so she would look directly in Sasori's face and was with her back turned to Deidara. "Test?" she asked curiously. "Yes" Sasori answered like it was the most normal thing in the world. When he saw Deidara sticking out his tongue he glared at him "I think I should be going now. I see you later Deidara. Later Sakura"

He turned around and tucked his hands in his pockets, walking home.

When Sakura turned around to look at Deidara "Test?" she asked concernedly.

"Yeah...Don't worry Sakura, I have plenty time to study." he said smoothly.

"You sure? I mean, if you have a test tomorrow yo-"

"Sakura-Chan, I have time enough, yeah. Now let's going" he turned around and started walking, not waiting for Sakura. When Sakura walked in on Deidara she glanced at him

"Deidara?". Looking next to him he saw her cheeks were slightly pinked and smirked "Yeah?" he asked softly. "Uhm...Now, I don't want to sound like, uh..." she turned her head to the side and heard Deidare chuckle.

"What's wrong Sakura-Chan?" he asked curiously "uhm, well..." she didn't really know how to say it, and it made her nervous.


"Well..." she murmured "Uhm, when we just walked away from the gates.."

"Yeah?" he said again waiting for her to continue her story.

"Nevermind" she said, looking up at him with a nervous smile. He stopped in his tracks and glanced down at her "You're sure? If something is wrong you always could tell me, yeah."

"Oh, I know that Deidara, it's not like that, I was just curious about something, but, I shouldn't be because it is not my business" she smiled. Embracing his arm she said, "You and Sasori are my best friends Deidara." she whispered, looking up at him she saw him slightly blushing

"Yeah, you're like a sister to me Sakura. And Sasori...well, the annoying old brother, yeah" he smirked and looked down at her 'You're more then a sister to me, yeah. I wish you would know that'

When they arrived at Sakura's house she pulled out her keys, "Deidara? Thanks for walking me home, I'll see you tonight?"

"Yeah, sure." he said smoothly, looking down at the girl infront of him. He took her bag off his shoulder and handed it over to her. "thank you" she lifted her arm and pulled him down by the back of his head and saw Deidara's surprised look, not wasting any time she kissed him on the cheek and turned around, walking to the door.

When she turned around she saw the slight blush on Deidara's face and smiled warmly at him "I'll see you later Deidara" whilst unlocking her door and walking inside.

He was completely overwhelmed, never in a million years he would have thought she would kiss him, or even on his cheek, it already was odd that she embraced his arm, but now this kiss.

He unconsciently touched his cheek as he looked up at her room window, he turned around and walked home, remembering her soft lips on his cheek.

"Mom, I'm home!" Sakura said happily when she walked in the kitchen, seeing her mom making dinner. "How was your day sweetie?" she asked when she turned around to look at her daughter and smiled. "Oh, just great!"

"Really?" her mom curiously asked "What happened?"

"Hmm..." Sakura smiled warmly at her mom and sat down at the kitchen table with her elbows planted on it, her head on her palms, staring at her mom.

"That must be interesting. Hang on, I'll finish this and we can talk" her mom turned around and after 5 minutes she turned back, looking at Sakura. "Now, what is it?" she sat down next to her daughter.

"I don't know...I just got two great friends..." she sighed heavily

Her mom narrowed her eyes "Deidara and Sasori?"


Her mom smiled and laid her hand on Sakura's shoulder "Are they more then friends?" she carefully asked.

"Hm? Oh no mother, Deidara and Sasori are brothers to me, Deidara, hyper, nice, protective, and more like the youngest of the two." she began, looking at her mom which she saw smiling and smiled in return

"Sasori is more quiet, the one who gets easily annoyed, yet, as Deidara, he protects me, he is like the oldest of the two. Whenever they argue Deidara acts like the childish one, and Sasori more like the adult one."

"Sounds like you're in love.." her mother teased her.

"No no mom, they're like brothers." she said, looking confused at her mom and heard her chuckle "Well, I'm happy that my daughter hangs around with my best friends sons. But, don't let your father know all this."

Sakura nodded slowly "You know he is very protective, and wants to ... well, lets just stay he wants you to be clean when you marry"

Sakura sighed and closed her eyes "Yes mother." Feeling her mothers lips on her forehead she looked up at her smiling mom "Well, I'm going to finish our dinner, your father will be here in 20 minutes. When will Deidara come?"

Sakura has told that Deidara and Sasori were more then friends to her, brothers, best friends, and also told Deidara sneaked in her room to help her with her homework, if not Deidara, Sasori would get in her room to tell her what she had missed when she was ill.

Her mom had told her that she was very lucky with friends like those two, maybe that was the reason she told her mother everything about them.

"After dinner, hm, at 7 pm" she said quietly as she stood up and turned around to go to her room. "I'll tell you when dinner is done" she heard her mom saying calmly before she walked up to her room.

"Hmm...hmm...hmm..." she slightly hummered to herself while she walked in her room, not noticing the person in her room who leaned on her desk. 'I think I'll go take a shower...'

When she got with her hands to the hem of her shirt she slowly took it off her and threw it aside, hearing a slight chuckle come from behind. When she turned around her cheeks reddened and she crossed her arms over her chest "S-Sasori!" she looked at the smirking Sasori who was leaning on her desk with his arms crossed.

He nodded slowly and turned around for her to get her shirt back on. "What are you doing here?" she asked suspiciously and heard him chuckle again "Can I turn around now?" he asked simply.

"Yes, you can." she said quietly as she sat down on her bed, trying to avoid his piercing gaze.

"You lost your math book." he simply stated.

"Wh-what?" she looked up at him, locking eyes and feeling a blush crept on her cheeks again seeing his smirk. "When you and Deidara started to walk again I saw your book falling out your bag." he stated. "Oh" was her only answering as she saw his eyes wander her slender legs she felt nervously and wanted to slap that look of his face.

"Thanks" she said quietly as she stood up and bowed slightly, holding out her hand, waiting for Sasori to give back her back. When she saw him hesitate to give her back her book she narrowed her eyes, "Is something wrong Sasori?" she asked curiously.

"No" he slowly answered, averting his gaze on something else then her emerald eyes. He shook slightly his head and sighed, closing his eyes. Giving back her book he looked at her small frame. "Sorry I sneaked in your room" he said and was about to walk to the window, but before he could jump out a hand was placed on his shoulder and he turned around to look in the face from a smiling Sakura.

"It's okay, thank you very much Sasori!" without any further do she embraced his back, closing her eyes she felt his scent thrill her nose, he really smelled good, fresh air, wood, manly. She blushed when the word 'manly' came in her mind and loosed her grip on his front shirt, and backed away, blushing.

Chuckling he grinned at her "No problem Sakura, I'll see you tomorrow" he said in a low voice which made her shiver.

When he looked down he saw Sakura's dad had arrived and was about to get out of the car. Sasori quickly backed away so Sakura's father couldn't see him, but what he didn't know is that he bumped right into Sakura which made her fall backwards.

When he turned around he saw her sitting on the ground with her legs spread, he had a nice view. He glanced back up at her face and saw her blushing and quickly pressing her knees against eachother, glaring daggers at Sasori.

Smirking slightly he held out his hand and she took it graceful.

When she stood up she looked down at their united hands and glanced at him with a questioned look why he hadn't let go of her hand.

Pulling her closer to him he saw her surprised, shocked, blushing look and felt her chest press against his. As he wrapped his arms possessively around her she blushed harder and whispered "Sasori…?" Locking gazes with him he saw his face closing in and felt his hot breath fan on her face.

Breaking their gazes he slightly brushed his lips against hers, watching her reaction. Watching careful for any reaction, he pressed his lips against hers and felt her hands clinging to his shirt.

When he deepened their kiss he nibbled on her lower lip and felt her gasp. Taking advantage of this he slipped his tongue in her mouth and explored it.

'What am I doing..? I am kissing Sasori for God sake! If father finds out he'll kill me, but, he sure is a good kisser...'

When she felt his tongue enter her mouth she started to struggle in his grasp but found out that he wasn't going to let her go.

Starting to feel his hand slowly slide up and down her spine she shivered. Feeling they needed air Sasori parted.

He looked down at Sakura in his arms who was blushing and smirked at her. "Sasori..?" she asked quietly.

Before she knew it his lips were again pressed against her own and this time her hands slid up from his chest in his hair, pulling his head closer to hers and feeling his perfect lips against her more.

Feeling Sasori's tongue against her lips she didn't think twice to give him entrance and felt the tip of his tongue against her own.

She moaned in his mouth and felt Sasori press her against the wall.

Sasori placed his hands next her head so she couldn't escape, even if she wouldn't try to escape. When their tongues battled for domination she moaned and gave in to him.

When they broke apart again Sasori started to plant kisses alongside her neck and collarbone, feeling Sakura shiver.

Sakura's hands went slowly out of Sasori's hair, to his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it.

Sasori was surprised she wanted this, maybe it was because her hormones or that she trusted him so much, or...? When Sakura felt Sasori's teeth scrape against her neck, she mewled his name.

Moving his hands closer to her sides he slowly let his hands slide up and down, ending at the hem of her shirt. Touching her stomach under her shirt, he moved his hands up to her bra covered breasts


They both stopped and held their breath. "Sakura?" a voice called out again and Sasori and Sakura locked gazes. "I'll see you on school" he whispered, with that Sasori retreated his hands and walked to the window, quickly glancing back at her and disappeared.

Sakura was horrified, Sasori... She never thought he would do such a thing, never thought that he would take her first kiss... "Sakura?" a voice said louder.

"Uhm, yes? Sorry I fell asleep." she answered the voice shakily.

"Dinner is ready," her father said with a suspiciously voice, wondering why his daughter didn't answer the first time.

"I'll be right there father." She walked to her window looking for any signs from Sasori but didn't saw him on the streets and felt a bit disappointing. She turned around and walked out of her room, down stairs.

"Hello father, how was your day?" she asked as she sat next her mom at the table.

"Hm...Busy, busy, the usual" he answered her when he took a sip of his water. "How was yours?"

Sakura glanced at her mother and saw her looking at her aswell "It was alright" she answered quietly. "Something bothering you? Homework? School?" he asked as he quirked an eyebrow at her. "No father, nothing, just a bit tired" she smiled at him.

20 minutes later

When they were done with dinner Sakura stood up and bowed slightly "The dinner was great mother. Excuse me, I'm going to my room, I have some homework" when she looked at her dad he nodded and she smiled at him.

Sakura walked out the room, up the stairs, to her room. When she opened the door she blinked in surprise and saw Deidara laying lazy on her bed, looking at the ceiling. "Yo" he said calmly without looking at her and his usual smirk on his face.

Walking in she closed the door behind her and laid her finger on her lips and whispered "Shh" Chuckling he sat up on her bed and grinned "Why? Scared they'll hear us?" she blushed as he said this, he clearly meant something different then their homework and she knew it.

When she glanced at the wall she was pressed against by Sasori she remembered the softness of his lips against her own.

Narrowing his eyes he looked at Sakura who was staring at the wall, "Something wrong Sakura-Chan?" he said as he got up from the bed.

When she didn't answer him he walked over her and waved a hand infront of her eyes "Sakura-Chan?" he asked curiously "Hm?" she asked as she looked up in Deidara's worried face "Oh, yeah. Sorry Deidara, I was thinking of something" she laughed nervously and looked away from him.


"Uhm...My books are on my desk" she called out quietly as she looked down at the ground biting her lip. He eyed her suspiciously and walked over to her desk, looking down at her math books. "Well, let's start then, yeah?" he looked up and smirked at her.


"I'm home" Sasori called out quietly as he entered the living room, seeing his mother watching TV and his dad working in the garden, he really loved flowers.

"Ah, Sasori you're home. How was school?" she smiled at him as she turned around.

He sighed and closed his eyes "Fine, I'm going, test tomorrow" with that he turned around and walked away to his room.

His mother looked concernedly at the back of his son and sighed. She looked at her husband who came in "Was that Sasori?" he asked concernedly.

"Yes, he said he had a test tomorrow ... I'm worrying about him, shouldn't we talk with him?"

"You know he isn't very talkative and the only two he hangs out with are Deidara and Haruno Sakura." he said, eyeing his concerning his wife.

"But what can we do?" she saw her man shrug casually "Let him do what he wants to" with that he turned around and went back to the garden.


Falling on her bed she closed her eyes and sighed heavily, laying her arm over her eyes. "Congratulations, yeah" she could hear the smirk in it, but then again, when didn't Deidara smirk?

"yeah, finally" she sighed again "I thought I would never get the hang of it"

She heard Deidara chuckle and thought about Sasori and their kiss..

"Sakura-Chan?" She looked at Deidara who was still sitting on the chair "Hm?" she said weakly.

Not noticing that Deidara stood up and walked to her, he looked down at her with concern in his eyes "You alright?" he whispered, sitting next to her on the bed.

When she sat up she smiled at Deidara, and probed herself up on her knees, wrapping her arms around Deidara's neck "Yeah, don't worry Deidara" she whispered against his neck. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "Thank you, Deidara" she said calmly.

Deidara felt a faint blush creeping on his cheeks and looked up at her ceiling, feeling her chest against his. "Sakura-Chan.. It's time for me, I have a test tomorrow, yeah. As Sasori said" She flinched when he said the name 'Sasori' "Okay Deidara.." she sat back, letting her arms fall next her, she smiled at him.

He looked one more time at her and stood up with a sigh. "Alright, bye"

Seeing him jump out her window she slowly touched her lips thinking about Sasori.

She heard someone knock on her door "Come in". Seeing her mothers face she smiled, "Yes?"

"Deidara came?" she whispered as she came in the room from her daughter and closed the door behind her.

"Yes mother"

"Ah, and?" she asked calmly. smiling at her daughter.

"He helped me, I understand it now."

"And...Nothing happened?"

Sakura looked at her mother and blinked, she knew what her mother meant with that and slowly shook her head "No mother, as I said, Deidara and Sasori are friends."

Mitsumi (AN: Sakura's mother...) walked to her daughter and sat down next to her, placing her hands in her lap. "Sorry Sakura that I always ask this... But you know father wants you 'clean' in the marriage bed.."

She sighed and closed her eyes. Her father wouldn't even allow guys to hang out with, he knew only about Deidara and Sasori but even then he was suspiciously.

Feeling a move on her bed she looked at the back from her mother who was walking to the door. "Goodnight hun" she said, smiling at her daughter when she closed the door. "Night.." she whispered and let herself fall back on her bed, closing her eyes. The only thing on her mind was before she drifted to sleep, Sasori


Waking up the next morning she sat up and looked out the window. Hearing the birds sing she smiled.

"Sakura, it's time to wake up sweetie"

"Yes mother, I'm coming." She got out her bed and yawned loudly, holding her hand infront of her mouth, not remembering that Sasori had kissed her.

Opening the door from the bath room she walked in and walked to the wash-basing, turning on the tap. Splashing cold water in her face.

Looking up Sakura blinked and looked at herself in the mirror, she didn't see herself, but she saw 'Sasori?' Blinking a couple of times she saw herself in the mirror again and thought about the kiss she shared with Sasori.

He stole her first kiss, and if she remembered good….

Moving his hands closer to her sides he slowly let his hands slide up and down, ending at the hem of her shirt. Touching her stomach under her shirt, he moved his hands up to her bra covered breasts.

Did he…Did he wanted to try and bed her? A faint blush was showing itself on Sakura's and her eyes widened, could she have stopped in time when her dad didn't call out?

She didn't know.. Blinking one more time she turned around and walked back to her room to change her pj's in her uniform.

Getting on her uniform she brushed her hair and glanced one more time outside before she walked out her room, downstairs to the kitchen were her mother was.

"Morning" she said as she saw her mother looking at her. "Morning sweetie"

When Sakura sat down she started to eat breakfast, her mother made for her.

Getting up she bowed slightly for her mother "It was wonderful mother, now excuse me, I'm going to school."

"Alright sweetie" her mother stood up aswell and smiled "Have a nice day then"

"Thank you mother"

Sakura walked to the door and grabbed her bag. Getting on her shoes she walked outside, closing the door behind her with a slight click.

"Hm….hm….hm.." Sakura looked up at the sky and smiled slightly as she was walking to school. 'Yep, it will be a wonderful day' despite the kiss, and that Deidara helped her, she was so graceful for that.

She decided that, no matter what happened today, it couldn't affect her mood.

"Sakura" a calmly voice called out and saw her stopping.

Feeling a hot blush crept on her cheeks she was scared to turn around, she knew who's voice that was, she knew it too well.

Sakura saw a shadow nearing her and felt the presence from someone else near her, she turned her head slightly and looked in the face from Sasori, blank as ever, but his eyes betrayed him.

Sasori was wearing the same uniform from yesterday. Navy blue trousers which a long sleeved jacket, which he had unbuttoned so you could see his white shirt that he wore under beneath.

Somehow, he always showed some kind of emotion around her.

"Sasori.." she whispered slowly. As she saw a smirk tugging on the corners of his lips.

"Something wrong Sakura-Chan?"

He saw her blush deepened and had to try hard to hold back his smirk, if it was any other girl he would smirk, but Sakura was so much different from them.

She was like a little sister to him, his best friend next to Deidara, yet he felt more then only that.

"No, no. Not at all." She turned around and started to walk again. She bowed her head slightly so her hair got loose from behind her ears and she slowly glanced next at her.

"Sasori?" she called out, waiting for an answer. "Hn?"

"Uhm… About yesterday .." She was too scared to look at him from yesterday. She woke up in the middle of the night, having a .. rather erotic dream from her and Sasori..

She was shocked at first, but then she wanted him to touch her. Yet she knew that even if she wanted it or not, she couldn't. Her father wanted her 'clean' in marriage. 'Why can I have a normal life?'

Sakura glanced again next to her and saw that Sasori wasn't walking anymore next to her. She slowly stopped and turned around, seeing Sasori look intensely at her what made shivers go up her spine.

"Sasori?" she whispered.

"Sorry." He only said and started to walk again, but before he passed Sakura a hand gripped on his jacket and he stopped, looking down at her.

"Why sorry?" she blushed as she said this, she clearly knew what he meant with that, but… she didn't want that he was sorry, she liked it, right? So he had no need to say sorry.

"Because I went too far" he eyed her suspiciously.

Sakura felt fear grip in her throat and had a hard time to gather her words simply because the way Sasori was looking at her.

He took a hold on her wrist and pulled her with him in a alley. Sakura's eyes widened 'What are we going to do here!'

Sasori turned around and pushed her against the wall, hearing her gasp.

Sasori took her schoolbag out of her hand and threw it next of them. He attacked her neck, slowly nibbling, sucking and licking it.

He felt her hands in his hair and her innocent yelps. "Sasori" she gasped out, feeling his groan against hers and stopped breathing.

'he's….he's hard…' She knew what that meant and couldn't help but blush.

"Sasori!" this time fear entered her shaky voice and he could hear it. He stopped and moved his head up, their foreheads against eachother and she could feel his hot breath on her. Sasori saw the fear in her eyes from this. What she saw was lust and desire.

Brushing his lips against her own she shivered and wanted the lips from him against hers.

"Sasori" she whispered, this time the fear had left her voice but she was still unsure about this, what if her father founds out?

"Do you want it" he asked breathless. "I...I.." she wanted this, but was he the person she wanted it with? But what about her father? And would he stay with her after this?

Sakura saw him back away and was a bit disappointed so she grasped his jacket and pulled him closer again, feeling his chest and... groan again against her.

Stiffing a moan he kissed her with a raw need and roamed his hands over her body, feeling her moan in his mouth.

She felt his groan rub against hers and gasped. When they broke apart he felt her pants in his face, and looked at her parted lips.

"Sasori.." she whispered slowly while her hands kept gripping his jacket. Sasori looked from her parted lips in her eyes.

Her hands loosened his jacket and Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering in his ear "What about my father..?" Sasori knew that Sakura's father wanted her to be a virgin in marriage bed, Deidara knew it aswell, but then again.. They knew eachother for so long, yet it confused him.

He never had felt this for someone, yet she made him feel like this.. She always would be there for him, he knew it and would never doubt that fact.

"I..." for once he didn't had a answer in his life, he was always so sure about things but she made him unsure.

He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. Sasori growled deep in his throat. "He won't notice" he whispered in her ear and nibbled on her earlobe, hearing her innocent mewl.

"But, what if my husband will found out in bed.." she tried to hold back her tears and wondered why her father didn't give her this freedom. "Will he tell your father?" he whispered again and felt her silent sobs fall on his shoulder.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and held her possessively.

"I don't know."

"Sakura... I don't want to do this to you" he started kissing her neck and felt her nails in his back. "I'm scared"

He stopped with kissing her neck, "Then I won't touch you. I do not want that you are scared," he whispered and moved his head up and locked gazes with her. 'One more time..' he leaned in and kissed her gently.

She couldn't help it and let her tears fall down her cheeks, responding Sasori. When they broke apart he saw that she couldn't take it anymore "I'll bring you home" he whispered against her lips.

"N-no" she whispered back. She felt his arms leave her waist and saw him grabbing her schoolbag from the ground.


"Sasori, I don't-" before she knew it she was in his arms -bridal style- and her schoolbag in her lap. She wrapped hands around his shoulders, and held on for dear life. She let her head rest on his shoulder and closed her eyes still not done with crying.

"Y...Sasori?" Sasori turned around slowly and looked in the face from a worried Deidara "What happened?" Deidara asked surprised. Before Sakura had a chance to say something Sasori was her first "She twisted her ankle. I'll bring her home, can you tell the teacher about this? I'll come later"

Deidara slowly nodded and looked worriedly at Sakura who just gave him a weak smile. "Alright..." he watched Sasori turn around and walk away with her.

When they turned around he glanced down at Sakura who was looking at him with a blush on her cheeks. Smirking, "I think you should stay home for 2 days. I will talk with your mom." he kept his eyes locked on hers and sawthe tears well up in her eyes.

Something he hated the most, to see her cry.

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