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"Itachi?" his mother spoke. Sakura's eyes flew open to look in the calm face from Itachi – Oh My God! Almost! Sakura trembled and blushed crimson at the feel of Itachi's erection against her inner thigh. Sakura saw in a split second annoyance appear in his face for being distracted of his 'job'. Rolling off of her he quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them before his mother had opened the door.

"Yes mother?" He asked as he looked at Sakura's naked back, slightly smirking he looked back at his mother with annoyance who looked in surprise at Sakura's naked back. "….Nothing." Mikoto blinked and looked back at Itachi before flashing him a smile and then closing the door. Leaving them alone again.

Sakura fidget with the blanket, hoping he wouldn't continue. Wouldn't she wait for Sasori? Wasn't he going to bed her? Sakura blushed you admit you like him! A voice thundered through her mind. Ignoring the stupid voice she felt a shift next to her and the next thing that happened a strong arm was thrown around her waist and pulled her flush with him.

Sakura yelped and went rigged in his grasp. He chuckled and nuzzled her neck before kissing it slowly. "Good night" he whispered.


Feeling sun beams upon her bare body she opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed that Itachi wasn't in the room.

This is my chance!

Chance for what?

Sakura looked around, gathering her clothes she clothed herself with them and walked towards the room, looking one more time around and ignoring the memories of her and Itachi in his bed. Opening the door she wanted to walk out but collided with a wet rock hard chest and fell backwards.

Before she hit the ground strong arms wound around her waist and Sakura immediately knew who it was. Opening her eyes she looked in the stoic face from Itachi. "I-I" he laid his index finger upon her lips and silence followed.

"Sakura-San. Your mother has called and asked you to come home so you could prepare for the school's party."

Sakura almost jumped from joy but she then remembered she was still in his arms. "uhm.." She started with a blush. "I have to go-" His lips crushed down upon hers and Sakura yelped in shock , giving entrance to his violent kiss.

Breaking the kiss he licked his lips and smirked at the girl who gasped for air. "Excuse me" she whispered hastily and tried to squirm out his grip "Ita-Itachi" she whispered and saw him smirking at her.


"I'm coming" she replied and finally managed to get out of his grip, quickly walking towards the stairs she shot him one more glance and saw him casually leaning against the wall. With only a towel around his waist. Only a towel.

Turning around she raced down the stairs "thank you Miss Uchiha" she politely bowed and ran outside.

"That went great" A teasing voice sneered at Itachi. "At least she forgave me." Itachi turned around and closed the door behind him.

Sakura almost reached her house and opened the door "I'm home!" She smiled happily at her mother who smiled back. "Welcome home" Her mother smiled. Her mother stood up and looked at Sakura. "Wanna party?" Sweatdropping Sakura nodded lightly but eventually smiled.


6 P.M.


"You look great Sakura!" Her mother smiled in the mirror at her daughter. Standing up she let the soft smooth tissue fall down her body of her dress. Her pink hair was loosely dangling around and her eyes were made up.

"If your father sees this… He'll probably kill you." She sighed, "but it's not like you go like this every day!" Sakura smiled at her mother and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you!" bowing politely the both of them walked downstairs, her mother made simple dinner for them since Sakura had a party to go. "time to eat Hun."

Sakura's father emerged from the living room and almost dropped his beer glass as he looked at his daughter. "what do you think of her?" Her mother asked. "What the-"

"It's for her school party tonight, I helped her with the clothes and she looks just fine."


"There will nothing happen for Itachi, Sasori and Deidara are there"


"We already paid for the entrance so you cannot stop her for going."

Her father looked from her to her mother and opened his mouth again.

"She's old enough to party and so we let it happen"

With that, Miss Haruno had won.

They sat in silence eating while her father shot glances to both of them when he finally spoke "Who's coming to pick you up?"




Hearing a knock Sakura stood up and bowed for her parents "Thanks for the dinner and Good bye."

Running towards the door she grabbed her jacket and heard her father's voice "I'll come and pick you up!"

"Yeah, yeah!"

Opening the door she met the playful eyes of Ino and hooked her arm with one of Ino's "bye!" closing the door she walked arm in arm with Ino towards the school.

The whole time Ino and Sakura were giggling as they finally reached the gates of their school. It seemed like they both already were drunk without drinking. 3who's your dancing partner Inooooo?"

Giggling, she answered "I have no partner, I'm going to dance with everyone. I hope Itaaaaaachi will dance with me." Sakura suddenly became quiet which Ino didn't notice "And yours?"

Blinking Sakura replied vaguely "Sasori.." Ino giggled again, not noticing Sakura's sudden change mood.

"Sakura, yeah"

Both girls turned around and met Deidara's friendly face, and Sasori's annoying face. Linking her arm out of Ino she walked towards Sasori and saw his surprise in a blink of an eye disappear as she linked her arm with him and laid her head on his arm.

"Deidara, wanna go dance with me?" Ino asked. Looking at Sasori and Sakura one more time he nodded with a smile and walked towards the entrance.

Sasori and Sakura remained where they were, looking at eachother. He lazily pushed his hands in his pockets and looked down at her. "Something wrong, Sasori-kun?" He slowly shook his head and walked to the entrance with Sakura.


"Itachi. Sasuke"

Sighing he walked downstairs. Itachi was wearing a cream pants and a white shirt, his hair pulled back and his eyes blood red. Sasuke on the other hand – wearing black pants and a navy blue shirt.

"Can't we go on our own?"

Fugaku sent his son a glare and walked outside to the limo, waiting for Itachi and Sasuke.


Meanwhile, on the dance floor.

Sakura blushed and hid her face in the crook of his neck as his hands were placed upon the small of her back. Nuzzling his neck lightly she could feel him shiver and giggled. Her arms wound around his neck and pushed her breasts more against his chest.

Sasori chuckled at her boldness.

Opening the door Itachi revealed himself and walked forwards, seeing all his fangirls run at him, asking or he wanted to dance with them. Sighing, he tried to smile and denied them all, his eyes were just up one girl. The girl that was dancing with Sasori.

Sakura was the first one to notice Itachi and bit back a yelp as she hid her face in Sasori's neck again. Sasori wanted to turn his face to look at what Sakura was staring but was stopped by Sakura's hand upon his cheek.

When the song was finished Sakura stopped with dancing for a moment, dragging Ino into the girl's bathroom. "I think Deidara likes me!" she giggled like she actually was drunk. Sakura smiled maybe in your dreams. "I saw Itachi…"




Sakura sighed and told Ino about her propose and marriage, Itachi, Sasori, and her father.

Ino stared in surprise at her. She was going to marry Uchiha Itachi? "Girl! You are SO damn lucky!" Sweatdropping she sighed "No Ino! I'm not! He tried to take advantage of me yesterday, and I want Sasori, not Itachi!"




"You admit you like Sasori?"


Ino hugged her best friend tightly. "That's amazing! Now I can have Itachi for myself! Not that I mean that, but, I'm your closet friend and I'm sure he will pay attention to me since I'm your best friend!" Sakura sighed and lightly hugged her back.

"Come, let's head back! I'm sure 'Sasori-kun' is waiting for you" Ino giggled at the sight of Sakura blushing.

Emerging from the bathroom Sakura immediately spotted Sasori.

…And Itachi.

They were both standing there, looking at eachother, 'fighting' eachother in silence. Not wasting any time Sakura ran at them, surprising both yet no signs.

"What's going on?" she asked as she looked at both. "Haven't you two fight enough?" Sakura didn't get any reaction out of them, and more people started to gather around them. She was starting to get worried. "Okay, Okay, that is enough!" Asuma walked towards Itachi and Sasori. "Go back to dancing or this will be the last time we have a school party. Many children protested with sounds but soon started to dance again.

"Sasori.." Sakura whispered as she walked towards them, ignoring Itachi. "Come on, let's go dance" her eyes fell downcast for ignoring Itachi. She slightly pulled Sasori away from Itachi and walked away with him.

When Sasori and Sakura were dancing again – her eyes kept eye contact with Itachi. She didn't want to this to Itachi. But… Sasori had asked her earlier to go with him then Itachi. She watched Itachi turn around, breaking the eye contact and walk outside.

She sighed slightly.

I'm sorry.


"Seems like she got over you."

Turning around Itachi faced Sasuke. Annoyance appeared in his beautiful features but stood ground. "Sasori is the one who gets the chick." Sasuke pointed towards the couple. He suddenly disappeared – Sasuke stayed completely calm even if he knew that it would turn into a problem – Itachi re-appeared before him, pushing him roughly against the door.

His hand squeezed harder, making Sasuke cough for air. "I will get her." Itachi leaned closer and smirked, whispering in his ear. "After all, after school, she will be mine – 5 weeks more."

Itachi stepped backwards, letting Sasuke fall down on his knees – gasping for air. "And then you, dear brother, will mean nothing anymore."

Turning around he walked away, leaving his brother who continued to gasp for air.

Meanwhile Sasori's hand already had slipped under Sakura's dress, biting her lip she clutched his shirt tighter. Though she knew it was just because the dancing – he was being very close – or just his hand.

Sasori's hand retreated and Sakura sighed in his neck, feeling him shiver she giggled and nuzzled his neck. Leaning more against him.

"I think she has a fish." Ino murmured while she was dancing with Deidara. He snorted, "Yeah, he's not the only one." Sakura gave him a playful push "Hey! I'm only dancing with you mister because you have no dancing partner!" He chuckled and pointed towards a crowd of girls "I'll bet they all want to dance with me, yeah" Retreating his arms he walked over towards one of the girls and asked her to dance – before she took his hand she squealed in happiness.

Ino stood there completely – surprised. Deidara smirked at her – mouthing 'I win, yeah'

Sakura pushed Sasori out the crowd – forgetting Itachi – she pushed him roughly against the wall and started to kiss him feverish as his hands were placed upon the small of her back, pushing her more firmly against him. Her hands slipped in his red hair that perfectly matched his red 'Akatsuki' shirt.

Their tongues entwined and fought for dominance in the kiss while Sakura tried to distract him with letting her hand slide up and down his inner thigh. Noticing this he grabbed a hold onto her buttocks and pushed her more firmly against him, making Sakura yelp which gave him a chance to 'win'.

Sasori growled as she bit his lip and quickly changed positions. Now that Sakura was against the wall he blocked her escape routes and left her lips, kissing his way down to her neck. Her arms wound around his neck and moaned softly that only he could hear. "W-Wait" he panted, having a hard time to control himself. Both stopped and looked at eachother. Minutes passed and Sasori was still thinking about how he should bring it up.


Biting slightly his lip he locked gazes with her. "How was your date with… Itachi." Sakura blinked in surprise, why would he ask that right now? "Good." She whispered and saw Sasori's eyebrow rise.

"It's not like we have done anything.." she placed a soft kiss on his lips. "We went out for dinner, with our fathers, then we went up the hill and watched the city…" this time she kissed his cheek and whispered "then he brought me to Ino, and then our ways separated." Though it wasn't the truth she couldn't tell him what really happened.

She did not want to lose a friend.

Her eyes fell to the clock – already 11 P.M?

"Sakura!" Looking over Sasori's shoulder she saw Ino walking in a fast pace towards her. "Your father is here. He's waiting outside." Her eyes widened "Oh Great.." she muttered and looked at Sasori who stared calmly back.

Leaning down he kissed her one more time, not caring if Ino was standing behind them. Sakura had a hard time for not moaning as his tongue demanded entrance. Giving in his tongue slowly entered and searched in every cavern in her mouth.


Instantly the both of them stilled at hearing Sakura's father. Quickly retreating his tongue and breaking apart from her they both gasped for air as Sakura saw her father walking towards them from the sideline. "Thank God no one notices him" Sakura whispered and hesitate waved at her father who came at the both of them.

"Young lady! What is the meaning of this!" Sakura blushed crimson and hid it by her hands. "You're coming with me" he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her towards the exit. Sasori followed them, and started talking when they were outside.

"It's completely my fault, sir."

Sakura's father turned around and glared at Sasori who didn't flinch or anything at all. "I know of your kind, you first try to act like the girl you're hanging out is everything for you, and when she finally gives you what you want, you dump her."

"F-Father! This is Sasori you're talking about!" she shouted "just wait till your mother hears this." He continued and dragged her along to the car. "Sasori I-I'm sorry!" he flashed her a smirk and tilted his hand. Sakura did the same, mouthing a 'good night Sasori'

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