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Move Along: hey you, what do you see?

Song: The Beautiful People

By: Marlyn Manson

(this one's for you Skamish)

Orochimaru had anxiously been waiting for the day that his current body would fall apart and he could replace it with Sasuke's. Sasuke had been doing his bidding for almost four years now, and Orochimaru had found him to be quite useful, although also quite stubborn, Sasuke was able to do things that others were not, thanks to his Sharingan. The only reason Orochimaru was slightly hesitant of transferring to Sasuke was that he had some psychological issues that, theoretically, shouldn't get passed on to Orochimaru, but they were so strong that he wasn't certain they would not transfer to him.

Sasuke had returned form a mission and was once again ready to do as Orochimaru wanted, ready to obey his every wish, even if it was to kill the boy with the Kyuubi in him, not that he hadn't tried before...

Orochimaru was currently sitting in a room, waiting for news from a group that had just returned from a mission. The room was dark, as it always was, and Sasuke was standing near Him, as was commonly the case. Sasuke would not normally like to be in that room at the time news was being delivered, because it often became a possibly lethal situation, but today Orochimaru had asked him to come, and he couldn't disobey Orochimaru without there being consequences; the amount of strength he had been given was amazing, and he didn't want to loose it, no matter what the cost was.

The door could be heard opening, and footsteps soon followed as the team came in. The leader walked up and bowed deeply to Orochimaru, who was in his usual foul mood. "You're late again," he said, causing the man to tense "any interesting news?"

"Well, actually, yes..." replied the man, afraid of the way Orochimaru would react "but it may be better if we were alone," there was a pause "...as in, if Sasuke was not in the room."

Orochimaru was at first annoyed at the idea, but decided that it was better not to take a chance "Sasuke, would you please step out?"

"Of course" replied a slightly annoyed Sasuke, what could it possibly be that would be reason for him to leave? but, no matter, if this is what it took, he may as well obey Orochimaru. He walked around the team and out the door, closing it behind him and knowing that there was something being said in there that he wanted to know about.

"As we were making our rounds..." Orochimaru listened as the man to talk.

An expression of surprised confusion briefly passed over Orochimaru's face, but was soon replaced by his usual impassive expression as he began thinking about what he had just found out, this would definitely change the way things were going to work out. "Are you sure this is true?"

"Yes, positive, we saw it ourselves"

"This was indeed an interesting piece of information," said Orochimaru as he stood up "and I would thank you for collecting it, but I had told you not to be late and when I give advice, I expect you to follow it."

The man tensed, "I an extremely sorry," replied the man, bowing again, looking for a way out "I promise it won't happen again."

"No, it won't." said Orochimaru with an aloof maliciousness. The man yelled out in agony as he fell to the floor, his comrades backed away from him and the room became deathly silent. Orochimaru walked to the entrance, as the team created an isle for him to walk through, and he carelessly stepped on the body. He got to the door and grabbed that handle, "Clean up the trash," and he walked out of the room to find Sasuke and give him his new mission.

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