Title: 20 Secrets Between A Jinchuriki and A Biju
Author: YamiPaladinOfChaos/ypaladinofchaos

Characters: Uzumaki Naruto and Kyubi no Youma
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Naruto's not mine.

1. Kyubi no Youma doesn't hold grudges, strange as it may sound, not even with the gold haired man who sealed him, or the bawling infant who holds him.

2. Naruto would never know, but the Kyubi watched Naruto grow up. It's far from the parent that the boy desperately wants but never really needed, but Naruto always did have someone watching out for him, despite what he thinks.

3. Naruto wonders why the Kyubi is oddly mercurial whenever they have a talk- but if you lived, died, and were reincarnated more times then you care to remember, you'd be the same way, he eventually figures out.

4. Despite what people might say, Naruto's appetite is all his own. Not even the Kyubi is that ravenous.

5. Kyubi no Youma despises ramen.

6. When Naruto figures this out, Icihiraku sees a tripling in profits.

7. The Kyubi recognizes every face when Naruto walks the village streets.

8. This is the reason why, when he was younger, Naruto found it hard to look into the faces of the adult ninja.

All he would ever see is a the terror of prey in their eyes, and absolute triumph of a conquering god in his own.

9. When Naruto was five, he fell down a hill and broke his arm. In ten seconds, he thought he saw something red and his arm suddenly reset itself.

10. When its jailer was five, the Kyubi discovered that it absolutely loathed the sound of a human's crying and whining.

11. Consequently, this is also the time that Naruto's incredible healing began to show itself again and again.

12. Naruto's insane endurance, however, was always present, and would have been anyway, Kyubi no Youma or not.

13. Naruto wonders why he was the one who drew the card and was born on the day the Kyubi attacked.

14. After the Chuunin exams, he begins to thank the deities that it was him who was chosen. He shudders to think what someone like Hyuuga Neji or Sasuke would have done with the Kyubi.

15. The Kyubi agrees, though it will never admit it.

16. The Kyubi actually laughed when it realized who Gaara of the Desert was, or rather who the boy was holding. It thought of Shukaku as the youngest brother of the Biju, and was looking forward to fighting the desert demon.

17. The Kyubi was also very confident they would win, because its pride would afford no less.

18. The Kyubi was even more amused when the giant toad that the Yondaime had ridden against itself was now transformed into a copy of the fox.

19. Naruto is never comfortable talking to the Kyubi, but eventually learns to accept the powers the creature can give.

20. The next day, Jiraiya is nearly killed when Naruto gains the fourth tail.