"So I was right wasn't I? The Colonel and Ed are-"

"Havoc, I really advise you to shut up"

The blonde grinned unevenly at her as they swung around at the dance floor, Hawkeye scowling at him as she cast a worried glance at the Fuhrer.

"But did you see what happened earlier? Ed left the hall and the Colonel followed him"


"And the way they were standing so close together-"


"Like they were an ITEM-"


Havoc let out a much too-girly shriek and ran away from the gung-tooting blonde who was glowering at him.

"Shut UP Havoc!"

The watching crowds who had all jumped at the gunshots and ripped out their own handguns laughed, and slipped the weapons back into whatever unmentionable places they pulled them from.

Hawkeye glowered and aimed her gun straight at Havoc.

Havoc screamed and jumped into the arms of a nearby man.

Hawkeye winced.

The Fuhrer glanced down at the frightened man currently hanging in his arms and sighed.

"This is exactly what happened at Thanksgiving..."