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And now I introduce my new story…Justification!

Intro: This takes place right after the Asylum.

Dean watched as the two kids drove off slightly bickering, something about breaking up. He shook his head, at least they were safe. He frankly wished that he could forget all about what had happened there that night. If head knew one thing, Wishing and hoping were never answered for him. What had been said, was going to stick… just like the rock salt that his brother had just shot him with a little bit ago… He couldn't forgive him for that. He wanted his brother dead… what was to say it wouldn't happen again?

"Dean…" Sam tried to start.

"We're good Sam I understand." Dean tried to smile encouragingly that everything was indeed good… but things weren't.

Sam looked at Dean, his words ringing in his ears. "Were good." The truth was they weren't good. Sam had just shot his older brother. How were they 'good'? If good was falling apart and freaking out… then yah Sam was good. "Dean…" Sam stopped when Dean gave him a look.

"If you even think about saying your sorry I'll stuff you in the trunk." Dean growled out limping into his black car and plopping in. Not bothering to care about the hurt look that passed his brothers face.

A shot rang through Sam's head making him jump violently before realizing that no one was open firing on him and his brother, it was the sound of the shot that he had fired at his brother minutes before. Dean didn't say anything to Sam as he watched his younger brother jerk in his seat. He didn't bloody care. As he turned on his car he sighed as Led Zeppelin coursed through the car. Nothing was said on the way back to the hotel. Dean was silently fuming, and Sam was silently brooding. What could be said at times such as that? Finally reaching their motel Sam fell on his bed, he felt like utter crap. He didn't know how he would tell him he didn't mean what he had said, what he had done, when Dean wouldn't even listen to him. Sam didn't know how long he had stared up at the ceiling from his bed when his brother got up grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" He asked getting ready to go with his older brother. Dean grunted and glared at the younger man as Sam tried to go with him. Dean shoved Sam away from him angrily causing the younger man to stumble back falling to the floor.

"It's none of your business where I'm going." Dean ground out angrily. "I'm going to a bar I saw earlier. They had a special" Dean paused at the door "people who have been shot by their own flesh and blood get in free." He said venomously and slammed the door, leaving Sam on the floor where he had landed. His head trying to grasp around the fact that Dean, the one person who promised never to hurt him had shoved him to the ground. Sam's head reeled…

"Do you really hate me that much Sammy?" Dean whispered as Sam held the gun to Dean's face. The answer was given as Sam fired the gun. The gun went off. Sam stood in shock as he watched the life drain from his bothers eyes. He dropped the gun; it was supposed to be empty. No shots, nothing was supposed to be in the gun. Nothing had been in the gun… right? Sam couldn't understand what had just happened. He had shot Dean. Dean the only one that ever really cared about him, the one that would wait patiently out side his school and wait for him to come out. The one that was always there for every little thing, the one that he cared about.

"Dean?" Sam whispered kneeling down next to his brother as he bled out drenching Sam in his blood. His brothers blood, the blood that he caused to spill from his brother. "Dean… com on wake up Dean you can't die! Dean, wake up this isn't funny!" Sam started to beg, shaking his brother. "Dean wake up, please!" He sobbed out, "Please please please wake up" again and again wishing with everything that he could have been stronger, and not have let that damn ghost do this to him, let him kill his brother. "Dean!" Sam yelled out a final time as everything around him seemed to fade into black.

Shaking his head a sharp pain racing through Sam's arms, jogged him from his destructive mind. He felt the tears flowing down his face; he looked down at his arms they were covered in blood. "Dean!" Sam screamed. His body was racked with huge sobs. Tears gushed from his heart. Sam didn't know what to do. His arms were covered in his brother's blood. It was true… he had killed Dean, as he had killed both his mother and his girl friend. Sam slowly, with shaking hands tried to wipe away the blood. Get it off of him. He tried to wipe away the blood on his left arm, but it wouldn't stop coming. Then he realized the blood wasn't Deans… it was his.

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