John waited next to his oldest Son's bed. He felt calmer after his drug induced sleep after his tantrum. He honestly had felt like a child when the nurses had to tie him down and give him a sedative, like he couldn't take care of himself, ruddy bastards.

Dean was asleep in the bed that he was supposed to be in, but he wasn't about to drop dead out of exhaustion so he allowed his son to take over his bed.

"Dean," John shook his head. He didn't know how to speak, how to feel with out breaking down. All of this was too hard for him to deal with, even the best of times he could barely help his sons and deal with emotions. "I remember when you were seven. That was when it all started, one road house in the middle of no where and you found your first true 'love'" John wove the story around Dean's first girlfriend and his first kiss, he had told few about this story, though it was some of the best ammunition against his quick witted son.

Dean Winchester the lady wooer, the beginning. John could easily see it as a book. Dean had been seven and they had been somewhere in the Midwest, he couldn't remember wehre. They had stopped because the youngest of the boys needed changing and they were not going to wait in the car with a messy diaper. Sam always did have excellent timing on when to go when they were on the road. Sam would always do his business in the middle of where they were going. This particular hole in the wall was just what the Winchesters needed. A Whiskey for Jon, a Coke for Dean, and some milk for Sammy. The little family seemed all set, whiskey in hand leaning back on a seat John would watch out of the corner of his eye as Dean sat with Sammy making sure that the younger boy wouldn't drop his milk, which previous occasions warned that he would if you took your eyes off of him. History in this case was bound to repeat itself when a young girl with sleek blonde hair can waltzing into the bar.

Deans mind wafted away from his younger sibling as his eyes watched her walk into the bar. She had to be the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. She was his height, had to be can't like a girl taller then you, ahhh the first rule of 'Deanology'. Eyes set on his target Dean walked away from the table straight to the beautiful girl.

"So uh come around here often?" She had beat him to the line. How the hell had that happened? Dean was in shock.

"Er. Uh. Well, no. Just driving through." Dean stuttered back, he opened his mouth and closed it a few times willing his tongue to start working properly.

"Well that's too bad, I could beat you down straight in a game of poker or pool." This girl was the girl for him, seven years old Dean Winchester was ready to settle down with this girl.

"No ways. Impossible. Never gonna happen, no one beats me. Dean." The young boy stuck out his hand in greeting the girl shook it. And introduced herself as Jo.

"wanna put your money where your mouth is?" She asked smiling widely gesturing to an open table in the middle of the bar. Dean nodded stupidly and took out 5 dollars.

And so the Poker game began and soon enough Dean was out of money, candy, and was ready to give his left shoe to this girl who had won every game for the past hour. She was amazing.

"Though you said you were good?" Jo asked flipping her hair over her shoulder and tying it up into a ponytail. Jo deepened her voice and put on a silly grin 'No ways haha never gonna happen." This girl had won his money and candy and now she was mocking him? Winchester pride seeped into the picture.

"Last game, a kiss."

"What?" Dean asked staring at his beautiful opponent.

"Last game I need to go, I win you give me a kiss, I loose you get your stuff back." Jo finalized the bargain by spitting on her hand and holding it out. Dean nodded did the same and they shook on it.



The final game began between the two opponents, Dean couldn't tell if he wanted to kiss her or not, he hadn't kissed a girl before so maybe he didn't want to. When the final cards played out though he didn't have much of a choice, Jo won hands down and really kicked his butt in poker. Jo packed her cards up and her loot and stood up.

"a deals a deal." Dean grimaced and stood to face Jo, then leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips, spun on his heal and ran for his dad who was packing up the car.

No one but Dean, Jo, and his father knew the real story. Dean never spoke about it, though he always remembered it, John Winchester used this as a way of keeping his son in line, would the boy honestly want his brother to know that the infamous Dean Winchester wasn't always such of a stud?

Dean would have no idea that Jo, the little girl from that roadhouse in the middle of nowhere would end up being his future wife.