SUMMARY: In which our heroine is back in her city, and all's right with the world.

Lizzie Love - Epilogue

The debriefing was educational.

Elizabeth explained most of what happened to her in the other universe, they explained most of what her counterpart had done in this one. And although some things went unmentioned, Elizabeth was only too aware that they'd happened - as were they.

She signed her name with a flourish, relieved that it came out as she expected.

"What kind of a name is 'Mary Sue Weir' anyway?" Rodney asked, handing her one of the documents her counterpart had signed.

"I think it's safe to say that it was her name," said John, curtly. His attitude towards the 'imposter' Elizabeth was very negative, but Elizabeth didn't ask why. She knew why.

It was the same reason Teyla hesitated when Elizabeth asked her to meet for dinner in the mess hall.

They were halfway into the inanities of dinner conversation when there was an appropriate lull. "I'm sorry about the other woman."

Teyla glanced up, her dark eyes limpid. "So was I," she said. "She is not you."

Elizabeth couldn't help asking, "And what she accused you of?"

This time, the hesitation was less marked, but still there. "It is not as she imagined it. We are friends." And that was as far as Teyla would say or Elizabeth would push. Any more was not her business beyond what she'd already spoken with John about - the fraternisation rules of the city.

They were in dessert before Teyla confessed, "The other Elizabeth...there were moments when I would have liked to slap her. She was a foolish, self-absorbed woman who only thought of love and romance and her own self-importance."

Harsh words from the usually very diplomatic Athosian. Of course, Elizabeth happened to agree. "I think it's a pity you didn't."

"Well," Teyla said, a slightly impish smile touching her lips, "perhaps I shall next time."

"God, no next times," Elizabeth groaned. "Once was more than enough!"

Teyla agreed. "It is good to have you back."

Later that evening, after she'd worked her way through most of the paperwork, Elizabeth found Ronon waiting for her in the gym.

"Why now?"

"I've had time to rethink my position," she said, meeting the penetrating, dark gaze. "I don't want to carry a weapon, but I think I might need to know how to defend my person in future."

Ronon eyed her a moment longer, then shrugged. "Okay."

At least he didn't ask why she hadn't requested the lessons from Teyla. Elizabeth wasn't sure she was up to explaining the reasons why.

As he showed her how to move against a larger, stronger attacker, Elizabeth followed his movements, trying to imitate the pose and shift of his weight. But when he actually did attack her, she was still caught off-guard.

She landed with a thud and a gasp. Not exactly painful, just...humiliating.

Ronon crouched down beside her. "You okay?"

In spite of her prone position, Elizabeth smiled.

Elizabeth Weir's in her city, all's right with the world.

"I'm fine, thank you, Ronon. Just fine."

- fin -

FEEDBACK: Am I eeeevil? Meeeean? Yeah, whatever.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: The usual traits of a 'Mary Sue' (or self-insert) character - whether canon or not - is that she is impossibly beautiful, everyone is in love with her, has ZOMG SPESHUL ABILITIES that means she's more powerful/stronger/better than the characters who are most powerful/strong/experienced in canon, and gains the undying adoration and worship of the Hero of canon, who gives up his logic, commonsense, and canon personality (commonly replaced by the Fabio Personality mark 37.6) in order to get into her panties.

For the people presently frothing at the mouth, I love Elizabeth-the-canon-character; I just gave up reading fic about her after getting too many "ZOMG! Elizabeth is the most wonderful person in the city and she and John are soul mates and everyone approves of their affair and she can do anything to which she sets her mind" vibes from (over-)enthusiasts writing fic about her - often with added "and I wish Teyla wasn't in the show at all because she's just the sexy alien chick who wants John, the dirty whore" for good measure.

To such enthusiasts, I have only this to say: "Please to not be infecting with your crazy, us who actually like canon Elizabeth. Thank you."