Her flipped brown hair bobbed as she gazed at him, friendly smile somehow not lost in the chewing of bubblegum. Her yellow dress seemed ridiculously childish and short; in her hand she held a skipping rope as she looked up- up a lot- at him. "You looking for something?"

He shook his head, feeling the heat in the heavy black leather trenchcoat; his red hair felt as though it would start melting. He knew the gel was a bad idea from the start- it just looked so cool. "Just passing through." Scoping the area… sounds like a spy. Won't say that. Even if it is what I'm doing. Larxene would kick my ass if I let something dangerous escape my attention before she came here. Bitch.

Cocked head looked quizzical for a moment; his green eyes, so like her own, narrowed. She said, "You look hot. Not as in drool-hot. Well, that too-" so she was a flirter, this one "-but you look like you need to find some shade." She motioned imperiously and stalked off, towards the only icecream vendor on the lonely beach. It was too hot for even the most enthusiastic- okay, maybe not the serious ones; Sora was bouncing into the waves again and again while Kairi cheered empty-headed encouragement from the shore- and the beach was abandoned.

He hastened to catch up, accomplishing it easily with his long stride while scratching his head, puzzled. "You're taking me to get ice cream? There's not much shade there, girl…"

"It's Selphie." She flashed her white-toothed smile over her shoulder at him and kept on going. "And you're going to buy me an ice cream in return for showing me a shady place."

"What the ef…" There was plenty of shade everywhere; just not at the wharf where she'd found him.

"Don't swear." She scowled. Then smiled sweetly so soon he almost didn't realize that she'd been angry. "Please. You're too pretty to be ruining your appearance with bad language."

He held his hands up in resignation and let her lead him off. Somehow Axel had just been conned into buying an ice cream for a little girl who had other obvious things on her mind; and all so she would find him some shade. Gah.

But maybe it couldn't be all bad.


The crack!goddess strikes again. Only this time, it was written for and inspired by the craziness of Raccoon48 and misshotness. Look what you've reduced me to. xD

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