.hack/Morganna's End rewrite

Chapter 1

Her eyes opened, the apartment greeted her the same every morning. However, it never changed, even when it was only five in the morning. Her body ached, her mind telling her to sleep. She no longer could allow anything to even be a happy thought. She yawned, unlocking her bedroom's ten locks her same way. She was an expert by now. She then turned to the opening now opened by the open door. Her eyes scanned the area slightly, turning to the couch in the living room area. Mizuru was still asleep, he had switched with Miho yesterday. She turned into her bedroom again, pulling the work clothes for the day from her closet. She turned to the bathroom, cleaning herself for work.

A feild in Dun Loriage

Elk turned to Mia, there were remnants of a databug supposedly here. He was there with Kite to make sure that everything went all right. It had been about a year or two after the incident with Morganna. "I wonder..."

"What's wrong Elk?" The blademaster turned to him, the purple fur rippling slightly in the wind. The face her companion had been making, it wasn't his usual face.

"I just hope Helb is okay. I guess I'm just a little worried." Mia's hand replaced her sword its scabbard, placing a hand on the concerned wavemaster's shoulder. A slight grin took over his features, and he nodded to her with a smile.

Helba's Work Area (Unknown)

Mizuru accompanied her, like always. It was security that had been made ever since these events were becoming more often. The two made their way to the elevator, Tania placing a card in the elevator. She then turned and went in the elevator. She pushed the key that had 'B7' written on it. She leaned against the slightly carpeted wall, holding a small iron bar loosely. "Mizuru." The man turned to her, his face rather blank, like usual.

"Yes, Tania? Something wrong?" The elevator began to close its doors as he asked the question. For awhile silence took over the elevator, a deep breath came from her, and she continued her question.

"How many incidents have there been so far, after that big one?"

"I think about thirty, but I don't think you really need to care for now."

"I never do. Not anymore."

A feild in Dun Loriage

"Is that the data bug?" Elk's hand turned toward the one last field portal, it looked like it might be the one. That, or the dungeon had to be explored.

"Well, if it isn't, dungeon." Kite's expression changed to an annoyed sigh, the three made their way to the portal. To their relief, it was the databug they had been searching for. Luckily, it was a weak one.

Mac Anu

Golden rings formed, revealing the wavemaster Helbaworshipper. She looked around slightly, moving towards the alleyway. Helba had almost gotten to her before she logged in. The wavemaster's eyes relaxed slightly, leaving her body against the crates. "I'm so tired...I don't know why." She mumbled and sat up, pulling her wavemaster wand on her lap. She would have gone to her net slum, but she knew Helba would check there first. She pulled up her screen of work areas, one area was gone from the first total. "She always has to do that..." She mumbled slightly, moving from the crates and making her way to the bridge. She turned then to the chaos gate, seeing three forms she hadn't expected to see.

"Helb!" Another wavemaster ran and hugged her, she looked at the wavemaster more closely.

"O, Elk, it's you."

"I wasn't expecting you to be relaxing."

"I'm not, I was going to start working."

"Please stay around a little longer...please?" The truth was...she hadn't seen him in awhile.

"I really should get working-" She felt something dragging her arm in a vice grip. Elk was dragging her into the Mac Anu tavern. She knew she couldn't reason with him, not when he was like this. "Fine." He smiled and pulled her to one of the corner booths, the two companions at positions to keep her there.

"So, how are you doing Helb?" That twinblade was talking to her, he was right beside her.

"I'm fine."

"Well, you look even worse than the last time." That blademaster, was it Mia? She looked beside Elk.

"How would you know?"

"I'm not a player, you know that already."

"I'm just fine, if you'll excuse me...I've got work." She gently pushed Kite out of the way, making her way out of the tavern, and to work.