.hack/Morganna's End rewrite

Epilogue: Chapter 20

He watched from where he was standing, there was nothing but the area around them to ruin the moment. He was graduating, going off to a local college where he would still stay with her. He felt the gown covering him, wishing it were off. The blue fabric covered with the red symbol of his school. He wanted to get his diploma and get to her as fast as he could. The moment couldn't end fast enough, couldn't they just skip all the other people now? He wanted to get his diploma and quick. A nudge to his shoulder, he moved to the area where his row waited to recieve their diplomas. "Come on...come on..." He mumbled, hoping it would somehow make the moment move faster.

"Kureno Niwa." He walked out, the crowd followed his every move. He shook hands with the person holding the leather cased diploma slowly.

"He graduates with a free ride to a local college to get a degree in computer electronics." He went over to where a table stood with an envelope. He nodded his way through to sit down again.

"Come on...come on..." He made a quick movement slightly with his hands to keep himself busy, could they just hurry up? They were moving, good. He moved through the back, quickly tossing his hat before running out the door. "Where is she?" He searched with quick movements, the grass covering his dress shoes in liberal amounts.
"Kureno, you shouldn't trip yourself."

"Tania! I was looking all over for you!"

"I know, you were running all over the place when I was where we had decided to meet. You probably forgot." She smiled and chuckled. He turned and hugged her tightly. "I'm proud of you, why did you suddenly change your major in middle school?"

"I wanted to do what you do for a living?"

"That's not a good reason."

"I want to work with computers, work with the offline and online world more."

"That's good, for a minute I was thinking you were going to be a hacker."

"Of course not, I wasn't planning on putting myself in that much danger." She chuckled at the thought, her cheeks burning slightly. Her dress of navy fit the color of his graduation robe.

"Kureno!" Another voice reached him, An's voice!


"Congrats!" The two were soon joined by Takeshi and Akira. Everyone they knew was at this graduation, and Helba was right beside her. The hacker tapped her on the shoulder slightly.

"What is it, Helba?"

"There's something I've always wanted to ask you."

"What's that?"

"When you die, will you be within the world and dead?"

"Helba, I'll never actually die. I'll be in the world, watching it's progress after I die still. By the way, I heard you would be quitting one day."

"Of course, the queen of the dark didn't stay in a world that was peaceful forever. However, I will stay as long as I can. Lios sends his regards."

"Are Shibiyama, Balmung, Magi, and Reki here as well?"

"Yes, they are. You seem happy for that."

"Of course." She turned to Kureno for a moment, he was a good kid. "He really is a good kid."

"He's no longer a kid, you know."

"Of course he is, us adults are just bigger kids." Another laugh came from the two, something they had been able to do in the past years. Miho and Mizuru had gotten jobs with Helba as well, keeping the affairs with CC Corporation in order. They were the best at the job. "Miho and Mizuru seem to be well, they love the job. Don't they?"

"Yeah, I think most of the others are afraid of them."

"Well, you can't blame them."

"You think someone will know everything you know one day?"

"I'll tell you what, when I'm in a nursing home in medical care, I'll explain it all."



Tania's Apartment

She landed on the couch with a huge thump, it was about five in the afternoon. "That was a fun party. Wasn't it Kureno?" The now more mature sat beside her, placing her in an embrace.

"Yeah, I heard about your retirement date. fourteen years?"

"Yeah, in fourteen years I'll be leaving everything to someone new. It'll be a change, but I'll always access the world." Her head landed against the male's chest, relaxing against it. Her dress was slightly off the couch, allowing lots of room for her legs. "This reminds me of when I first got involved you."

"I know, you'd always fall asleep before me."

"Well, soon enough you'll be forcing me to wake in the morning."

"I know, maybe that's for the best?"

"Can't tell, but I'll tell you one thing."

"What is that?"

"My precious son, always remember these words: I will always be alive inside you, I will never leave you alone in any world. Even in death."

"Thanks, mom." He hugged her tighter, and she allowed her head to fall against his upper chest.

"I know."

"My precious daughter, please remember this: I will always be alive inside you, I will never leave you alone."

The End.