The Winchester Connection

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke

Spoilers: Goes AU for Buffy season 5, but the plot kinda remains the same.

A/N: AU season 2 for Supernatural

A/N 2: For their ages, see previous chapter.


A part of the punishment, that is still going on may I add, is that I get to listen to everyone talk about patrolling, but I can't go. So this basically means, I can sit there and listen to Buffy and her friends talk strategy, but then they leave and I stay. Even worse now, I have to work. Before we found out about our real dad, Buffy just left me with mom in the house. But now, I have to salt the windows and the doors to make sure nothing gets in. If that's not enough, I have babysitters! But it's Anya and Xander, so that's cool.

I hear the door opening, so they must be back. Hooray for the good guys.


Dawn closed her diary, put in her drawer and walked from her room. She could hear many voices coming from the living room, mainly Dean who seemed to be yelling. Dawn figured he was yelling at Sam since that was just how their relationship worked. The same could be said about her relationship with Buffy, but they never got physical. Well, maybe if Buffy wasn't a slayer, then they would have a fight, more of a cat fight rather than a slayer fight.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and rolled her eyes at the scene. Dean was, in fact yelling at Sam who was lying on the couch, hand covering his eyes. Buffy was standing off to the side, watching Dean scream at Sam. Xander and Anya must have left before she came down the stairs.

"Something wrong?"

"That's an understatement," Dean answered without taking his eyes off Sam.

"Your brother is an idiot."

"Dean, it could have happened to anyone," Buffy defended Sam.

"He still should have known better than to get in the way of that th—whatever that thing was!"

"Dean, I'm fine, just stop yelling."

"Are you okay, Sammy?" Buffy moved to sit on the couch with him. He gave her room, and groaned as he did so.

"Yea, just a little noisy."

"Probably a concussion or something," Dean shook his head.

"Dean, let it go, alright."

"Let what go?" Dawn stepped closer. She stood beside Dean. "What happened to Sam?"

"We were patrolling," Buffy answered. At Dean's glare, she corrected herself. "Fine, I was patrolling, Dean and Sam were hunting. I don't know why you don't like the word patrol."

"Anyway, we found this demon," he still had trouble with the fact that Sunnydale attracted demons rather than angry spirits. "Ugliest sonuvabitch I've ever seen."

"He had this gun like thing, except it shot some wicked looking ball of light. It hit Sam and it had enough force to send him flying."

"The trash inside that dumpster broke my fall, you know," Sam reminded him. He still hadn't uncovered his eyes.

"You're on Dawn duty for the next week."

"Dean, did you just ground me?" the hand finally came off.

"You bet your ass I did," Dean smirked.

"I can watch myself," Dawn rolled her eyes.

"No, you can't," all three siblings voiced.

"Fine, have three people baby sit me, the fourteen year old who id old enough to baby sit actual babies!"

"I thought you didn't mind when Xander babysat you," Dean smirked at her.

"Well, that's different."

She realized she backed herself in a corner when her three siblings all shared the same smirk. It was no secret among these three that she was crushing heavily on Xander, but that didn't give them the right to use it against her.

"I'm going to bed," she turned swiftly on her heel and went right back upstairs.

"Okay, how about we all get some sleep and then we can tell Giles about this tomorrow to see if that blast did anything?" Buffy looked to her two brothers.

"Yea, and then hunt for it since you let it get away," Dean gave her look.

"Excuse me for caring about our brother, it seemed like someone had to do it!"

"I'm fine," Sam sighed. Really, how many times did it take?


Dawn did have to admit that having Giles owning the Magic Shop was very beneficial for just about everyone in the Scooby Gang, including herself. For Giles, it was his way of moving on from being a librarian and not being Buffy's active Watcher. For Anya, it was having a job and making money. For Xander, it was seeing Anya happy and him working on his construction in the backroom. For Buffy, it was being able to practice her slayerness in the back. For Willow and Tara, it was being able to be surrounded by the spells and get stronger, because being a witch was much cooler than being a slayer. For Dawn, it was being able to look at all of Giles' books and helping with research when Buffy wasn't looking. Dean didn't consider himself apart of the group because he thought the name Scooby was lame. He wouldn't let Sam join for the very same reason.

"I think I found something," Dawn told Giles, who was busy helping a customer.

"I found something, too," Buffy surprised her sister as she walked out the backroom after a session with Dean and Sam. "My fourteen year old sister doing research."

"I can handle it, Buffy," Dawn rolled her eyes. And that was true, although, there was that one book she read that dealt with mating rituals. There were some explicit visuals in that one that gave her nightmares.

"Don't worry, Buffy," Giles reassured her. He had made another sale and walked over to Dawn to look at the page she had read. "This book is harmless."

"Need I remind you of Xander and his incident with causing fire just by reading a word out loud?" Buffy's eyebrows shot up.

"Well, yes, there is that, but the book was a magic one," Giles shot back.

"Fine," Buffy gave up, causing Dawn to smile.

"'Fine' what?" Dean's voice came from behind Buffy.

"Fine that Dawn's allowed to research from the safe books," Buffy turned around to answer him.

"And who said she could do that?" Dean asked.

"It was a group decision, you just weren't part of it," Sam answered as he too walked out of the backroom.

"Everyone was in on this? Why not us?" Dean glared at his brother.

"Because we knew you'd freak, like you're doing right now," Dawn pointed out.

"Children, please, we have other matters to discuss, like last nights attack," Giles gave an insufferable sigh. It was bad enough when he only dealt with Buffy. But then, Dawn got old enough as well and he barely held it together with the two of them, but now, there were four. He could see that Buffy's attitude was not a Summers' trait, but a Winchester one. Dawn must have just rubbed off Buffy, then.

"The blast that hit Sam, it would appear, was harmless," Giles continued. He could see the collective sigh of relief from the four. "This demon is related to another demon, the Toth demon. Had a blast from one of them hit Sam, then he would be split in two."

"And that's a bad thing?" Dean asked. "I mean, yea, he'd more annoying, but that's an extra hunter."

"True, but the two Sam's wouldn't think that way. They'd attack one another, thinking that the other was an imposter. Killing one would kill the other."

"An easy way to get rid of the good guys," Buffy spoke softly.

"We're getting that thing tonight," Dean said, his voice angry. "Who knows if he brought one of those Toth things with him."

"Tell 'em about the war, Giles!" Dawn said excitedly. "Which, once again, I found out about, by myself."

"Oh yes," Giles read the passage again. "The two demons are not on, what you might say as, friendly terms. The demon you encountered last night, a Ra demon, its kind wanted the power of the Toth demon."

"Lemme guess," Dean took over. "Toth demons didn't want to hand it over, so Ra demons started a war. And now, whenever they see one another, they fight?"

"Uh, right," Giles nodded. "But it's more complicated than that. There's a history between them."

"What Giles is trying to say, is no, we won't see a Toth demon tonight," Buffy smiled.

"You two suck at being Watcher's, by the way," Dawn rolled her yes.

"That's why we have you now, right?" Dean asked as walked over to her chair. She stood up as he came closer, getting tensed and ready to take action.

"Dean, stay away from me."

"What's wrong, Dawnie? You don't want to hug your brother?"

"Not when he's going to tickle me!" she ran around the table, as he gave chase. "Giles, save me!"

"Don't worry, Giles. This'll be over in a few minutes. All it takes is for Dawn to start fighting back and then Dean gets all sad and walks away," Buffy smiled at her mentor.

"Of course," he said, but he wasn't paying attention as he was busying cleaning his glasses.


Later that night, Buffy and Dean went out searching for the demon, while Sam stayed behind and watched Dawn. They both argued, but in the end, Dean won out and Buffy had to agree. Sam was still a little sore and Dawn needed a babysitter, so why not her brother?

"We could break out on our own, you know?" Dawn nodded as Sam popped a pop tart in the microwave. She spun around in her chair as he pressed start.

"What do you mean?" he turned to look at her.

"You and me? We can form our own team and kick some serious butt," she explained. "A little brother and sister team or something. The Psychic and Witch Wonders!"

Sam laughed as the microwave beeped. "Wait, 'Witch Wonder'?"

"I-I-I mean, if I were still learning," her eyes grew wide. "Is that the doorbell? I'll go answer it."

Jumping from the chair Dawn bolted from the kitchen. She didn't mean to slip up like that, especially around her family. She should have known better. Dawn had only made it as far as the foyer when Sam caught up to her.

"I thought we agreed Willow and Tara wouldn't be teaching you anymore."

"We didn't agree on anything," she fired back. "And they aren't teaching me, I just found a couple of books."

"You're teaching yourself?" his jaw dropped. "Dawn, you know how dangerous witchcraft is, let alone how dad is going to react to it."

"He's not my dad!" she yelled. "Just because he adopted me doesn't make him my blood!"


Holding her hand up to silence him, Dawn sighed, "I'm sorry, okay? I just hate feeling useless in a family of hunters. John is some top shot hunter and Dean's right behind him. Buffy's the slayer and you're a hunter who had psychic abilities. And what am I, Sam?"

Sam reached out and pulled Dawn toward him. She hugged him back as he spoke, "You're everything the rest of us wanted but could never have, a normal life."

"I don't want a normal life, and it's too late anyway. I may not be all with the slayer having abilities or training like the rest of you, but I can fight! And I'm really good with magic, Sam."

"It's dangerous, Dawn," he shook his head as he pulled out of the hug. He wasn't giving in on this. "And I have to tell Buffy about this."

"Can't I just give my stuff to you and we won't have to tell anyone?" she smiled brightly. She knew she had him when he averted his gaze and sighed. She squealed her thanks as she jumped back in his arms. "I'll go get it right now and you can dump them somewhere. But you might want to keep one about psychic abilities."

"Why?" he asked as she made her way up the stairs.

"I'm not stupid, Sammy," she rolled her eyes. "I know you're working with Willow and Tara on your psychic stuff."

"You know everything that goes on around here, don't you?" he smiled.

"Those who can't slay, eavesdrop," she shrugged.


The night had been pretty much uneventful as Buffy and Dean searched for the Ra demon. They started with a few of the cemeteries, but only found a nest of vampires that Buffy quickly got rid of. Dean had not been happy with that; he wanted a piece of the action, too. They argued the rest of the way, with Buffy calling Dean a crybaby and Dean threatening to harm any future boyfriends just to anger her.

"Like you did to Riley?" After going with her brothers to find their dad and having so many adventures, her relationship with Riley fizzled out. And then, after finding out that he was with the Initiative, Dean took it upon himself to knock Riley on his ass.

"He had that one coming," he reminded her.

After the arguing ended, they wound up near a few warehouses that were abandoned. As luck would have it, the Ra demon was living in the area. It attacked them, aiming the club at Buffy, but it never got the chance to strike her, or Buffy strike it, when Dean unloaded his gun in the things chest.

"I guess bullets do work on these types of demons," Buffy kicked the fallen Ra demon with her shoe. "You couldn't have saved a little for me?"

"You got all the good kills with that nest of vamps earlier," Dean shot back. "This was evening things out."

"I can see how this makes it even," she frowned. She didn't get the kill, so her night was definitely spoiled. "Let's get home."

"You can't be that upset," Dean rolled his eyes as he caught up and matched her pace. She shrugged as he looked at the gloomy warehouse where they stopped the demon. "We should probably check this place out."

"Not all rundown places have ghosts inside them, Dean," she smiled. "This place has been abandoned for years."

She hadn't meant to jinx them, really she didn't, but as soon as the words left her mouth, a man fell out of a window on the second floor on the warehouse. Buffy and Dean ran to him, hoping he was alive. They both looked at the broken window, but could see nothing to indicate what could have happened.

Kneeling beside him, Dean checked him over. "He's alive."

"Slayer," the bloodied man moaned out.

"How'd you know? What happened?" Buffy knelt beside him.

"Hey, hands off my monk!"

Buffy and Dean looked toward the sound, the second floor window and saw a blond woman in a red dress glaring down at them. She jumped and landed, with no sign of it affecting her.

"Take him and go, Buffy," Dean stood as he pulled out a gun, one with real bullets. He fired as the woman continued walking toward him.

"Do you have any idea how much this cost?" she yelled as she knocked the gun from Dean's hand. Grabbing his neck, she picked him off the ground.

"I don't know, how much does a knock off dress at K-Mart go for these days?" Buffy asked as she kicked the woman in the gut. She dropped Dean as she was knocked back a few feet. "Dean, you take him and go."

With the ease of her picking him up, Dean nodded and picked the man up with care. He didn't like the idea of Buffy fighting this woman on her own, but they both had the super strength deal going for them.

"So you're the slayer, huh?" the woman smirked as she stood. "Heard a lot about you."

"Really?" Buffy dropped her stance as she blushed at the comment. "Didn't know I was so well known around here."

"Gotta say, though, I'm not impressed," as she charged forward.

Buffy ducked the fist that came at her and tackled the woman. They fought for dominance until the woman in the dress got annoyed. With Buffy on top, the woman backhanded her. The force of the blow was enough to send Buffy flying toward Dean and the injured man who were waiting towards the gate of the warehouse.

"We gotta go, Buffy," Dean helped her up. "She's too strong."

"Get the guy," she held her face.

"It's too late, he's gone."


Lucky for me, Sam didn't tell Buffy or Dean when they came home. He stashed the books, but he did keep the one on psychic abilities. He was right, though, I do see what goes on around here. I could be so valuable to them with my spy stuff. But knowing them, they'd lock me in my room every time they went patrolling.

They're downstairs right now talking about what happened. The Ra demon that I found was killed. Dean got him. I guess something else happened because when they came back, Dean was holding some weird glowy ball thingy. I don't know what it was, but when they saw me they screamed at me to get upstairs! Like I wanted to discuss some stupid ball.

I'll ask Sam tomorrow, I'm sure he'll tell me.