Title: Bedroom Games

Author: Katherine, a.k.a Gothfeary

Warning: SMUTT! Also, Mal/River. You have been warned! Also, no flaming please!

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I own nothing! pout But, I wish I did.

A/N: This is a companion piece to "So Wrong, it must be Right". You don't need to have read it first; this is just a smutty reward for any one who read the first one!

She owned him. Totally and completely, she owned him. From the moment her chocolate eyes met his icy blue ones, he lost his will to fight. He had pledged his heart and soul to her, the one who stole into his very blood until they were one and the same.

"Come on bao bei, cum for me." She whispered hoarsely from above him. The sweat glistened in her long brown hair as it fell down into her eyes. Reaching a graceful hand up, he brushed it away and tucked it behind her lovely ear. He trailed soft kisses and bites down her neck to her breasts, leaving hot trails of pleasure over her skin. She was still quivering from her last orgasm, her fifth that night, as she arched her back, throwing her head back and thrusting her chest forward to meet his greedy lips. Gently she squeezed the muscles that surrounded him rhythmically, forcing him to lose what little control he had left. Biting down hard on her neck to stifle his screams of pleasure, he came, hard and fast.

Blood from the bite trickled down her neck to well in the indent between her collar bone and neck. Seeing the damage Mal had inflected on her, he ran his tongue along to lap up her spilt blood. He circled the bleeding mark with his nose, breathing in the soft copper tang, and the sent of sex that marked her as his. His lovely River, still straddling his hips, quivered and moaned as the adrenalin coursed through her veins, and her neck throbbed so wonderfully.

"Mal," she gasped, " Wu de tyen ah, Mal." It was the only thing she could say, her energy had been sucked dry by his kisses, and left her heart pounding. But, she planned on stealing it back.

Fisting her hands in his messy, sweaty, dark hair she pulled his mouth to hers, with all the will she could. This boy was hers, and she planned to let him know that he belonged to her, as surly as she belonged to him.

Taking his mouth was an easy task, as he wanted to give it to her. Keeping in control was another matter entirely for River. He still tasted like he had the first time, of sin and cotton candy darkness, but now her bore traces of the fire she had given him. As their tongues battled for domination, Malcolm flipped her over onto her back. The silk sheets were warm and soft on her already hot skin and the pillow was damp with the sweat of her lover. Lover. The word slipped along her mind with a tingle of joy. The boy kissing her, her lovely Malcolm was hers, and every other girl in the 'verse could just go jump out an airlock, for she would never give him up. This heat they had created together was born of love and desire and passion. Of sex, and love and of want.

"Ready for more darlin'?" Mal asked with an evil grin, after pulling away with a soft moan.

"Always." River panted through swollen lips.

With a soft chuckle, Mal widened the spread of her legs and began their game again.



Bao bei: darling

Wu de tyen ah: dear sky