Forced Affection (AKA: Dean Gives a Crap)

A quick extension of a scene from the episode "Provenance". Opening dialogue is from the episode, just to set up the scene (or is a total spoiler if you haven't watched it yet). It also belongs to the creators of Supernatural. Dean questions Sam about dating Sarah while at the crazy disco hotel.

"Yeah, you're right," says Sam. "Part of this is about Jessica. But not the main part."

"What's it about?" Sam just stares at him, bearing a pained look, which he quickly pushes away. "Yeah, alright." Dean leans back onto the bed dismissing Sam's look and pretty much giving up on the conversation. "Well we still gotta see that painting, which means you still gotta call Sarah. So…" As Sam picks up his phone, Dean shuts his eyes.

Dean waits for the conversation, but hears nothing. He finally opens his eyes. Sam sits at the table, his head down, face hidden in folded arms. Dean sighs, gets up, and walks over. As soon as Sam realizes what Dean's doing, he stands and makes for the door. Dean steps in the way. Sam's caught off guard, facing his Brother, his emotions escalating. He quickly sucks it in.

"Get out of the way."

"Sam… "

"I just want to be alone Dean, okay?"



"No. I'm worried about you. I think…" Dean hates having to blatantly state it. "I think we should talk." Sam looks at him like he's crazy, then turns defensive.

"We just did."

"Yeah well, obviously not enough, cause you're not okay."

"Is that what you want? For me to be okay? Cause that's not gonna happen over one little talk. Which by the way, we're not having."

"Fine." Dean concedes, but doesn't move.

"Can I go?"

"Does it look like you can go?"

"I'm done talking." Insists Sam. Dean hesitates; this isn't over.

"Then how 'bout a hug." Sam laughs, then notices Dean's expression isn't holding its usual sarcastic stance. His laugh quickly drops from his face.

"Are you serious?" Sam panics.

Dean just keeps looking at him. Sam backs away, slightly anxious. Suddenly Dean reaches out and puts both arms around his Brother, pulling him into a hug. Sam's shoulders tense, and his arms hang as he stares wide eyed over his Brother's shoulder. He fidgets uncomfortably, then slowly concedes. As he exhales, the pained look from earlier rushes back into his eyes.

As Dean tightens his grip, he feels Sam shutter. He listens, quietly evaluating his Brother's raspy breath, which skips about in a way that lets him know Sam's crying. He feels Sam's head drop onto his shoulder. Dean continues to hug him until he seems calm, then lets go and backs away slightly. Sam keeps his gaze to the ground, casually wiping at his eyes.

"You alright?" Dean asks.

"Yeah… fine."

"Okay." Dean gently hits Sam on the arm. "Now call Sarah." He heads back to the bed as Sam lets out an uneasy laugh, shakes his head, and picks up the phone.

Dean jumps onto the bed and lies back, shutting his eyes again. As he hears Sam make the call, he opens his eyes slightly to check on him. Something blurs his vision. Dean wipes at his eyes. He feels the tears flatten out across the edge of his hand. He glances away, and quickly wipes them on his shirt, getting rid of the evidence. He mumbles to himself, mockingly, "Smooth."

And then right back into the episode, and the crazy disco hotel. By the way, I liked the way Sam's shirt matched the wall in this scene. It made me want to vomit.