Billy was sitting on his bed depressed. Looking out his window with a sad face. Mandy walked in. "What's your problem?" She asked. Billy didn't answere. Just let out a big sigh. Mandy walked over to his bed. "Tell me or eles." Mandy threatned. Billy turned to Mandy, "I miss Blandy!" Billy cried. And he covered his eye and cried. Tears fell from his hands. "Blandy..?" Mandy asked. "Uh huh." Billy answered. Mandy got up. "BLANDY BLANDY BLANDY! Is that all you ever talk about? I mean it. If I hear her name..!" Mandy didn't finnish. Seeing the look on his face. Mandy just made a dry look. "Forget about Blandy. She wont be coming back." Mandy said. Billy burst into tears again. "BUT I LOVE HER!" Billy cried.

Mandy watched him cry a river. Trying to get bye his pitty. She tried thinking at the same time.

"Billy." She asked in a gentle voice. Billy turned to her whiping his nose. "Yes?" Billy answered.

It's the only way to get him to shutup. And He's lacking my chores. Since Grim is gone for the weekend.

"Do you want to..." Mandy gulped. "Hang...out.." Mandy stammered. Billy lowered his hands.

"Blandy would always asked me that!" Billy cried. Mandy rolled her eyes.

This isn't working...

"Billy." Mandy asked again. She placed her hand on his shoulder. "Do you want to go out for alittle while..?" Mandy mumbled. She grabbed a rag and whiped hr tounge. Billy looked into her eyes. "A date?" Billy asked. Mandy started to sweat alittle.

What is this weir feeling I have. Makes me feel sick...But at the same time. Something about this feeling seems to make me feel...Happy..? How is that possible..? I'm never happy. I should ask Grim about this...

"Um...I guess like that." Mandy answered. Billy made a strange look at Mandy.

Why would mandy want to go on a date with me? Or hang out in publec anyway? ...Hey! I'm thinking!

"Why?" Was all Billy asked.

"Cause I said so!" Mandy said.

Billy moved away from the bed to the wall. "Well I guess I could." Billy said. "Ok, get dressed. Let's get this over with." Mandy said. Billy ran into his closet and got some black pants and a grey jacket. (His pants went all the way down to the bottom of his shoes.) "It's a bit cool outside." Billy said. He grabbed his other jacket and threw it at Mandy. "You might need this." Billy said. His exstra jacket had dirt marks and a snail on it. "I'm good." Mandy said slowely holding out his jacket with her two fingers. Billy walked out of his closet. Mandy took a good look at him. "Well at least your clean." Was all she said. Billy didn't really say anything after that comment. "Let's get going.." Mandy mumbled.

Billy opened the front door. "After you." Billy said. Mandy raised her eye brow and walked out the door. They went to the all you can eat buffet.

"Mandy, what made you want to go out with me?" Billy asked.

"Just something I had to do Billy." Mandy said placing her hand under her chin.

"Had to?" Billy asked.

Billy isn't as stupid as I thought..

Next chapter coming