The bus just sat there upside down. The bus driver is in a deep sleep. The kids got up with scratches and scars. Mindy got up and looked at her shirt. "Ahhhhhhh! This was new!" She cried. Irwin got up. "Ohh...Wa...M..M-Mandy!" He cried. He ran over to the back and pulled Mandy out from under her broken seat. "Oh Mandy! YOU WERE SO YOUNG! AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO TELL yOU HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU!" Irwin cried. He cried over mandy's body. Mandy slapped his and got up. "You make me sick.." She said brushing herself. Mandy looked around and noticed the bus was upside down. "I was just sitting next to Billy..Then all of a sudden the bus is upside down.." Mandy mumbled. "Billy..!" She remembered. She got under the seat and dug threw finding Billy. She grabbed him bye the shoulders, and pulled him out. "Wake up Billy." She said. She moved his face around trying to get him up. Billy opened his eyes and saw Mandy looking down at him. The sun light from the outside made Mandy glow. Billy blushed at the sight of her face. "Good thing your awake otherwise I would have had to punch you." Mandy said. Billy sorta smiled. Not to big seeing how Mandy was RIGHT there. He got up and scratched his head. "Stupid bus driver.." Mandy mumbled. She walked ou and smacked him on the back. "I'm awake!" He shouted. Mandy,Irwin and Billy jumped off the bus and brushed themselves off. "That was weird.." Billy said. They walked inside the school. Mandy took spanish class with Billy and French with Irwin. The whole french thing didn't turn out well..Billy was meeting Mandy at her locker. "Hey Mandy. Does your shoulder still hurt?" Billy asked in a caring voice. "Not really.." She answered. Mindy walked over. "Well the whole school knows now mandy." She said. Mandy turned around. "The school knows what?" She asked. "That you and Billy are dating! Duh." Mindy answered. Billy raised his eye brows. "Ok Mandy! I'm confused! Are we dating or not?" Billy asked. Irwin walked over with 2 black eyes. (One of the bullies) "Is it true my love!" Irwin cried on his knees. Mandy looked at Mindy again. "We.." Billy started to sweat. "turns out that we broke up yesterday.." Mandy answered. "Well well, im suprised you two are still friends then. Well rumors still around. But good back up plan. Not like people will believe it. I sure don't." Mindy said crossing her arms. She walked away with her group. "Waaahahahahaaa!" Irwin cried grabbing her legs. Mandy looked ay Billy. But all he did was shrug. Mandy walked outside. Looking to the day light. Billy ran after her. "I'm tired of school you know.." Mandy said. Billy looked to her. "Ehh me to." He said. Mandy looked at him. "Wadaya say after school..we shoot paint balls at Grim's weapons.." Mandy asked. Billy nodded. "Grim..! I forgot about him.." Mandy said. "Don't worry. I know you'll take care of him after he gets back." Billy said. mandy gave him alittle elbow punch. Billy smiled at her. Mandy just looked up at him. They decided to walk home.

The End