Chapter One

"I'm bored", said the Doctor suddenly, jumping up.

Rose didn't bother looking up from her magazine. "You're always bored, unless you're running for your life. Why can't you just be happy no-one wants to kill you?"

"Because that's boring", was the simple reply. He looked around the room they were in. It was a bit like a living room, with two comfy chairs and a coffee table. The walls were painted yellow, with a simple blue carpet. "I'm tired of looking at the same four walls. They're so…boring."

"Then redecorate."

"Fantastic! That's precisely what we shall do!" he cried as he pulled her from the chair. "Let's go!"

"Hang on a minute!" She restrained from being pulled from the room. "You don't just re-decorate the TARDIS do you?"

"Sure you do, I've done it hundreds of times. We won't do the console room, I did that recently, but we'll definitely do this room, and the kitchen and the storeroom, not the wardrobe, I like that. Maybe the courtyard, and my bedroom. We can do yours as well if you want, and maybe the secondary console room, I'm getting tired of all that wood…"

"There's a secondary console room?"

"Yes. How long have you been here Rose Tyler, and yet you've never been there? Anyway, I feel like getting another zero room installed, it's nice if you feel life getting on top of you…"

"What's a zero room?"

"Nothing much. Just a special room you can go to to clear your head and sort of meditate I suppose. It makes you feel better if you feel stressed or your regeneration goes wrong. I had one for ages, and then it got ejected from the ship." Rose looked at him, confused. "Long story. Anyway…" He paused, "Let's go!"

The Doctor ran from the room, Rose running after him. They turned this way and that, along the many corridors of the TARDIS, until they finally arrived in the main console room. They ran up the steps to the TARDIS console, and the Doctor started to flick switches and press buttons. Rose knew this meant he was setting the co-ordinates for whatever place in space and time they were going to. She stepped back and looked around the room. It was very impressive, with giant, coral like beams going from floor to ceiling. Despite the room itself being so large, the door was very small, the only thing on the inside that was the same size as the outside. It was light, dimly, with a yellowish glow, the only other colour in the room coming from the blue dematerialisation column in the centre of the room. Presently, it began to move up and down, meaning the Doctor had finished. He stepped back, and noticed what she was doing. He also looked around the impressive room they were standing in. "You know, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out in the end. The Gratians weren't that sure what I wanted, I had to draw pictures and everything…"

"Sorry, who? The Grete…"

"The Gratians. That's where we're going now, the planet Gratia, the only place for re-decoration. You see, they've only got one shop for the entire planet. It's massive, a hundred floors at least, one for each thing a Gratia might need to survive. They have one entirely devoted to flippers actually. Anyway, it's amazingly good quality and fantastic service at not a bad price. It's where I always go when I want to re-decorate.

"Right", replied Rose.

"You'll love it. They have the biggest clothes department in the universe" assured the Doctor