Ok, you know what I'm gonna say. Sorry I haven't written in so long. Now that's over with, let us continue, shall we?

Chapter Eleven

"You never quite got the hang of moisturiser did you?"

Rose looked at the Doctor incredulously, and was so shocked at his laid back attitude to the disgusting thing on the screen, she actually forgot to continue screaming.

"Hilarious to the last Doctor," replied the creature. Rose thought it was talking, but she wasn't sure whether the thing moving was a mouth or not.

"That's a…a Time-Lord?" she whispered to the Doctor.

"You could say that. He used to be, but I'm not so sure anymore."

"Quiet!" the creature shouted, and a ball of phlegm shot from the "mouth" and hit the screen. Rose recoiled in horror.

"Mate, you have problems." The Doctor walked towards the screen and looked it straight in the eyes, or what may have been its eyes. "How low you have sunk. Where's the pride you used to have, the arrogance? The old Master would sooner die than look like this."

"Then it is obvious how little you knew the "old Master", as you so quaintly put it."

Rose couldn't take her eyes away from it. The face on the wall was horrible, if you could call it a face. The skin was pulled tight over misshapen bones, which protruded at odd angles. The mouth was a slit, nothing more, with what looked like a lump of flesh quivering inside. There were no teeth, and one could hardly call a single nostril in the middle of the whole mess a nose. But the worst was the eyes. One was big, round and overly bloodshot, with a small black dot in the centre. The other appeared to have had the eyelid fused shut over it, by means of a giant blood clot. A layer of grease and blood, covering the entire face, finished off the effect. Rose found herself starting to wretch.

"It seems your latest companion is unable to cope with the horrors of space and time travel," the Master observed, mockingly. "Do you think she would like to sit outside?"

"Enough of the snide comments will you?" The Doctor walked over to Rose and helped her sit back on the bench. "If you're gonna tell use, just tell us."

"Fine then," the Master attempted to smile. The skin at the side of his mouth began to crack under the pressure, making Rose start heaving all over again. The Doctor comforted her, stroking the top of her head. "It's quite a short story really. When you were staggering around trying to find out who you were after that fun time we had in San Francisco, my essence managed to escape from the Eye of Harmony, and I decided to stop off on Gallifrey. I then found several host bodies, none of which lasted very long. Time-Lord bodies are surprisingly weak when it comes to inhabitation. The hearts get all jumpy. I travelled around a bit, moving from body to body, until I found this one. The perfect body."

"The perfect body? Are you crazy? That twisted, mutated body is perfect for nothing!"

"Oh contraire, Doctor. It is only the face that is in any way below perfection. This is the body of a Domesian, a member of one of the most strong and robust species in the universe. Sadly, living Domesians tend to put up a bit of a fight when it comes to inhabitation, and so I had to find a dead one. The only dead one I could find was one that had had a slight accident."

"A slight accident? That Domesian looks like it's been dunked in acid!"

"Ok then, rather major incident, arranged by myself. Do you know how hard acid is to come by on Domesia?"

"I really don't care. What I do care is that you are inhabiting the body of a dead Domesian, which you killed, in a very inefficient way may I say, and have now arrived on Gratia, no doubt in a stolen TARDIS, and are somehow controlling the inhabitants in a way that no one should be able to do. You may good with the whole hypnosis, but you're not that good."

"Are you sure, Doctor? And I take your criticism of my murder method, but you must understand that Domesians are very difficult to kill. Besides, I didn't want the actual body harmed."

"True, but acid? It's very crude…"

"Excuse me!" Rose had been silent throughout the entire conversation, attempting to control her nausea, but this was too much. "I believe we're getting off topic slightly!"

"I believe your companion is actually correct," the Master cut in before the Doctor could say anything. "And now, I must bid you farewell, Doctor and significant other. For now, you must die."

The screen cut out, leaving Rose and the Doctor staring, yet again, at a grey wall.

If you're slightly confused about the San Francisco bit, and the Eye of Harmony and all that, watch "Doctor Who: The TV Movie", and then read "The Eight Doctors", I think by Terrence Dicks. I may be wrong there…