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Kekkei Genkai


Chapter 1.

(One week after the prelims for the third exam)

Outside Konoha

Along lone figure approached one of konoha's gates.

"Halt. State your business." One of the guards asked the approaching figure. "wait, your just a kid, what are you doing out here by yourself?"

"My reasons for being by myself are none of your concern, but the reason I'm here is because I'm looking for someone." the child replied.

Hmm… I guess it wouldn't hurt to let this kid in. The guard was thinking.

When he brought his attention back to the kid, the kid had vanished.

"What the… where did s-" was all he got out before everything went black.

(Near a hot spring)

"Hey, ero-sennin, how are you supposed to train me if all you do is tell me to do something, then go over there and stare through that hole all day?" Naruto yelled at the silver haired sennin who was seeming to enjoy himself before Naruto deemed it worthy to bother him. Without looking at Naruto he said "Just so you know, I'm not just staring through a hole, I'm gathering information."

"On what?"

"Your mom that's what now leave me the hell alone, and get back to work!"

Muttering things like "stupid pervert" naruto turned around and went back to training on how to walk on water. About an hour or so passed when naruto heard a "whump". Turning around he finds jiriaya laying on the ground with blood coming out of his nose.

"Sensei, what happened? Are you all right?" running over to his teacher, naruto sees the opportunity to look through the hole.

"#$$#" was naruto's response to what he saw. Wiping away the blood that came from his nose he heard a giggle from behind him.

Naruto turned around to find a girl about the same age as him, laughing her head off.

"What's so funny?" Naruto asked.

"ha ha ha…two things one: what gives you the right to get a nosebleed? And two: that was the most pathetic excuse of trying to walk on water, if I've ever seen one!"

"Oh, and you could do better?" naruto challenged.

"As a matter of fact, I can" and with that the girl walked onto the water as if she'd been doing it her whole life.

"H- how did you do that?" naruto yelled. "I've been trying for two day's now but haven't been able to get it down because that pathetic excuse for a ninja (jerks his thumb at the now bloody body laying on the ground) won't tell me how to do this."

"Well, this is what you do." Over the next few hours yuki (as naruto was told) helped train him in the ways of water walking.

After naruto had perfected the technique, yuki said she had to go somewhere. After they parted ways, jiriaya who had been unconscious the whole time, woke up, touched his nose, and said "that's a first." Then looked at naruto who was jumping up and down on the waters surface.

"I see you got the water thing down, good, next week were going to the canyons."

"What, no congratulations, no pat on the back?" naruto fake pouted.

"Deal with it." Was the only response he got.


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