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Second, I really enjoy doing research; so let me know if I overdo an influx of background stuff.

Finally, this was inspired by something very simple. During the season finale, when Koh was explaining about Tui and La, I was convinced that Yue was the moon spirit, and Sokka the ocean. I wasn't right, and I hate it when I'm wrong, so…

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Authoress: Reggie

Title: Eternal Dance


"Momma?" Sokka asked, gently touching his mother's shoulder with one small hand. Kira opened her ice blue eyes and looked into the small, round, anxious face of her six-year-old son. She sat up, the animal fur sliding off her shoulder.

"What's the matter, Sokka?" She asked gently.

"Had a bad dream," Sokka muttered, looking down at his bare feet.

Kira smiled, scooting over so there was room under the furs for the small child. "Come here, my little water sprite."

Sokka climbed up eagerly, curling up into his mother's arms. Kira shifted herself so she could hold the small child more comfortably, and smiled as Hakoda muttered in his half-awake state.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Mm-mm," Sokka said, shaking his head.

"Well then," she whispered, "what are we going to do to make it better?"

"Tell me a story?" Sokka asked hopefully, looking up at her.

"A story?" Kira half-laughed as Hakoda rolled over to listen better. "What kind of story?"

"A story about a warrior," Sokka said eagerly. She heard Hakoda take a breath as if to speak, and she kicked him to send the message that his warrior stories weren't needed here.

"What if I tell you the story of the ocean and moon spirits?" She asked quickly, trying not to laugh as she felt Hakoda reach down to rub his shin.

"Are they warriors?"

"In a way."

"Okay then," he said brightly, snuggling up next to his mother.

"Long ago, at the very beginning of time, all the spirits still lived in the spirit world. They were ruled over by the Sun spirit. He was a terrible tyrant, and ruled the other spirits with his powerful fire.

The Sun had a beautiful daughter, the Moon spirit. The Sun was protective of his daughter, and kept her hidden away in the darkest part of the Spirit world where no one could find her and take her away from him.

One day the Ocean spirit, son of the great wolf, was out hunting. He chased his prey into the dark woods, and heard a beautiful voice singing. Curious, he crept through the wood, and came upon the Moon spirit. He fell in love with her immediately, and in his passion revealed himself to her. The Moon, frightened by his sudden appearance, fled from him.

The ocean chased her through the dark woods, calling her. Finally, she stopped. The two began to talk, and she fell in love with him as well. They met in secret for many seasons, and decided to overthrow her father and get married.

Their plan, though, was not as secret as they had supposed, for The Sun found out about it. Furious, he planned a way to get even with the traitors. He called the Ocean Spirit to him, and told the Ocean that he was to protect his daughter while he was away in the mortal realm. The Ocean Spirit readily agreed, and went to see his love.

However, The Sun changed himself into a terrible fire beast, and attacked the two lovers. The Ocean Spirit managed to wound the beast with his bow and arrow, but the Moon spirit was captured. In vain, the Ocean Spirit searched for her, but he could not find her.

The Sun, still in the guise of a beast, placed the Moon in an enchanted sleep before once returning to his true form and summoning the Ocean. He said because the Ocean had failed to protect his daughter, he was locked away in the deepest dungeon.

He then released his daughter from the spell, and told her that her lover had abandoned her. Heartbroken, the Moon refused to be comforted. She sought out the great wolf, and asked him if there was no healing from what his son has done. The old wolf did not believe his son had abandoned the young spirit, and told her that the best thing to do would be to give up her immortality. She would then be sent to the mortal realm, where her father could no longer get them. He would send a messenger spirit to find his son, and tell him to meet her there.

When the messenger spirit found The Ocean and told him what had happened, the Ocean became very angry. He challenged The Sun to a duel. The loser would be banished from the Spirit world into the place between the Spirit World and the Mortal world.

The two battled fiercely, which caused the whole Spirit world to tremble at their fury. The Sun used his awesome power to try and destroy the Ocean, but he fought back with his bow and arrows. After a very long time, the Ocean was victorious. He cast the Sun down out of the Spirit world, and placed his father as leader of the Spirits. He was still unhappy, however, and chose to give up his immortality to join his love in the mortal realm.

On his way to the mortal world, however, he ran into the Sun once more. He placed a curse on the Ocean that, although he could admire his daughter from a far, he would never be able to touch her. The Sun then went to mortal realm to reclaim his daughter and return to get back his throne.

The Great Wolf, however, saw the danger of this. He placed a spell on the moon that she would only be awake at night, and The Sun in during the day. No matter how hard the sun tried, he was never able to catch up to his daughter. There was nothing the Great Wolf could do for the lovers though as the curse was a terribly powerful one. Only a very strong magic could remove it, and so the two lovers danced eternally, trying to touch but never quite succeeding."

Sokka looked up at his mother, blue eyes wide. "And they can't ever be together?"

"No, little one, they can't."

Sokka's frown deepened, and he curled up further into his mother's arms. "That's not a very happy bedtime story, Momma."

Hakoda struggled not to laugh as Kira smiled down at her son, who still seemed lost in thought.

"Momma," he asked, after a moment. "The Ocean is still fighting The Sun, isn't he? That's why we have to fight the Fire Nation."

"Yes, I suppose that's right."

"Does that make him strong- to keep going so long?"

"I think so."

Sokka yawned, his eyes fluttering closed. "I'm going to be a warrior like that someday."

Kira kissed the top of his head as his breathing began to even out. "I'm sure you will, my little water spirit. I'm sure you will."