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-This is in the first person, P.O.V. of ChibiUsa/Small Lady. It takes place in Crystal Tokyo.

"Plagued By Nightmares"

Rated T

Part 1 of 3: "Family Time"


I sit up, shivery and sweating. The evening air blows around me, but it only makes me colder. My pink hair ruffles to and fro in my face, keeping time to the wind. I had had another nightmare; it was the fifth one this week. I press my cold palms to my eyes, trying to remember what it was about. Bits and pieces come to me slowly. There was a man….and it was dark… I remembered screams, and yelling. But that was all. I could never remember all of it, and it agitated me. Sometimes I would wake up screaming, and Momma or Papa would come running in to comfort me. I look at my bedside clock, it is 2:00am. Sighing, I lie back down and roll over, trying to catch some sleep.


"Small Lady….Small Lady…it's time to get up…"

The words process slowly in my mind, and gradually I open my eyes, yawning. It was Momma, who had a smile on her face. Her crystalline blue eyes twinkled; her beautiful blonde hair done up in its usual odangoes.

I adored everything about my Momma- her elegance, her grace, her lady-like manners, and just about everything else- she was my role model. I want to be just like her when I grow up: a sophisticated, beautiful lady. I do my hair up the same way as she does, but my odango are tiny compared to hers. She is a beautiful queen, and I am a little princess- that's right, a princess.

I am Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, the heir to the Silver Millennium, Small Lady for short- I am 8 years old and sometimes clumsy, as well as rambunctious. A far cry from my mother, but one day Papa says I will be a beautiful lady, and everyone won't call me Small Lady, but Beautiful Lady.

"Papa is waiting for us downstairs, and Sailor Jupiter made pancakes for breakfast!" Momma said happily, taking notice of the excitement on my face. Pancakes are my favorite, especially Sailor Jupiter's. Sailor Jupiter is one of the Sailor Guardians. The Sailor Guardians, also known as the Sailor Senshi, protect Momma, Papa, and I, as well as the palace. They are Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars. My friend Sailor Pluto, whom I call "Puu", also is, and she is the Guardian of Time. Momma says there are other Sailor Senshi, and that I will know them soon enough.

I jump out of bed and Momma helps me put up my hair and put on my clothes. I don't wear my Princess dress; that is only for special occasions or when Momma or Papa want me to. What I wear today is a sort of sailor fuku, and it's mostly blue. On my feet I wear my favorite white and red shoes- they have a little red bow on them!

Momma and I walk downstairs, hand-in-hand, through the glistening palace. Guards bow, and Momma makes a slight face, but only I can tell- I know she doesn't like being bowed to constantly, but I don't mind. This is where I grew up, and I have been exposed to this my whole life.

We reach the Dining Hall, and all the Sailor Guardians and Papa are there. My eyes grow big as saucers when I see the pancakes piled up, as though asking me to eat them. If there was one thing I loved, it was eating. Papa pulls me into a bear hug, and I laugh with glee.

"How's my little Small Lady, eh? My little pumpkin," Papa croons.

"Good Papa," I laugh, and he sits back down.

"Did you sleep well, Small Lady?" Sailor Mars asks me, a concerned look on her face. I feel all eyes on me, and I look up at Momma, who also looks concerned.

"Um…good…" I mumble in response.

"Did you have anymore nightmares?" Momma questioned sharply, meaning she wants the truth.

"I had one, but I can't remember it," I answer. The nightmares have been a problem lately, but what's weird is I never used to get nightmares like this. They feel so real and scary, like it's really happening!

"Oh, let's eat, and stop all this talk about frightening nightmares," Jupiter says, waving a hand impatiently. We sit down and Momma laughs at how fast I gobble through my first batch of pancakes.

"Small Lady, do try to eat a bit slower! You'll get a stomachache, and when you eat slow it shows good manners," Momma chided, but I can tell she doesn't truly mean it- she knows how I adore pancakes.

"Yes Momma," I comply, taking an enormous swallow.

"Small Lady reminds me of someone else," Mars states, laughing with a teasing tone. Momma makes a face at her.

"Who?" I inquire innocently.

"Your mom," Mars replies. "She was a motor mouth too!" Momma sticks her tongue out at her now.

"You're so mean!" she retorts. I laugh. Momma and Mars always fight, but they care for each other a lot. I wish I had a friend like that. See, I don't have many friends my age. My face falls as I think about how it would be like to have friends my age, and Momma notices. She can always tell when I feel down.

"What's wrong, Small Lady?" she asks. I look up at Momma with sadness and ask her a genuine question.

"What's it like to have a friend like that?"

Momma exchanged a significant look with Papa. She pulls me into a hug and I cuddle in close to her, trying to became one with her loving warmth.

"You want a friend, don't you?" Momma says quietly. I nod. Momma takes hold of my chin and lifts my face to hers. She gives me that smile that always warms my heart and makes me feel better.

"One day, Small Lady, you will have lots of friends. Don't worry. That day is coming soon," she reassures.

"How do you know?" I ask wistfully. Sailor Venus winks.

"Your mom always knows!" I smile at Venus.

When breakfast was over, Momma, Papa, and I took a walk. It was sunny, and the sky was cloudless. The crystal towers of the city dazzle so brightly that you have to shield your eyes! Summer is coming, and the air smells fresh and alive with the sounds of birds singing sweetly. Soon I would be able to wear my red and white sailor fuku, which was short sleeved and made for warm days.

I hold hands with Momma and Papa, laughing delightedly at birds flying by and chipmunks that scamper away. Momma and Papa laugh along with me, delighting in my childish pleasure. A beautiful pink and red butterfly flies by and I point at it.

"Momma! Papa! Look at that butterfly!" I exclaim.

"It's beautiful!" Momma breathes, following its every move with her eyes.

"Those are my favorite colors," I state of its extravagant hue. The butterfly flies close to me, and Papa says to stay still. The butterfly lands on my nose, and I watch it with my eyes. Its wings flap slowly, and I have to fight hard to resist the urge to giggle. My nose suddenly itchs, and I sneeze. Momma and Papa laugh, and I rub my nose.

"It's gone," I sysadly.

"Don't worry, there's lots more!" Papa reassures I look up at him.

"Millions?" I press, wide eyed. Papa laughed his deep, rumbling laugh that Momma says she adores.

"Yes, and now that summer's coming you'll see even more," he answers.

"I want another to land on my nose!" I say, determined. Luna P floats up next to me and I smile at her. She's one of my friends, even though she isn't real. With her, I can communicate to Puu, cause Puu's got a connection with it. Momma says it was a gift from Puu when I was really little, although I don't remember it. Luna P's always been my friend since, and I can make her turn into anything I want.

"I think we should go back to the castle now," Momma says. "The meeting with the Council of Agriculture is in an hour." Momma has a slight edge of dislike in her voice. She doesn't really like having to sit in meetings for hours but it's her duty. Momma prefers being active.

"Moo," Papa chagrines, also with a tone of dislike. "Maybe we could skive off again."

"No, no, we did that last time, it'd be suspicious," Momma contradicts, shaking her head.

"But that was still fun," Papa croons seductively. He kisses Momma on the cheek and she giggles.

"Not now! Not in front of Small Lady!" she hisses. I shake my head. I never got why she would say that, because I have no clue what they're talking about. I've asked Momma why and she blushed, saying it was something I would know later, and I was much too young. I don't really care, and I'll wait until that time will come. I'm a good waiter, even Momma says so!

We went back into the palace, and Sailor Mercury came running to Momma and Papa, a look of distress and relief on her face.

"Thank goodness you're here, the Council arrived early and I had no clue where you were! I had to say-" Mercury babbled on and on and dragged Momma and Papa to the Meeting Room. One of my nurses, Keiko, came bustling over.

"Princess, there you are! I have strict orders that you are to stay in your room during the meeting!" she told me. I don't really like my nurses, Keiko and Cho, who are young but bossy. They are also maids, so at least I don't see them as often. They always tell me off when I'm bad.

"Keiko, I don't wanna stay in my room!" I complain, stamping my foot. Tears gather in my eyes. When I do that, Momma always gives in! She's says I'm completely spoiled, but hey, I'm the Princess and an only child! Who wouldn't? But the sniffling doesn't pull Keiko over.

"I want Momma!" Keiko grabs me by the arm and practically drags me to my room.

"I'm sorry, Small Lady, but an order is an order. Play or something!" She closes the door, locks me in, and hurries off to go clean.

"It's not fair!" I yell to the wall. Tears fall down my cheeks, staining them, and onto the floor. Luna P floats over to me and I hold onto her tightly, tears also falling onto her.

Why aren't I allowed in meetings? I hate being alone, locked in my room! That's the bad thing about being a Princess, is Royal Duties and the Kingdom come before you. Sometimes I wish I lived in a common family, not the Royal one. But, I can't change who I am.

I fall to the floor and cry myself to sleep.


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