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"Plagued By Nightmares"

Part 4 of 4: "Saved from Servitude"

"Pretty Princess Poppingold woke up!" he mocked, an evil grin on his face. I felt like slapping him, but the risk of punishment was too much.

"Why did you take me here? Where's Momma?" I tried to ask in a would-be-calm sort of voice. He gave a laugh that sounded more like a bark.

"Where's Momma?" he mimicked in a baby tone of voice. "You should hear yourself, Small Lady! But maybe I should show you how your dear mum is doing now, shall I?"

He waved his hand at the mirror and at once and it glittered with a green light, then showed Momma pushing me. The Senshi were screaming, and I watched, entranced, as I fell to the ground. The spear hit Momma, and upon going through her, her blood began splattering onto the ground.

"SERENITY!" Mars screamed, and Momma made no noise as she fell to the ground in a heap, the spear a few feet away. Suddenly, a green rope flew down to my unconscious body. It wrapped itself around me, and my body began flying up to the spaceship. The Senshi shot their powers uselessly at it, but it was to no avail. I disappeared inside the spaceship, and it disappeared. The Senshi had horrorstricken looks on their faces, staring at where I had disappeared from. They ran to Momma, and Papa picked up her limp form, not caring that he was beginning to get drenched in her blood. Mercury and the Senshi gathered round…they were shaking, fearing the worst. Mars was absently stroking Momma's bloody hand, not really seeing it. Mercury took her pulse desperately, then turned an ashen white.

"Oh God, no. NO!" she turned, shaking, to the others. "She's…gone…"

My heart dropped. Her words were greeted with screams, and I felt like doing the same, but held my ground, shaking and white. Being held captive did that to you. I felt as if I had suddenly matured in a matter of minutes, because I wasn't all-out sobbing like I normally would. No, I was totally numb, the waves of shock crashing over me.

Mars dropped Momma's hand and began shaking her furiously, tears running down her face as she sobbed heart-wrenchingly, hoping to bring her best friend back to the living. Jupiter beat the ground furiously, madly, screaming her lungs out. Mercury was sobbing uncontrollably into Venus's shoulder, who tried to comfort her, but still not being able to control herself as she sobbed too. Papa was ashen, pale, staring into Mama's face, tears running down his face and onto her.

I knew he must be dying inside, being ripped apart by sadness and guilt: he had always said she and I were his light, his means of being alive each day. We made him whole, wonderful; and we were both gone. I prayed he would do nothing drastic.

The mirror image went off, and its reflection went back to showing me. I stood there, gasping with my chest rising and falling like the ocean's surface. Breathing seemed to be difficult, and a well of horror and misery was building up inside me, ready to burst out in screams and tears. Death seemed to be looking at me in satisfaction, and anger flamed up inside the deep, chasming hole within.

"You…" Words failed me as I lunged at him, but he, being much stronger than I, flung me back onto the bed. I curled up in a ball, giving up, and began rocking back and forth crying. Momma was dead, never there for me anymore, never there when I was sad or needed her; not here for me now, or ever again.

"Why d-did you do it?" I sobbed out, looking at him angrily as tears coursed down my cheeks.

"With the Royal Family gone, Crystal Tokyo will be in complete chaos. I shall take over, and then the world will be mine, once I have the base!" He laughed.

"You'll never get Earth! The Sailor Guardians will kill you first, they've beat worse before, Papa says!" I yelled.

"They've beat worse before, Papa says," mimicked Death. I gave him a dirty look. "Small Lady, you are slowed by your childishness. Don't you know I would have gotten rid of them first? They shall come at my bidding, as a way to ransom for you. They shall come looking, then I will snatch them! I shall kill you in front of them, then I'll kill them!"

I paled at his words. So that's why he took me!

"You are a foul… heartless…" I grasped for words to express how I felt; how much fury I held in me. I just wanted to kill him. Never had I felt such hate, such animosity. I had never felt this way, ever. I wanted to watch him bleed as he made my mother bleed; wanted to plunge a dagger through his heart and feel the satisfaction of watching his life ebb away.

"What am I?" Death sneered, a look of loathing on his face. I mouthed swears wordlessly at him, but evidently he could tell what I was saying, for his sneer became more pronounced.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to say such things… what a dirty, dirty, bad mouth… but I suppose you get it from your mother-"

I lunged at him, fire flaring up in me as I ran. I began punching every part I could reach, but he lifted me up as if I were a rag doll, his clutch on my arms making me loose circulation. I screamed, flailing around in the air, unable to move my arms and kicking furiously. I couldn't feel; couldn't see with the tears filling my eyes and streaming out0. I gave a loud scream, and suddenly a new energy, a new power, went inside me, and a crescent moon appeared on my forehead.

"What's this?" Death cried, aghast. It began emitting strong bursts of energy, so strong that Death dropped me and was flung away. An energy barrier shielded me, all from the crescent moon so like Momma's on my forehead. I soon stopped crying, and the barrier began fading. I sniffled- Death had left the room; I was alone again. But it didn't matter anymore, nothing did. Undoubtedly the door was locked so as to permit my escape. I was so tired- it must be night. My eyes slowly closed and soon I was asleep.


My eyes flew open and I lurched up painfully- I was in the same place I had fallen asleep, on the floor. The door was on the ground in pieces, and many footsteps were sounding outside, heading towards my door. I scrambled under the bed, afraid.

"Small Lady! Small Lady, are you here?" a familiar woman's voice cried. I crawled out quickly.

"Sailor Mars!" I exclaimed. Mars, still a little teary-eyed, ran to me.

"Oh God, Small Lady, you're safe! We thought you were…"

She was unable to continue and a strange look appeared on her face. I crawled into her arms and hugged her tightly. She had a warmth about her, but her embrace was nothing like Momma's comforting one. My eyes glistened with the unshed tears forming again.

"Where's Death?" I inquired shakily.

"Jupiter dealt him a good one!" Venus said, laughing. I knew it wasn't a joyous laugh though, it was full of sadness and bitterness- I knew her all too well. The twinkling just didn't reach the red-rimmed blue eyes that had always seemed to bubble with happiness and giddiness.

"What have we here," a nasty voice jeered from behind. I gasped and Mars turned, pulling me closer and trying to shield me away from the prying eyes- Death stood standing in the doorway, bruised but undefeated.

"Not exactly what I planned, but still… I'll do you all in right now…" Death got in fighting stance. Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury moved in in front of Mars and me, also in fighting stance.

"Dream on," Jupiter growled, gritting her teeth as if trying to restrain herself from killing the man in front of her, ripping him shred to shred. But, to do that could be dangerous- he'd already killed Momma, she knew.

"To hell with it!" she suddenly exclaimed, letting lose the dam she had been holding up, blocking her rage. And running at Death, she gave him a good punch in the chest. He was unsteadied for a moment, but blasted energy at Jupiter and I watched as she was flung across the floor and landed in a heap. She lifted her head, weak but not about to give up so easily.

"Z'at all ya got?" she mumbled, words a bit slurred as a little blood trickled out of her mouth. She struggled to stand but fell again, shaking. Death turned away but wasn't fast enough.

"Venus Love-Me Chain!" Venus's Love-Me Chain encircled Death, and she pulled tighter than she normally did, undoubtedly wishing to hurt him. He cried out and fell to the floor, in a faint. Venus released the chain and a satisfied look was on her face.

"Bit weak, ain't he? And this is from some 'all-powerful' guy," she said. Mercury, on the other hand, looked a bit skeptical.

"I'm not sure Venus," she mumbled, moving closer to Death to check. Suddenly, a hand lurched out and grabbed Mercury's boot, turning her upside down as she screamed.

"Bit weak, are we? Or maybe gullible?" he laughed, shaking Mercury.

"Pervert!" Mars exclaimed, as Mercury's skirt flipped down reveallingly.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" Mercury cried, upside down. It hit Death in the chest, throwing him back. Mercury fell to the ground, unharmed. She stood up quickly.

"Don't underestimate us!"

"Don't underestimate ME!" he yelled, flinging energy in my direction.

"SMALL LADY!" Mars yelled, and she grabbed me up so I was under her arm and ran, the other Senshi following suit. A large blast shook the ground, and when the dust cleared a very big hole was right where I had been standing, watching the ensuing battle.

Death panted, an evil, maniac look in his eyes. He flung another energy ball and we weren't quick enough- as Mars ran, it struck her foot and she skidded across the ground, me below her. I cried out, my face bloody as it was scraped across the distance we skidded. God, it hurt like hell!

"OH MY GOD! SMALL LADY, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Mars screamed, shaking me as I fought for consciousness. The world seemed to be fading in and out as Mars' face swam in and out of focus, sometimes growing black. I felt blood in my mouth, I coughed and some came up, splattering onto Mars, who didn't seem to care. All I saw was fear and concern in her face. Vaguely I heard Death say: "You'll be next!", then felt myself being lifted up. Mars was holding me close, and I heard her say to the Sesnhi:

"Guard me, and send me some of your power." She touched my face with a warm hand and began to chant under her breath.

"Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars! Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter!" she repeated, over and over. I also heard the other Senshi shouting:

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" An energy barrier of all their respected planetary colors formed around us, and I heard Death yelling and sending useless power rebounding off it.

Things became clearer and more distinct, and I opened my eyes wider. New energy was filling me, an alignment of Planet Power, filling my weakness with power. Mars put me down, looking a little weak but none the less relieved. I stood up, no longer jelly-legged. I felt stronger.

The Senshi smiled at me, though it looked a little like grimaces, as their power level was going down. Death, on the other hand, was as strong as ever.

If only…if only I could help

That strange new energy filled me, and a crescent moon flickered upon my forehead- the Senshi looked amazed and astonished. As if knowing what to do, I scrunched my face as if in thought and the power rushed to the crescent moon, me gathering it. Strange, powerful blasts of energy began bursting out from it, and my knees felt like jelly again as I grew weak, but still holding on till the end. The power bursts went through the barrier, hitting Death who yelled in pain. Each ray blasted a hole through him. Everywhere one fell, a chasm formed, such was the enormity of the power. The Senshi were amazed.

I cried out, on my knees, still not willing to give up and give in to the blackness fogging the edges of my brain, making it hard to think and see. I was so tired, but I knew I was defeating Death. Little by little, I was doing it.

I wish Momma could see me now…

The Senshi aimed their powers at him at the right moment. But, my power level grew weak, flickered, and died. I collapsed to the ground, but not before seeing a beautiful, bright white light form before my eyes.

A familiar warmth…

A figure formed, so familiar….but no, it couldn't be…. I couldn't think anymore, and gave in to the blackness.


I opened my eyes to see two crystalline blue ones looking back at me. My gaze took in every inch of the face- the two blonde odango crowned upon a golden head, a young, vibrant face, and a smile I knew so well.

"M-Momma?" I asked, voice shaking. The smile became wider.

"It's me, Small Lady," she replied.

"F-for real?" I asked in the same shaky voice. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This has to be Heaven, I thought. Momma laughed.

"For real," she repeated reassuringly. She reached down and stroked my face with a very solid, warm hand. Yep, she was real!

"But…how? You…you died…" I said, unbelieving. I looked around at the other Senshi and Papa in the room, who were smiling joyously.

"I did," Momma said, smiling widely.

"But how-?"

"Ah, Small Lady, let me tell what happened!" Momma whined playfully. "Hush, my dearest child!" I nodded, eager to hear just how this miracle had occurred. Momma began her story.

"After I pushed you out of the way, Small Lady, the spear hit me. You may not know; you blacked out. It was so painful, but quick. There wasn't tons of suffering. I fell to the ground, and knew no more.

"Now, I was in this dark void, floating. I knew nothing- not who I was, where I was, or anything. I hadn't a clue what happened; I didn't even know you! Suddenly, a bright white light engulfed me. All memories came back, and I was terrified for you. I felt your presence in the light, and knew you were causing it. You needed me, and you were in trouble. I sensed your power slipping, and knew wherever you were, I needed to be. I focused all my energy to getting to you, and that light transported me there. Immediately, the first thing I saw was the fight. You were unconscious, though at the time I feared you were dead. The Senshi were fighting, also weak, and I knew they would not prevail against Death. My powers came back, and I defeated Death with the Silver Crystal. He is gone now. We, that is to say, the Senshi and I, teleported back to the palace, with you. Fortunately, Mercury said you were not dead, but unconscious. I can't tell you how relieved I was, Small Lady," Momma finished, and the relief still shown on her face.

"Why didn't you die, Momma?" I questioned, utterly perplexed. "I saw Mercury telling the others you were gone, because Death showed me to taunt me."

"Sailor Pluto told me the answer to that," Momma answered.

"Puu came here! Oh, where is she now?" I cried. I hadn't seen my Time Senshi companion for a while now. She was just as lonely as I was, and when we had met, we became fast friends. However, the downside to the relationship was that she was always away and busy.

"Sadly, Pluto had to go back to the Time Gate, but she explained a few things to me first," Momma said, glancing around.

"Serenity, go on!" Mars said eagerly.

"Well, Pluto told me that this was foretold- I had to die in order for Small Lady to get her powers-"

"I have powers!" I cut through her, amazed.

"Yes, your powers have begun to awaken. Soon, they will reach full potential, and more will happen, I promise you. However, I cannot tell you this now; not until then.

"As I was saying, tonight was foretold that I should die that you get your powers from the Senshi when they send their powers within you to save you from death. The Planet Power will align, and create your power. But, as Pluto said to me, I was to come alive again through your first using of your power. This was just a little of it, and I must say, I'm amazed. You will be even more powerful than me one day!" Momma said to me proudly. I beamed.

"Your power saved me, baby. Thank you," Momma said, and I hugged her. Things were looking bright for me and my family and friends, bright indeed. Bright as my future was going to be!



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