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Naruko thought

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A nineteen year-old was sitting in her office doing some paperwork. She had golden blond hair, her hair was pulled into a ponytail that reached her lower back, she had those beautiful sky blue eyes. Her whiskers marks were gone because she had absorbed all of Kyubi chakra.

She was wearing a white spaghetti top with a lightening symbol on the back and a white country skirt. She had white gloves and sandals also around her neck she had a necklace which was worn by the first and the latest Hokage of Konoha. Her Hitai was a on her right arm.

She was very upset with the council because theyhad decided that her and Sasuke should help Konaha against the sound.

I can't believe that it's been 7 years since I was exile and now the council wants me to go back and help Konoha with their war with Orochimaru.


After Sasuke betrayed the village, Tsunade was forced to exile her little demon girl.

In the village a 12 year-old girl in an orange jump-suit with short golden hair and three whiskers marks on her cheeks was running, with her bag pack on her back. She was crying because she was betrayed by the only person she could call a mother. She never cared about me. She just like the others, she thinks am the demon. Lost in her thought, she was long gone from the village she used to call home.

When she stops running she notices, that she was in the Valley of the End. Where she fought against Sasuke. Memory of the Chirodi transpiercing her chest kept coming back to her. Till, she heard footsteps.

"Who are you." She asks she wasn't afraid. Ok maybe a little afraid because it might be some Anbu that the village sent after her.

"So they kick you out of the village Naru-chan, I wonder why is it because you didn't bring me back to that pitiful village." She turned around to see her best friend Sasuke. He was wearing a navy blue dress shirt and a classy black pant.

Sasuke notice that Naruko eyes weren't warm and cheerful, they have lost their cheerfulness and their determination. She came next to him and gave him a slap on his face. "It your fault, they kick me out, because because……" She started to punch him. And every blow was harder than the previous and tears were falling.

"You are still an arrogant bastard. To tell you the truth I think they were waiting for me to mess up. You should have seen Kakashi-san when he heard that his precious Sasuke left. And Sakura I heard she almost kill me during my sleep. Not one of my teammates came to see me when I was in the hospital. They never care for me, neither them nor Tsunade. I was nothing to them."

And she was sobbing; she thought that she was useless to the people that were precious to her. They had turned their back on her. She felt all those emotions growing in her, she felt sick . She held herself on the ground and cried her heart out. Sasuke wasn't the kind of guy to give hug but this was a person, which he cared about even though she was an annoying, loudmouth pretty girl.

Without even thinking he held her, just like he was held by his mother when he was young. "It's ok to cry Naruko. Maybe one day they need your help for something. You should come with me and my sensei." She got out of his hold and shook her head and her tears were still falling.

"No way I am going with you and Orochimaru, HELL NO." Sasuke smirked even thought they kick her out she was still loyal to them. "Don't worry about Orochimaru, after are little fight Kirin-sensei find me and took off my curse seal. See." He showed her the place where his curse seal used to be. They were no curse seal.

"Wow, If she took out this curse seal of yours she must be good."

"You right Naruko, Am I just as good as a Sannin of Konoha." Said a tall brunette.

"You look so much like her." Said Naruko. She was right Kirin look like she was Tsunade twin sister, but instead of having blonde hair, she had dark brown.

End of The Flashback

She heard a knock on her door and ayoung man around her age enter.He was wearing a navy blue bandana; you couldn't see the color of his hair. He had a white shirt with the symbol of the village on his back, he was wearing navy blue baggy pants with 4 pockets and navy blue sandals. He smiled at her and said.

"Yondaime-sama, everything is ready. The council had sent a massager to Konoha

to informthem of are arrival."

"Sasu no need to be formal with me. I am your wife after all." She smiled. Her and Sasuke had been married for almost a year now. He had change the most he wasn't an avenger anymore, he quit going after Itachi after he started going out with Naruko. He was more thinking about having children to revive his clan. He was more sociable, he was the opposite of the young Sasuke.

"Sorry Naru I'm still use to call by your title." It's been more than 2 years since she was announced Yondaime of the Lightening country. He leaned down and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

"You know we have to go. Konaha is expecting us in two days." She stood up and put his hand in hers. She was shaking, she was afraid, she was mad and she didn't want to go.

"Don't worry everything is going to be fine. They don't know who we are." He leaned down gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"I wish you right Sasu." She said. As they walk out of her office.

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