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Naruko was panicking, how she could not have felt Orochimaru chakra the man was a sannin. She should have felt him or maybe her element would have told her. She was approaching the older man that had alerted her and asked him if he was positive of what his vision showed him. "Seiya are you sure that he is an hour away, he could be a day, or a week away from Konoha. "

The man was sweating a lot he didn't want to disappoint his Yondaime and he knew what would happen to him if he didn't have a precise answer.

"Hmm I'm n..ot s.ur.e Yondaime-sama all I saw in my vision was the number one and a surprise attack." He stuttered and slowly back away from the fuming blonde. He and the rest of the people that knew Naruko knew that she had a short temper when she was in a stressful situation because she destroyed everything in her path.

Naruko was taking deep breath like her psychiatric asked her to do when she wanted to destroyed something or someone. It true she was mad that Seiya didn't have a precise vision, but it wasn't his fault. It's not his fault, it isn't his fault. She kept repeating to herself.

The Konoha-nin and their villager thought that Naruko was going to kill the young man or even injured the man, but they were all surprised when she didn't do anything, instead she smiled and said "Thank you, Seiya for this information."

Most of the people were shocked they really thought that Seiya was going to have a beating of a lifetime even Seiya thought it was the end for him with great gratitude he bowed and left as fast as possible. No he wasn't afraid of Naruko, she was a nice, had confidence in everyone, she thought everyone in the village of the Lightening as her equal and had a heart of gold, but when she was mad or in a stressful situation she was just an other person that's why she had a psychiatric to help her control that other side of her.

Sasuke put his arm around her waist and said "Thank kami that you have a good psychiatric because the old you would of…" Sasuke didn't finish his sentence since Naruko give him one of her famous punch on the face breaking his mask plus he was sent flying a go 10 miles away from her. "Baka." She whispered. It true Sasuke was more sociable but sometimes he could get on her nerves. Sasuke wasn't as dark as before, he spoke more than a sentence now.

To have more information about the whereabouts of Orochimaru Naruko decided to visit her element Wind. The wind started to blow very hard and everyone had to attach themselves with something. Suddenly Naruko was elevating and her eyes became transparent and in a second she disappeared.

"WOW Naruko-neesan has to teach me that move it so cool."The chunnin Konomaru said.

Naruko and Wind

When Naruko arrived in the other dimension she saw Wind picking up flowers, but the little girl with white hair stopped when she felt Naruko approaching her. Wind ran at Naruko and gave her a big hug.

"Neesan you came to play with me how nice of you, how's Sasuke-nisan and the twin. Are they coming to?" The little looked around Naruko and put a disappointed face; she knew that her neesan didn't come to play with her however she had a little hope.

"Sorry, Wind but I'm not here to play with you. I just want to know if you knew where Orochimaru was." Naruko did felt sorry for Wind but she promised herself that next time she'll come; Wind could play with the twin. The little girl sat down and pouted.

"I won't tell you, if you don't tell me why you are helping those that were so cruel to you? Wind knew that Naruko didn't have an answered for this question since she knew Naruko to well. "I don't know." She responded. "Then I won't tell you and since you have no idea come and do my hair please." Wind gave her the puppy eyes how could she refuse but she was still thinking about why she was helping those fools.

Back to the others

Nobody had noticed but Sakura had disappeared to follow Sasuke. She actually surprised to see that he was a good distance away from the others. She also has super strength like me and Tsunade-sensei. She could even be stronger than me. Nah it's just a lucky punch.

Sasuke was a little dizzy, he was a little mad at Naruko she didn't have to hit me so hard it was a joke and she the one always telling to be more funny. Man that punch actually hurt. He was going to heal himself, but Sakura heal him instead. "Thanks." He said. He was surprised to see her healing him he thought it was Naruko since she was the one that gave him this small bruise and came to ask for forgiveness.

Sakura was in paradise she was healing her precious Sasuke-kun. She was going to have him back. He'll be with her forever even if she had to sell her soul to the devil. She had an evil smile on her face and Sasuke noticed so he decided to leave her there and with a poof he disappeared. When Sakura noticed she all alone she screamed "Sasuke-kun wait for me."

When Sasuke arrived he noticed that Naruko was gone and that Tsunade was ordering the villagers to evacuate. He also noticed that the rookie 9 and Gai team were looking at him strangely. He approached them, but he was really surprised when he felt a powerful killing intent coming from Neji and Kiba. "What are doing here traitor." Neji asked. He was really pissed when he heard that Naruko was married to that jerk, the one who tried to kill her. He knew deep down that Naruko always had a crush on the famous Uchiha Sasuke; nevertheless he thought that the flame was gone when Sasuke attempted to kill her. It's true at first Naruko couldn't stand Sasuke anymore but an event happen and brought them together.

"Hn" Sasuke snorted what was Neji talking about? He didn't go to Orochimaru therefore he wasn't talking to him but he still didn't come back to Konoha consequently for them he was still a traitor.

"He's talking to you." Kiba yelled after all these years Kiba was still as loud as ever.

Sasuke didn't respond he just passed by Kiba and Neji like they were nothing and approached Hinata and Ino. "Naruko really missed you guys." He was about to leave when Hinata said "By coming back you just signed you death penalty." "I know." He responded and walked toward his people.

Hinata and Ino looked at each other, Naruko was their best friend along with Sakura but after Naruko left everything changed Sakura no longer talk to them and Hinata was being train by her dad plus Ino was starting to take her career seriously. Hinata and Ino still kept in touch but they couldn't stand Sakura anymore like most of their good friends. They had lost also their respect for the Hatake Kakashi speaking of the devil here he comes.

Kakashi had know that Sasuke and Naruko were coming back, but his was afraid to see his students especially Naruko the way he had treated her was unforgivable. He was no longer respected by his good comrades and their students. He had failed as a teacher and he knew that. He saw Sasuke talking to some Lightening ninja, but he couldn't find Naruko Maybe she didn't come. He thought he also noticed that all the villagers were evacuating. He was about to approached Tsunade when an Anbu call him. "Hatake-san we need help to evacuate the villagers as fast as possible."

"Hai" And he went to help.

Fifteen minutes had passed and Naruko hadn't arrived yet. The villagers were already gone they were only waiting for the Yondaime of the Lightening and some people were getting impatient "What talking her so long." Her husband said.

Back to Naruko and Wind

Naruko was losing her patience, since she broke the comb in two pieces and she had already finished doing Wind hair.

"Tell me where's Orochimaru." She shouted.

"Why?" the little girl asked. Naruko was about to respond but Wind cut her off. "Why do you help them? Does who were so cruel to you?" Naruko was shocked; she didn't know what to say. Why was she helping them? "Because… because they are people that are precious to me and I don't want them to die especially if I have the power to help them." Wind smiled at her, she knew that Naruko had a big heart but by helping them Naruko will lose someone that is precious to her.

"He's doing an underground attack. He sent about 5 thousands men, but he's not with them he is a month away from Konoha. His men will attack in about 45 minutes, they going to use the tunnel that reaches the Hokage tower." Wind said. She said a few word in a strange language and changed the color of Naruko outfit which now consists of a stylized pink martial arts outfit with white trim and a matching brief. The Lightening symbol is emblazoned on the back. Below the waist, this outfit tapers off to a loincloth-type arrangement that leaves the sides of her legs exposed. She was also wearing boots and white thigh high stockings with the outfit. She wore both shin guards and forearm guards. (KASUMI outfit in dead or alive)

She was also holding her bow and had arrows on her back. "Pink is so much better than blue." Wind said while she was approaching Naruko. She touched the Yondaime stomach and whispered." She might not have a father at the end of this war." She sighed and made Naruko disappeared, but Naruko heard every word.

Back to the others

Everyone was trying to figure out a strategy for all the possibilities attack Orochimaru could make.

As Shikamaru said it might be an underground attack that when Naruko appeared next to Sasuke. Most of the guys had a nosebleed and one pink girl was sending death glared at her because Naruko outfit was really revealing her assets. She told them is was going to be an underground attack and they had less than 40 minutes to have a good strategy and have more than 10 thousands ninjas to fight if they wanted to win this battle. The Lightening ninjas had send 15 000 ninjas and Konoha had 50 000 ninjas in upper Chunnin Level. Tsunade had sent the genins with the villagers to make sure they were safe.

Naruko took Sasuke away from everyone and told him what Wind told her. Naruko held him and sobbed into his shirt.

"I don't want to lose you Sasuke, please… for the baby go back home." He held her tighter and whispered "I'm sorry but I can't. I have to face justice even if it kills me." He felt her stiffen however he could still feel her cry. She tried to push herself away from him but she was still wrapped in his warm arms. He lifted her chin up to make her looked at him. He noticed that Naruko had tears forming on the rims of her eyes and he knew why.

They were going to have a third child and his daughter might never know her own father. "I'm sorry." He said and gave her kissed on the lips but she didn't respond. It felt like his was kissing a statue. When he was done, she just left him without saying a word. Tsunade, the rookie 9 except for Sakura and Gai team were looking for Naruko and Sasuke and they heard all the conversation between them. They felt sorry for Naruko given that she was going to suffer again and it was going to be Konoha fault.

They still had 20 minutes before the attack so all the ninja got themselves in place except for Naruko who was on top of the Yondaime head with her bow next to her. She sensed a present behind her. "What do you want Tsunade?" Her mother had a smiled on her face, her daughter had felt her and she just came here a second ago. "I wanted to talk to you." She said, but continued when she had no replied from Naruko. "Thanks for coming here me and the rest of the village really appreciate your help."

"Whatever." There was a long moment of silence when Naruko inquired. "Who was my father?" Tsunade was a little bit surprise by this question but responded. "He was about ten years younger than me, it's because of him I stayed in Konoha but when he died I couldn't stay so I left his name was Arashi Kazama he was the Fourth Hokage." Tsunade thought that she will get a reaction from Naruko but Naruko didn't show any emotion instead she shouted.

"I knew it, this village really has something against me, first my dad sealed a demon inside of me, and then my mother abandon's me, after that I'm the most hated person in Konoha, then I get exile by my own mother and finally my husband is going to have a death penalty because he betrayed this filthy village." She put herself up and was about to leave when she heard Tsunade said. "I'm sorry Naruko." "It's too late for forgiveness." She left without even looking back.

No one knew that Naruko put a portal in the tower to transport haft of Orochimaru army outside the gates were she'll be waiting. She prepared herself she had a good distance with the second portal and made a thousand of kage bunshin of herself and surrounded the entrance. She place her feet comfortably apart and point them at right angles to the shooting direction. She held her the bow grip with her left hand.

Naruko fitted the arrow into the bowstring, rested it on the left side of the bow and raised the bow to a vertical position. "5". She channeled some chakra into the wooden arrow. "4" The bowstring was drawn back with the middle three fingers of the right hand, that kept the arrow between the first and second fingers. "3". She turned her head to face the portal. Her right elbow stayed high, on a line with the arrow, which was drawn back the target. "2"At full draw, the string touched her chin. "1". She noticed that all her clones had the same position"0". The portal unlocked itself an army of men came out looking really confused and heard someone shouted.


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