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Dorm Rules- Chapter Twelve

Cloud kissed him hotly in return.

enjoying having the man in his arms, zack tightened the embrace.


That evening rolled around by quicker than leon expected. He was sitting at the bar, wearing his usual attire, tight fitting leather pants and a skin tight white tee, he sighed as he waited for cloud.

Cloud showed up in small heeled shoes, a simple dark blue sundress that actually worked well with his slender body, and smiled as he made his way toward Leon.

Leon looked over to him, blinking as he looked at the man. his eyes glued to the slender mans frame, he quickly looked away "hey." he greeted. "...sorry, i already started without you." he gestured at his drink.

Cloud shrugged a shoulder, taking a seat beside him at the bar. "That's fine." He ordered a rum and coke before turning to Leon. "You look good."

"..thanks,...so do you." he complimented. he swished the liquid in the glass up, mixing the tequila with the pineapple juice better. "so..." he looked at him again unable to keep himself from staring at the blond.

"I figured... we needed to talk... We shouldn't end things... poorly."

Licking his lips, Leon sighed heavily. "I agree that things shouldn't end on bad terms." he whispered

"Well, I'm yours for the moment. What ever you want to do," Cloud replied, the soft touch of make-up he'd applied making his blue eyes stand out.

Leon looked at him carefully. "What do you want to do?" he asked.

Cloud smiled. "This is our last day to do anything that was missed out on due to the break-up... so the sky's the limit."

"Yes...and im asking you what you want." he whispered

"I want... to enjoy everything. I guess... like a date."

Leon looked down. "then if...it's like a date... i can touch you?...and have you not flinch?"

Cloud nodded. "Yes."

He turned and reached out gently caressing clouds cheek. a gentle smile on his lips as he leaned close, pressing his lips against clouds.

hoping to get a reaction from him.

Cloud closed his eyes, returned the kiss, a hint of passion behind the return touch of lips.

feeling that little flicker, leon continued kissing him, his tongue rubbing against clouds passionately

Cloud moaned, his tongue flicking out to caress over Leon's lips.

leon groaned, watching him wantonly. he suddenly just grabbed ahold of him, pulling him close, pouring as much passion, lust and love into the kiss

Cloud gasped, whimpering, even as his arms wound around his neck and returned the kiss, just as passionately.

the brunette shifted groaning, surprised by the response as well as pleased by it. he wrapped his arms around cloud holding him closely. "cloud.." he whispered heavily. nipping at his bottom lip.

"Leon," he murmured, back, gasping at the feel of his teeth on his lower lip.

pulling away slightly he tugged on clouds bottom lip. looking away he took a sip of his drink, a faint blush on his cheeks.

Cloud flushed as well, moving to sip his drink. "You've got several females panting after that..." he murmured.

'I do not," he murmured softly.

"Look," he murmured, not lying. Cloud looked and dressed like a woman... and other women were drooling after that very public, very amazing kiss.

Leon looked around, flushing more w hen he realized that they were being stared at. he turned back around. "damn."

"Told you."

"Yeah...well. " he laughed softly looking at him. "it doesn't bother me. let them drool." he ordered another drink, his hand gently moving to clouds, his fingers interlocking with the blonds

Cloud smiled, holding hands with him, even as he still nursed the drink he'd first ordered.

"Can...can i..." he looked nervous and shook his head.

Cloud squeezed his hand. "This is our night, Leon. Whatever you want..."

he slid off the stool, paying for both their drinks. "come on then." he whispered softly, gently leading cloud out of there.

Cloud nodded, keeping his hand in his, letting him lead the way.

walking hand in hand, leon took cloud to new house, and led him up to the extravagent bedroom he had, adorned with red silk sheets. he gently lifted cloud up and laid him on the bed, before climbing ontop of him, kissing him sweetly.

Cloud whimpered, even as he couldn't help but moan and return the kiss.

his fingers crept up clouds legs moaning, just massaging the blondes legs. he teasingly glided his tongue along the mans lips.

Cloud had shaved and made certain he fit the look of a woman perfectly, although his body was most certainly not female.

"cloud." he whispered huskily. he pulled away a little bit sliding his shirt off. he slowly removed clouds dress, carefully placing it in a chair, before grabbing a bottle of warm massaging oil, he slid his pants off, and poured the oil over clouds body once they were both nude. he slowly began kneading at his body workinig out any knots.

Cloud couldn't help but gasp, enjoying the feeling of his hands over his body.

kissing the back of clouds ears. leon paused in the massage. he looked down at him, his expression, filled with love as he pressed his lips against his ex's kissing him deeply.

Cloud whimpered, kissing back just as deeply as he ran his tongue along his lips.

"nng god.." he slid inbetween clouds legs, eagerly. slick with the oil as well he slid his length inside cloud, shivering and crying out hotly, he threw his head back. "..ti..tight.."

Cloud couldn't help but whimper and tremble as he felt the length slide up into his body. "M... M... Mm... Leon...!"

Gasping, leon began moving his hips, hitting clouds prostate right from the start. "can it be...all night long?" he whispered softly, a few tears hitting clouds shoulder

"Yes... until morning," he murmured, his voice soft.

"okay.." he whispered the tears falling more rapidly as he made love to him.

Cloud couldn't help but pant, whimpering heavily, even as his own tears pooled and spilled over.


Morning came, and Leon had just finished up their final round of love making. He pulled out shaking, and breathing heavily.

Cloud shivered, his body trembling from an almost non-stop session of love making.

Leon gently, brushed hair out of clouds face, looking at him, trying to catch his breath. he trailed his fingers along the mans supple curves.

"I think... I've died..." he murmured.

leon blinked. "...why do you think you've died?" he asked softly

"I can't move..."

"then dont." he whispered

"I have to... I'm sooo sticky..."

he laughed and helped him up, to the shower.

Cloud sighed. That was a much better good bye... he just couldn't believe how much Leon could keep going.

washing the blonde up, getting all the stickiness off of him. leon then washed himself up. but before he got out of the shower he hugged cloud close. wrapping his arms around the man. "i'll always love you." he whispered he kissed his cheek before helping him up, get dried and dressed.

"do you want to go home?" leon asked softly. "or do you want to sleep a little before leaving?"

"I should head home. I'm certain he's worried... even if he was all right with this."

leon nodded and took him to the hotel...

Zack was fast asleep in the bed, obviously watching t.v. all night since he was sleeping the opposite way, and the t.v. was loudly blaring.he had clothes neatly folded, and put away, freshly washed.

Cloud walked in and moved to change, caressing Zack's cheek softly.

"smell good." he murmured, his eyes slowly opening. he turned the t.v. off. and looked at the time. "...how long have you been back?" he asked 'i'm sorry.. i got a little tired and fell asleep but i ...tried to wait up for you.. i only made it to, midnight though." he smiled warmly 'so...fill me in.. are you happier?"

Cloud stroked over his cheek. "I got home this morning... and I feel much better... like a weight is off my chest. I got... to say good bye... in a nicer way."

"That's good.." zack said softly, turning his head he bit clouds fingers gently. "get some sleep." he whispered "you look tired."

Cloud nodded. "I really... should change... you don't need me in a dress..."

"i wasn't even paying attention." he mumbled

Cloud laughed. "I remember... that's why I'm gonna change."

zack nodded. his eyes drooping again. he had actually stayed up until 4 in the morning, waiting for him...but he wouldn't let him know that.. or that he was worried...and scared..that maybe he had done the wrong thing. he just nuzzled into his pillow yawning.

Cloud changed out of the dress and moved over to the bed, moving over to his lover and kissed him softly. "I'm sorry, Zack," he whispered, hugging him close.

zack kissed him back "for what?" he whispered as he hugged cloud back

"I know... I must have worried you terribly... and scared you... leaving you uncertain with that the morning would bring.

Zack smiled at him "I believe in you." he whispered "I wasn't worried, your so silly." he said softly

Cloud smiled, kissing Zack softly. "It let me have closure... to what had been a messy past... but... it also reminded me that I love you... more than I can ever show you."

Zack looked confused. "How could it remind you of me?"

"Because... while I won't lie and say what went one wasn't good... it wasn't you..."

Zack just looked at him. "So..i'm better in bed than he is or something??"

Cloud sighed, looking away. "That... wasn't it... " he murmured, even as he moved to curl up on the bed. damn it... he shouldn't have done it. He should have shouldered that weight and said nothing. Now... he was hurting his boyfriend instead of himself.

zack grabbed him and made him look at him "talk to me damn it. im not upset. what did that comment mean?"

"He just... wasn't you... his touch didn't disgust me... but it didn't make me feel like I was going to implode from just one touch either... not like yours does."

"Because your not in love anymore, im sure he probably wasn't as intimate as he use to be with you...or as passionate."

"I can't speak for him."

"I mean.." zack sighed "thats not what i meant. i meant .. nevermind."

"Tell me," Cloud murmured, looking at him.

"i meant did you feel...the way he treated you last night...was how he treated you...before you ended things?"

Cloud thought about it. "No."

"why no?"

"It was different from what used to go on."

'ok.." zack sighed he snuggled in the covers

"I just know... I love you... I want you... I want to be yours and yours alone..."

zack smiled "i love you too baby."

Cloud turned, moving to cuddle against him.

zack cuddled with him. he sighed heavily

Cloud yawned softly, but he kissed his jaw. "You okay?"

"Cloud...what do you think our relationship is based on?" he asked softly

Cloud looked down at him, meeting his eyes. "Love... isn't it? I mean, don't get me wrong... the love making is hot and amazing... but... if you decided you never wanted sex again... I'd be okay with it... as long as you were willing to hold me at night. I want... to be with you... be here for you... help you... through the good times and the bad..."

he smiled warmly holding cloud close 'nevermind t hen. you told me what i wanted to hear."

Cloud smiled, kissing him softly. "What... about you?" he asked, wondering what he'd say."

"Love, of course. but honestly I want to cut back on the love making, and random spurts of sex. here there, everywhere. To me...i feel like that's all we're doing. yes, we know we love one another, but. we really dont know each other well...at all. i dont even know your last name, and you dont know mine...how weird is that?"

"I know yours, Zack," Cloud answered, even as he had no problem in cutting back on the sex.

Zack blinked "not my point ...well. it is.. i dont know. forget im talking. it's nothing"

"All right... just remember this... I love you Zack Fair. I want to be with you through good times and bad... no matter what life brings our way." That said, he kissed him softly, cuddling against him.

"I love you too snuggle poo., believe me.." he held him tightly. "you mean the world to me." he kissed clouds neck. "your last name is Strife...isn't it?"

Cloud nodded, his eyes closed. "Yes."

"cute... it suits you" he whispered cuddling with him. before biting his ear

Cloud gasped, pressing against his lover.

zack chuckled "i think i'll hold back on that...cutting the sex back...speach." he murmured thickly.

Cloud raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Zack sighed "I mean...that i ...want to..." he rolled over

"that i wanted to make...love." he whispered "but your worn out...obviously so i'll let you sleep."

Cloud smiled, even as he reached out and pulled Zack on top of him. "I'm not that tired, Zack."

"i am..." zack muttered softly

Cloud smiled, kissing his nose. "Then we sleep. You don't have to do anything... just hold me," Cloud told him, even as he moved and cuddled up against him.

zack wrapped his arm around cloud, holding him, just looking at the younger man.

Cloud smiled, kissing his cheek once more and closing his eyes, drifting off.

once he was sure cloud was sound asleep, he slipped out of the bed, putting a pillow in his place. he went and took a long...hot shower. glad...he let cloud have that one last night with leon, but he began to wonder if it'd lead to more than that.

Cloud shifted in his sleep, trying to move closer to his lovers warmth.

Finishing his shower, zack went into the room and dressed. leaving a note on the nightstand addressed to his lover.

Cloud awoke a couple hours later, sitting up and looking around. "Zack?" he called, looking around. Instead of his lover, he found a note, worry beginning to creep up.

"Mornin' Sleepin' beauty" the note read "I'm sorry, but there's a few errands I have to run. As well as do a little shopping. Laundry is getting on my nerves...I'll see you..tonight."

Cloud sighed and sat back, feeling a bit better know Zack hadn't just decided to walk away. He called and ordered room service before settling back on the bed.

Zack went to the bank, checking just how much money he had in his account. Smiling when it was enough to make due for awhile, the money from the accident helped him tremendously. He went to the mall picking up a few outfits, and actually left one of the stores wearing his favorite. A pair of black pants that were fitted him how he liked, and a dark blue sleeveless turtleneck. After that he went to the store, picking up a few groceries...then went back to the hotel. When he got in, he put the groceries in the mini fridge. and laid his bags by his side of the bed. "Have you finished your classes?" he asked

Cloud nodded. "Yes. I finished everything when I first was told what all would be needed."

Zack smiled "that's good." he said softly. "i think i may get enrolled in classes." he said softly. wondering how cloud would take it.

"i dont have the money to,...so i was debating on whether or not to join the...service."

Cloud watched him. While his heart suddenly slowed at the thought of Zack possibly away from him for a long time and in danger... he knew he had no say. "That's a decision you have to make. I mean, what classes were you thinking about taking?"

"Mechanics." Zack said softly as he sat down "I have always enjoyed working on vechicles, and such. However to get the job I want i'm required to have college education. and unfortunately i've been slacking in that." he shrugged "I never really cared until recently. I feel...like im going no where with my life. And i can't get fiancial aid, i make too much to qualify for it." he looked down "that only left the service option. They'll pay for my schooling, and I get ridiciously sweet benefits."

"What about your share of the money from the accident? Won't what cover your college?"

"...It'd probably wipe me clean." he whispered

"But we'd have the bar... so you wouldn't be broke..."

"that's yours."

Inward, Cloud winced. The bar had been theirs before the accident. "I see... well... if that's what you want to do... the service and school... then you should do it."

"Say it. " zack whispered "i can tell in your tone...that's your not thrilled."

Cloud looked at him. "That you could end up going away for a long time because of the service... no... I'm not. But I love you... and the final decision is yours."

Zack looked at him. "It'd hurt me too if im away from you long periods of time." he said softly "but im also looking at not only my future, but our future...together. I want us to be able to live comfortably. and not completely rely on the bar to make fianances meet"

"That's why I said do what you want."

"but you say it so non chalantly." zack searched cloud's face, for any emotion the blonde was with holding from him.

Cloud felt the tears he was holding back begin to fill his eyes. "What? You want me to say don't go? Don't chose that path... we'll do something else... anything as long... as we're together! I want to say it... but it isn't my choice... Zack... if I tell you what to do... you could resent me for it later... and I don't want that... I love you too much!"

The man looked hurt. "I wanted you to say something supportive." he whispered "i wasn't expecting you to beg me to stay. I'm aware it's my choice...and I thought it was a damn good...decision. i wanted to hear you say that you'd accompany me on base." he looked away "but i also know, you'd never leave this town."

Cloud swallowed. "I am supportive... but I want... to rebuild the bar... Zack... I can't run it if I'm with you... and the military frowns on homosexuality."

Zack winced, flinching visably. "Then...I guess I wont do it."

"But you can do it... as long as I stay here Zack. I want you to follow your dream... no matter where it takes you... and I'll... stay here... waiting for you... love."

Zack looked at him. "Then, you follow yours...I'll follow mine." he whispered "but know, and realize...i love you."

"Just because we'll be apart doesn't mean we don't love one another. We can still stay together. It would merely just mean we wait till we can be together again."

"In a hopeless romantics eyes, nothing could ever seperate us." he whispered "and being the hopeless romantic, i believe that."

"I'll be at Seventh Heaven when you return... waiting. I hope you know that. You're the only one I want to with Zack. So no matter how long we're apart... it will only make our reunion that much better."

Zack chuckled and kissed him gently. gently caressing clouds cheek. "do what you have to...until then." he whispered softly."dont...depress yourself."

Cloud shook his head. "I want a date before you disappear... and I want us to take pictures."

zack laughed "i plan on making memories,." he chimed holding cloud close. he kissed the blondes neck. "mmmm you haven't even commented on my new outfit."

Cloud sighed, enjoying the closeness, even as he pulled back to give him a once over. "Very sexy, Zack... you look good enough to eat."

Zack smirked "then...eat me." he purred huskily.

Cloud groaned, even as he began to nibble down his neck.

moaning, he turned his head slightly exposing more of his neck to the blonde. he rolled down the collar of the turtleneck to give cloud more access as well, sighing shakily.

Cloud worked his hands under the shirt, moving to pull the thing up over his head and off so he could continue nibbling his way down his body.

"ungh... cloud..." he whispered sultrily. "mmm..." zack looked at him, his heart racing at every little touch. he felt as if electricity was being poured into him just from his lovers touch.

Cloud trailed his teeth down his thoat and along his nipples, finding one to suckle on.

zack cried out hotly. arching his back "M MMmm ba-by!..."

Cloud nibbled on the nipples, working on them, alternating between both of them.

panting zack ran his fingers through clouds hair. "ungh" enjoying the treatment his nipples were recieving, he shivered, the nubs getting harder than they were before. he moved his hips "mmm. cloud.. " he murmured thickly. "your making me hot."

"Good... because I'm going to devour you," he purred, licking over him and moving to undo his pants.

"devour.. what you want.." he whispered breathily.

He lowered his lovers pants, moving to take his length into his mouth.

"Ohhh." he tightened his hold on clouds hair pulling it gently "god...yes." he cried out as he bucked into clouds mouth

Cloud groaned, even as he suckled on him, bouncing on the length with ease, taking all of it inside.

he screamed, gritting his teeth. whispering cloud's name repeatedly, followed by several grunts.

Cloud worked him harder, sucking on him faster and faster.

zack groaned and shuddered and moved his hips, before shivering "..cl..cloud...i...am...gonna.." he couldn't finish his sentence before cumming inside the mans mouth.

Cloud drank it down, before cleaning his cock off with his tongue and sitting back. "Mm... best dinner ever..."

grabbing ahold of him, zack pulling him up and kissed him deeply, moaning. "give me a taste.." he whispered

Cloud groaned, even as he kissed him hotly in return.

Rubbing his hand against clouds length zack grunted into the kiss. "taste... im thirsty..." he murmured

"You can have... what ever you want... love."

lifting cloud up higher, he nibbled at his lovers groin. "give it to me..." he murmured seductively, opening his mouth widely for him.

Cloud groaned, even as he pressed his hot, hard cock into his mouth, moaning and knowing Zack would be able to get him off swiftly.

moaning he trailed his fingers up clouds back as he wrapped his lips around clouds length purring. he slowly moved his head. his tongue slowly licking the shaft.

Cloud cried out, even as he whimpered hotly.

smirking he pulled cloud further up licking the underneath, his tongue flicking over several veins. he panted hotly against the stiff rod.

Cloud cried out, arching up against him, trembling.

humming he took it back into his mouth again, deepthroating him. "mmm:

"G... God... love... I'm going... to... come..." he panted.

sucking harder zack slurped on it estatically.

"Zack!!" he screamed out, cuming hard into his mouth.

Milking the man dry, zack groaned as he swallowed the sweet cum, his blunt nails digging into clouds hips as he pushed him deeper into his mouth.

Cloud gasped, pressing against him, loving that hot, greedy mouth on himself, even as he spent himself completely.

letting clouds cock slip from his lips, zack moved him down and kissed him gently. "i could live just off of your love juice."

Cloud laughed. "Yes... I could too..."

zack chuckled and kissed him briefly. "then i guess the food i bought will go to waste..huh?" he teased

Cloud snorted, shaking his head. "I could eat that too..."

"No, your on a protein diet." he stated playfully

Cloud smiled, even as he pulled Zack down beside him, cuddling up with him.

zack held him close kissing clouds temple "mmm, god i love you"

Cloud sighed, trembling. "I love you too."

"i know you do..."he whispered "you...are...my ..." he trailed off. a peaceful smile on his face as he drifted off

Cloud laughed softly. "You fell asleep before you finished," he answered, even as he cuddled to him and drifted off to sleep.


A couple weeks had gone by. Zack passed his ASVAB with flying colors, and already got through MEPS with no problem either. He sighed as he looked at his lover. "On this night..everything is your call." he whispered "i leave tomorrow morning, so.. let's make it something...dear."

Cloud smiled, even as he swore he wouldn't cry. "How about... we go to the theater... and then dinner... perhaps pictures before the show?"

"Sounds great...i'm going to go shower, join me."

Cloud smiled, even as he moved after him. "Sounds good."

Starting the shower water, he took his clothes off and stepped into the shower. beginning to clean up.

Cloud stripped his clothes off, moving to join Zack inside the shower, pressing close to his lover.

Zack pressed back against him. Soap in one hand and wash cloth in other, he began washing clouds body. "smile.." he whispered in his ear. "i wont be gone long."

Cloud gave him a smile, taking the other wash cloth and then the soap, working on Zack's body while Zack did his.

Kissing along clouds jawline zack sighed softly smiling gently as he finished washing his body. He poured some shampoo in the palm of his hand massaging it into clouds hair.

Cloud moaned softly, even as he returned the favor. They took turns washing one anothers hair, enjoying the closeness.

Once they were showered, and dressed. Zack drove them to get their picture taken together, holding Cloud closely in the photos. He then took him to his favorite theater, all while his fingers were entwined with clouds' Smiling radiantly at him.

Cloud loved the closeness with zack, enjoying the time together.

After the show, zack took him out to eat. then drove him to the beach, getting out of the car, he laid a sheet down. playfully taking cloud out of the car and laying him on the blanket, laughing. he laid beside him, watching the sunset. adverting his gaze from the horizon, he looked at the blonde. gently caressing his cheek.

Cloud smiled, cuddling to his lover, enjoying this memory the most. "You'll... be careful... won't you Zack?" he asked softly.

"Of course, I promise." he held him closely. "promise me...something."

Cloud looked up at him. "Anything."

"That you..accomplish these dreams of yours, while your doing that...no matter how hard things get...find the humor in it...laugh...and smile."

Cloud nodded, even as he couldn't help but smile. "I'll work on it..."

"You are already smiling!" he chimed "see you.. are a prodigy." he teased

Cloud laughed, smiling warmly.

Raising his hand he gestured at the sky. "When you are feeling sad." he whispered "look at the sky..." he said softly.with a gentle smile. "i'll do the same..." he just held him tighter. sighing softly. brushing his bangs out of his face. "since i asked you to keep a promise...you ask me to keep a promise." he murmured softly. "something i vow to never break..."

"Promise me... no matter what... you'll come back to me... and someday... become... my husband," he whispered.

Smiling, zack gently kissed him. "That's a guarenteed promise." he whispered.

Cloud smiled warmly, kissing him back.

smiling he just held him close, and made no attempt to start anything sexual. He sighed softly, wanting the entire night to be like an actual date..pure...and memorable. something different than every other night they spent with one another. Though he knew it was already touching for both of them. As time fought against him, he drove back to th e hotel. gathering what he needed before leaving at the brink of dawn. Not sleeping a wink. He kissed cloud lovingly before he left. Unable to bring himself to look back at the blonde, fearing if he did...he wouldn't be able to leave the mans side...if only for a little while.

Cloud hadn't slept either. He'd spent a lot of time just holding Zack. As he was leaving, he gave him a smile. "Don't forget to write," he called as he left, not expecting him to look back, so he let silent tears fall.

"I won't!" he called back. Zack wrote to Cloud whenever he had the chance, all through his boot camp training, and schooling. The period between his letters became longer than the previous, then they stopped coming completely, after the first year. Leaving another five years where nothing was heard from him.


Tifa sighed as she looked at cloud, while wiping down the bartop. "Tonight was pretty busy." she commented trying to make civil conversation.

Cloud nodded, giving her a smile. "I'm glad. Looks like Seventh Heaven is better than ever," he answered. He'd kept his promise. He smiled through it all.

Returning the smile she finished wiping up before going to dry the glasses. "It is..." she said softly. "I told you investing in the pool tables..would be a good..." she blinked when someone began knocking on the front door. Sighing she set her towel down and went to the door unlocking it. "We're closed for the night...it's after 2 am..all bars are closed you..." she blinked and looked up, trying to be respectful when she told the man off. "should leave." "My things are in there." the man answered simply. tifa huffed "Cloud, this guy says his things are here.. did anyone leave anything?"

"Let him in Tifa, there are some things in lost in found."

Tifa sighed moving aside letting the man in. "You can wait out here, I'll bring the box out to you." she commented. moving to get the box out of the office. Zack raised an eyebrow and sat down at the bar. "Can I have a water?" he asked.. his voice deeper than it used to be. he kept his gaze down, hiding his amusement.

Cloud moved to get a glass of water. The boy was as slender and efeminante as ever, but he carried himself with maturity. "Sure... you're in the military... you can have whatever you'd like. I know its been hard lately for all of you fighting over seas," he replied, even as he had only looked over his uniform. He didn't look many people in the face really, even as he wore a smile.

"Anything I want? Well...I could name a thing or two i need...do you feel up to it sugar...you have a nice ass."

Cloud laughed softly. "I'm in a committed relationship... sorry. But you're a nice man... I'm certain someone would be willing to be with you," Cloud replied, serving him some soup.

"mmm.. a commited relationship. huh? I am involved with someone too..but what they don't know wont hurt them.. come on.. gimme a little kiss." he teased playfully,

Cloud kept out of reach. "No. Just because he wouldn't know doesn't mean I wouldn't know. I refuse to be unfaithful to him... even with just

Zack raised an eyebrow. "hmmm." he noticed the pictures of him and cloud, along with all their other friends. 'is that him? the kid with the black hair? his hair in his eyes?..kinda ugly." he taunted

Cloud lost his smile. "Look, I'm normally nice to everyone... but don't go insulting Zack like that! He's everything to me!" he exclaimed, eyes narrowing.

Zack just looked up, "mm so when can i tap that?" he purred teasing him. "your all riled up."

"I told you that you..." Cloud trailed off as his blue gaze met that of the man in front of him. At the sight of those eyes that had haunted his every waking moment, he gasped. "Z... Z... Zack?" he murmured.

"Took you long enough to look at me." Zack murmured reaching out he gently caressed his cheek.

Cloud gasped once more and threw himself over the bar and into his arms. "Zack! God... its really you!" he cried out, hugging him tightly.

zack's eyes widened and held him closely. laughing softly. "yeah... it is...:" he murmured "see? i came home, just like I promised."

Cloud clung to him, holding him tightly to himself. He couldn't hold back though, and moved to kiss him hotly, pooring all his longing and love into it.

groaning, he shifted moaning softly into the kiss, deepening. tifa came out sighing. "there is no way you left something here..unless you wear pink lacy thongs, or carry a purse." she murmured blinking "CLOUD..are you drunk?!"

Cloud whimpered, even as he reluctantly broke the kiss. "Tifa... its Zack... I'm merely welcoming him home..."

tifa blinked looking at them. she smiled "sorry..didn't recognize...you." she said softly going back upstairs, going into the office again, leaving the two...alone. Zack shivered looking up at him, panting softly as he gently caressed his cheek, he smiled at him.

Cloud smiled, going back to hugging him. "I always knew you'd come back! I love you so much!" he cried out, cuddling to him.

Holding him closely, zack smiled warmly. "Of course I would." he said softly "i love you too" he kissed the top of clouds head. "you have, become quite the looker." he said softly. "you were, before...but..." he pulled away letting his eyes take in clouds body. "mmm..."he purred "i missed you" he whispered softly. "did you ever go out to the beach and look at the sky?"


"Me too." he whispered. he turned his head looking off to the side as he stretched, the scar on the left side of his face visable. "mmm...i can't believe you thought i was some pervert trying to make the moves on you."

"You look and sound different," Cloud answered, even as he softly kissed his scar. "I'm sorry Zack... I wish I had noticed you sooner."

Zack shook his head, grinning. "Dont apologize for it. I know i look and sound differently.. it was amusing, to watch you get all flustered." he smiled and leaned into the kiss. "So..." he looked around. "it's pretty nice in here, just how i use to be." he said softly.

Cloud smiled, kissing him softly. "Only down stairs. Its different upstairs..."

"oh?" he whispered "are you going to show me your room." he teased. "it's impolite to take someone to bed on the first...night...didn't you learn that by now?"

"Well, I don't have to show you my room if you think its impolite," Cloud whispered, even as he just stayed in his arms, cuddling to him, eyes closed.

Zack smiled "it has a bed...with comfy pillows...and nice clean sheets...and blankets...that's enough to tempt me to sleep in it." he teased. "another...is the smoltering hot blonde...who is going to be sleeping next to me."

"You... also have your own room... because I didn't want to assume you want the same room all the time. Maybe you'd want a break... or something... I... just wanted you to have a choice."

Zack just looked at him."oh." he said softly "well...i guess i can sleep alone."

Cloud looked at him. "I didn't mean I wanted you to sleep alone. I just... wanted you to have a choice... of where you wanted to be."

"i know..it's just. maybe this is a bit awkward...to be seperated for...such a long time...and me suddenly being back.."

Cloud shook his head, even as he once more pressed close to him. "I'd love nothing more than to have you chose to share rooms... because I love your shirt... but it isn't the same as you."

Zack smiled at him, holding him closely. "I love you." he whispered

Cloud pressed close. "I love you too!"

"mmm." he gently got up, still holding cloud close. he kissed the blondes neck "wear something...sexy for me." he whispered "i want to...touch you." he gently caressed the mans sides. smiling at him "it's been so long...i'm afraid...i've forgotten...what you feel like."

Cloud flushed, even as he nodded. "What's in your... sexy category for clothing?" he asked, kissing him softly.

"What you...find sexy." he murmured softly, inbetween small kisses.

"You don't... like women's... clothing... so I'll figure something," he replied, also between kisses. "Come on. You can go up and take a shower... while I change."

zack stopped him. "actually. while over seas. a few of the guys had took me to a strip bar..for my birthday. the stripper who...danced on my lap..was actually a man. wearing a slinky, revealing outfit...i wasn't repulsed..i wasn't turned on because it wasn't you, but. it suited him, now.. a fat girl in a bikini or a fat, hairy man in speedos. NOW that grosses me out. but, your far from fat.. and i dont want you to hide...it anymore. i realized it's not fair, and i was being...a little childish. so wear what YOU find sexy.and i'll go take that shower."

Cloud nodded and kissed him softly, before leading him up to the bathroom. "Theres a door here... and there's one on the left. The left one in the bathroom leads to our room... so just come that way when your done." That said, he kissed him and moved off to the room, to change into some slinky neglige he had.

going to the bathroom, zack took his uniform off, sighing as he started the shower, and stepped inside the tub, beginning to wash himself up. When he was finished and felt that he was clean enough. he turned the water off and got out. he dried himself off, simply wrapping the towel around his waist..leaving the uniform on the bathroom floor for the moment, as he went into the bedroom.

Cloud was resting against the wall by the bed, in a sexy pose, nervous, but needy, watching Zack as he came out. "Hey there sexy," he whispered.

Looking at him, he smirked. going over to him, he gently trailed his fingers along clouds shoulder, then glided them up his neck, cupping clouds chin he kissed him deeply.

Cloud couldn't help but cry out into Zack's mouth, groaning as he deepened the kiss in return.

carefully sliding the outfit off of cloud, zack pulled him closer. his tongue eagerly rubbing against the blondes.

Cloud couldn't help but cry out again, once more into his mouth. "Mm..." he murmured, even as he couldn't help but press close against him, his body practically on fire with need of him. His fingers swiftly causing the towel to drop to the floor.

gasping, chills coursed up his spine, he pushed cloud back on the bed, eagerly climbing ontop of him, grinding his hips against the blondes. hissing out in pleasure, at the feeling of rubbing his arousal against his lovers. "mmm..."

Cloud whimpered, the feeling of skin on skin setting shocks coursing through his blood stream. God... he had never expected such a feeling... but it was amazing... and he wouldn't trade this feeling of being with Zack again for anything.

"touch me..."zack whispered huskily. practically begging for the man to touch him..in any way. he pressed his lips against clouds collar bone, nipping at it. "i need it."

Cloud's hands moved over him like a madman possessed. He roamed over his body, touching everything he could touch, his nails skimming over his back.

gasping, zack pressed closer, groaning lowly at the feeling, his hips rocking eagerly. grabbing ahold of clouds legs he yanked him back. he held clouds legs close together, but left enough of a gap for his dick to fit through as he rubbed himself against his lovers legs, humping him quickly...crying out as his back arched and he came, covering the younger in it. "nnng... sorry.. i had to.." he whispered "other wise... i wouldn't last very long."

Cloud flushed, even as his own cum was splattered across his chest. "I... did too... don't feel bad..."

letting go of clouds legs, zack smiled and leaned down licking up the youngers cum. shuddering. "sugary." he purred.

"I... I've taken to... making chocolate..."

"Mmm.. can't say I object to that." he whispered he wiped some of the cum onto his fingers, and placed it at clouds lips. "taste, us."

Cloud moaned, even as he suckled it off his fingers.

Groaning, he fixed his gaze on clouds lips, his fingers moving in clouds mouth, playing with his tongue. shuddering. he licked his own lips.

Zack... I'm yours... how ever you want me," he murmured, after letting his fingers go.

zack trailed those fingers down clouds body, not minding the cum. he smirked "I want you hot, sweaty...and sticky." he whispered seductively. his eyes lowering a bit. he spread clouds legs slowly and carefully pushing into cloud.

Cloud cried out, tossing his head back, even as his nails dug into his back in need. "I... I want... what... you want... and more... so much... more..."

his lips sought out clouds throat, pressing kisses along it. "how much more..." he whispered breathily, thrusting into him completely, crying out in absolute bliss

Cloud screamed out in pleasure. "E... E... Everything!"

"you..have my everything..." zack whispered "you've had it...since day one." he gently entwined his fingers with clouds as he slowly rocked his hips kissing along his jawline.

Cloud felt his body begin to tremble, even as he panted, rocking with him and loving the feel of Zack inside of him again.

"You..feel so...amazing."

"So... do you... Zack... I missed... hearing you... feeling your breath as you slept beside me... and I missed the love making too... the feeling... of being... one... with you..."

He smiled, blushing a bit at that. he just kissed cloud in response, slowly rocking in and out of him. moaning softly at the tighness of the passageway. his cock twitching inside the man eagerly.

Cloud whimpered, rocking up into his thrusts, feeling as if his body was going to implode from pleasure.

zack shivered and groaned hotly "mmm yes " he cried out hotly picking up the pace gradually. he kept his lips glued to his lovers, nipping at his bottom lip.

Cloud made the cutest keening cries, even as he pressed against him over and over, needing more and more from him.

"you dont want it gentle?" zack asked stopping.

Cloud smiled softly. "I... I'm sorry, Zack... I do want slow and mindnumbing... but... I also... need it badly... I've waited years for you to come back... I guess... I just can't hold back."

he slammed himself deep inside cloud. "it doesn't bother me" he panted he hummed as he began pounding the lithe blonde into the bed. his fingers gripping clouds tightly.

Cloud screamed out, enjoying getting pounded into him, even as he couldn't help but gasp and moved with him.

Zack shuddered, letting go of clouds hand, instead he grasped ahold of the sheets. pulling almost all the way out of him, before rocking into him, hard enough to make the headboard slam against the wall. his pace became so quick, the thrusts were mere jerks, of his hips

Cloud couldn't help but scream out, even as he felt his body tense, his ass close around Zack's length, and pleasure poured through him as his oragasm hit.

claiming clouds lips as his own, zack rocked in and out for a few more minutes before joining the man. hollaring out clouds name into his mouth, as he filled his ass.

Cloud shivered, closing his eyes. "Mm... Zack..." he whispered.

Zack gently caressed clouds cheek, "god...cloud." he whispered his eyes tearing up. "i've missed you."

Cloud's own eyes began to spill tears... "I've missed you too... so much!"

zack held him close, his head resting on clouds shoulder "We're together again..." he said softly. "now. we can get married, then i've acccomplished, all my dreams."

Cloud gasped, even as the tears spilled more and he clung to Zack at those words. "I'd... love... nothing more!"

"Hey...hey now..." he gently pulled back enough to wipe away clouds tears. "these better be tears of joy." he kissed the tip of clouds nose. "we love one another...we've been together...for, awhile. and proved that we could both remain..faithful no matter the distance. I fell for you even more while I was away... i couldn't stop thinking about you..."

"I love you too, Zack... and they are... I'm... just very... happy."

zack sighed his eyes closing...as he whispered sweet nothings into the mans ear...as he slowly drifted off.

Cloud held him tightly, refusing to let go, even as he too... drifted off to sleep.


The next morning zack from the embrace, going to the bathroom. he showered yet again. then went through his duffle bag. looking for something to wear. though he was downstairs in nothing but a towel. grunting.

Cloud awoke slowly, stretching, even as he yawned. He covered his mouth and moved to take a shower and dress.

zack walked upstairs, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, with the old vintage appearance to them, the holes showing bits of his leg, or ass, with them he just wore a plain white wife beater. he went back into the bedroom. looking at cloud he poked his neck "you have a really big hickie"

Cloud couldn't help but chuckle. "I don't mind."

"Neither do I apparently. But... i got a little...carried away." he said softly as he looked at his lover, who was covered in love bites."have you looked at yourself in the mirror by chance?"

Cloud nodded. "Yes... in the bathroom. You've got a few yourself."

"I saw, it made me feel...pleased.'' he stated just looking at him, unable to tear his eyes from clouds body.

Cloud smiled. "I'm content as well. That's why I don't mind them at all."

zack just sighed softly. "mmm." he ruffled clouds hair. before moving to the kitchen, making himself something to eat. He was kind of hesitant to tell Cloud, every single detail that had happened over seas. In his opinion it was best to keep it to himself. He himself, had lost the will to smile...to laugh esepcially after he had watched innocent lives be taken and been able to do nothing about it. Women and children were no exception..it reminded him of nothing more than a blood bath. He could still hear those screams, them begging for their lives. And, he definately didn't want to mention to the blonde that he had an encounter when he had got off of the plane, with those who didn't support the war...they spit on him as well as several of his comrades. He never felt...so empty. he felt as if he was back at square one, being a nothing. yes, he had his education, and now plenty of money, not to mention the love of his life. knowing he had someone waiting on him...to return home was the ONLY thing keeping him going anymore, striving to live...to fill his years with more..memorable moments, to have more fights...he just wanted to feel...alive and significant again. he didn't want to feel so numb anymore.

Cloud couldn't help but move over to Zack, wrapping his arms around him from behind. "I... have a surprise for you... when you're willing to leave the bar. I figure... you won't want to go anywhere... at least... not yet," Cloud murmured, even as he just didn't want to let him go.

Zack smiled "Can't I know what It is?"

"If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?" Cloud asked, smiling warmly.

"...point taken." he whispered

Cloud smiled, even as he kissed his neck softly. "As I said... it can wait..."

"But now you have me anxious and wondering what it is." a trembled coursed through him as Clouds lips connected with his neck, a soft appreciative moan passed through his lips.

"It isn't far... Just the next building over."

Zack just kind of blinked as he placed his food on the plate. "okay..." he said softly

"You can eat first, of course."

"Oh, you're showing me the surprise today?"\

"I'm hoping to, there is still some things to be done with it and it can't be done without you're say on them."

"I see. well, after I finish eating, we can go see this surprise." he carefully s lipped fromo clouds embrace, giving him a small smile. "or whenever you're ready to go...no rush."

Cloud nodded, moving to make himself a bowl of cereal, even as he leaned against the table and watched him. The whole second floor was like a home. Kitchen, Living Room, bathroom, and three bedroom areas.

Sitting at the table, Zack looked at him, before looking at his food eating it slowly. He dipped his toast into the yolk of his egg, a far away look off in his eyes.

Cloud looked down, even as he was still smiling. "Seems like things have reversed, haven't they, Zack?"

"I'm trying to smile." he said softly"believe me I am happy to be here with you, estatic...besides, back then i believed in people..and now im not so sure. I guess you could say I dont carry the same naive beliefs. I hate feeling like this."

"War does that to people. Makes them bitter and doubt their own ideas and beliefs. That's a given. Nothing in a war is ever postive. No matter what side your on."

"That's just it. I went in believing I was doing the greater good. I believed so strongly in our country, now the only thing I can say is..I was extremely naive. Yes, they paid me well, and I have accomplished my goals, and traveled the world without paying a penny. I just...can't forget some things I wish I could" he smiled at him. "don't worry about me." he gave him a kind smile.

"you want a bite?" he asked handing him a piece of heavily buttered toast

Cloud leaned in to take a bite, letting his tongue flick over his fingers before pulling back.

Zack shivered and carefully wrapped his fingers around clouds wrist yanking him into his lap, making the blonde straddle him he looked up at him. "Don't tease."

Cloud smiled, leaning in to flick his tongue over his lovers lower lip. "I'm not. You know I'm all for whatever you'd like."

"Why don't you just take what you want?" he asked softly "after all it's not all about me."

Cloud smiled, tipping his head. "I know that, I just want you to be happy."

Zack smiled and kissed him sweetly. "I am happy." he said softly.

Cloud smiled, kissing him deeply, even as he couldn't help but lean in and kiss him hotly, wrapping his arms around him.

Groaning, he returned the passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around clouds waist pulling him closer. His tongue hungrily twirled around the others'.

Cloud couldn't help but whimper, even as he groaned and panted, arching against him, even as he continued to kiss him like he couldn't get enough.

Deepening it further, zack groaned hotly exploring cloud's mouth eagerly, his dick pressing against the blonde inner thigh as it came to life.

"Mm... I want... to be... one with you... again," Cloud panted, even as he whimpered, groaning softly.

pulling away a bit he looked at him, slowly gliding his tongue along his lips. he shifted, using one arm to hold cloud close while the other, undid his pants and slid them down. He smirked while kissing clouds collar bone. "Do you have lube?" he asked softly "you can't be wet enough to take it, now."

"Use spit... I'll be okay, Zack..." Cloud whispered, kissing him hotly once more.

Obviously caught off guard he returned the kiss, ending it he turned his head sucking on a couple fingers coating them before rubbing them against clouds pucker, carefully slipping them inside him.

Cloud gasped, even as his head fell back in pleasure at the feeling of him inside.

Zack smirked, wiggling the digits around inside of him, just barely brushing his prostate on purpose. "Look at you." he grunted huskily.

Cloud cried out, trembling in his arms, feeling pleasure pool low in his belly. "C... Can't help it... Zack... your touch... just sets... me on fire..." he panted.

"Does it?" he purred as he moved his fingers rubbing soully on the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Cloud couldn't help but cry out as he saw white stars flash across his eyes over and over again.

Swiftly slamming the digits into the gland, zack nibbled on clouds ear lobe, panting hotly into it. "You like that?" he purred

Cloud screamed, jerking in his arms. "Y... Yes... but... I'd... like you... inside... more..."

Pushing his fingers deeper into him, he shivered "mmm...you're soaking wet." nibbling on t he lobe, he flicked his tongue along the inner shell.

"Y... You... make me... this... way..."

Slowly sliding his fingers out of him, zack adjusted himself just so, before gripping clouds waist guiding him down onto his length. His head lolling back as soon as he managed to get the head in. his brow furrowed up. "nng..."

cloud gasped, his head falling back, even as he couldn't help but whimper as each and every inch of his length pressed up into his body.

Gasping he held cloud close, as he grit his teeth, nearly cumming on the spot. enjoying the feeling of being fully engulfed he pressed his lips against the blondes accidently biting his lip when he jerked at the sound of pounding on the door. "Cloud? Are you up?" Leon called. Zack swore he heard the brakes screeching in his head. 'anyone but him' he thought. unable to keep his arousal from softening. he pulled out "sorry." he whispered

Cloud couldn't help but whimpered, even as he closed his eyes. "Be there in twenty Leon... go wait in the office downstairs!" he called.

Zack just sighed heavily. he gently rubbed clouds back. "sorry." he repeated.

Cloud sighed, kissing him softly. "Its okay, Zack... it is kind of a turn off..."

"It is...for me." he murmured giving him a gentle kiss and sighed.

"What if we go back to the bedroom? I might be able to... reawaken your desire..."

"You told him twenty minutes, it'll take longer than that for me to get off." Zack murmured "if you want i could give you a little, help using my mouth."

"If I'm late... I'm late... he knows better than to come in without my permission."

"Cloud, i'm just not turned on anymore and I doubt I can get it up knowing he's here."

Cloud smiled and kissed him softly, moving off his lap. "All right, Zack. We'll just have to continue later. I'll go clean up and see what he wants... Come down when you're ready and I'll take you to see your surprise." That said, he put his cereal bowl in the dishwasher after rising it and the moved off to the bedroom, not caring he was naked.

Pulling his pants up zack sighed heavily. he went downstairs going outside to the car he had brought back with him. completely ignoring the curious look he was recieving from the other man. he opened the trunk of the car, looking at all of his belongings. he grabbed a photo album. and took it inside, calmly going upstairs.

Cloud came down as Zack headed up, giving him a soft smile. He then moved on. "What's up Leon?"

"You need to renew your licenses. Also I was contacted earlier. Someone called and placed a complaint with the health department."

"About what?"

"The bathrooms, according to the gentleman I talked to everything was very unsatisfactory in the customers eyes. SO expect a visit...soon.'

"That's bull shit and you know it Leon. I make this damn place sparkle and keep it that way."

"I know it but I can't say that and have him believe it, he has to come inspect himself."

Cloud snorted. "Fine, I won't care about it. I know I'll pass."

Leon looked around the office. "This wont." he murmured gesturing at the papers everywhere. "but yes, im sure everything else will pass. Forewarning since you live above the bar, they also may inspect your home. since the plumbing and everything is connected." leon looked at the blonde. raising an eyebrow at him. he stood up. "so you decided to not wait for him any longer? at least you wont feel guilty about ...getting drunk and sleeping with me during those long periods of depression." he said softly. he patted clouds shoulder and went to walk out of the office, jerking back startled..zack had been walking by with his uniform, heading to his car. he just sighed, pretending like he didnt hear anything he left to get the uniform dry cleaned.

Cloud growled. "That didn't happen Leon!" he called out. Damn it. It hadn't. Cloud hadn't touched a drop of liquor while in Leon's presence. He wouldn't only drink alone... and even then only a glass.

Leon blinked "maybe it was someone else." he murmured "sorry," he ran his fingers through his hair. "i was drunk, i thought it was you only because i remember the person going on and on about their lover in the army." leon yawned "now i want to know who it was. anyways. i didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, settle down."

"Zack was in the Marines... and thank to you he heard that, you moron... I'll have to work at getting him to believe me for days..." he muttered, even as he began cleaning up the office. He was a neat freak since Zack had left... and only Tifa left the room a mess.

Leon winced. "Yeah well, I'm sorry."

Cloud sighed. "Its fine... seems I've been screwing up a lot lately..."

"hmm? with him or in general?"


"I dont think so, i think the customer is just an ass. it's your first complaint, relax. also, your lover is back...maybe you both dont know how to act around one another?"

Cloud shrugged. "I don't know. I just know I've waited for him for years. I'll wait longer if I have to." With the office cleaned up, he turned back to Leon. "I've got something to do for him before I call in the licenses."

leon nodded "alright, i get it. i'm going. im going." he stood up and walked out of the office saying bye he grabbed a light weight coat and went out the door.

Cloud moved to head outside, looking around. Had Zack left? Or was he still around.

pulling into the parkinglot, zack parked and sighed as he turned the vehicle off. he got out of the car. "Sorry, I had to get my uniform dry cleaned and I didn't want to interrupt."

"You missed him apologizing for lying," Cloud murmured. "But since you're out here. Care to take a walk with me?"

Zack looked at him, "sure i'll walk with you." he rubbed his neck, completely disregarding the comment about leon.

Cloud lead the way to the building next down. Despite not having a sign or anything, it was well kept. Cloud pulled out his key ring and moved to open the main door. He lead the way inside and showed him the makings of a auto repair shop. All ready to go... except for an owner and a name. "I... thought it'd be nice for you to keep you work near your home... so I bought the building when it became available... and well... here," he murmured, handing out the key to him.

Zack's eyes just widened, accepting the key. He looked around the shop. "This must have costed you quite a bit..." he looked at him "thank you..." he said softly "really..i already love it," smiling warmly.

Cloud smiled, shaking his head. "It was actually a lot cheaper than I expected. You're welcome. I figured you would... and I love you... so I wanted you to have your dream too."

Zack just pulled him into his arms, holding him tightly. "i love you too" he murmured softly kissing him deeply. he just couldn't believe it. he couldn't believe that the man had done this for him, especially without knowing if he'd return home. and yet, he spent quite an amount of money to make this dream...come true. He felt unbelieveably relieved, and lucky to have someone who cared so..much about him. Smiling, zack gently pulled away. "Thank you so much." he whispered. he gently caressed clouds cheek "listen to me baby, i want you to start getting things ready on your behalf for our...wedding. Invitations we'll both go out and pick. The cake and everything we'll do together, but what you want to wear...and the girls you want to be your maids of honor." he chuckled "go all out with this one. i want it to be...extravagent. Sorry for the short notice but, i can't wait any longer. I already know i want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Cloud feel tears well up in his eyes once more, even as he couldn't help but throw himself into his arms and cling to him. "I'm sooo happy to hear that!! I want... all of that... and more!" he answered, even as he felt like his heart was going to burst. "Please know... I didn't sleep with anyone while you were away. No one," he whispered, even as he closed his eyes. "I waited for you... to return to me... I knew you would. someday... and so... I wanted your dream to be waiting here for you."

"it just blows me away." zack whispered "that you'd do this, without truthfully knowing if i'd make it back. yes i promised, and that promise kept me going and striving harder and harder every day. I just..." his voice cracked "i wouldn't have cared if you slept with someone while i was away, i realize you didn't...but, it's not like i'd leave you for something so silly."

Cloud couldn't help but flush, even as he looked at him. "I know that... but... I wanted... to be only yours... Zack."

"You already are only mine, as I am only yours." zack said softly. he laughed softly. "that last night...we spent together, convinced me that we truly were in love with one another. that it wasn't just lust...or puppy love."

"I told you... even without the love making... I'd want to be with you. Always..."

"I realize that, but saying it is one thing...meaning it is another." he gently caressed clouds cheek. "although, now my favorable moment with you, is sitting at the bar last night hitting on you. and getting you pissed off." he smirked and winked at him

Cloud couldn't help but flush darkly. "I... see..." he whispered, even as he had to admit... his favorite moment was when he had realized who was flirting with him.

Moving he sat down in one of the chairs. "You must have thought I was a fucking asshole." he teased. wiggling his eyesbrows at the blonde. "can I tap that?" he purred taunting the man, enjoying seeing his soon to be spouse blush.

Cloud smiled. "But I have a fiance waiting for me... I shouldn't let anyone touch me but him," he replied, watching him, even as his cheeks were warm.

"What your fiancee doesn't know, wont hurt him." zack murmured huskily as he leered at him from underneath his eyelashes. "how about I show you...how a real man tastes?"

"My fiance is a real man... more than you... and I have no intention of chosing to be with away one else."

"Mmm." he leaned back in the chair, sliding the thin tank up, exposing his abdomen. "i bet he's not as sexy as me though, dont knock it...until you try it, after all my body was built purely for creating pleasure for pretty little boys like you."

"I... just... want to... be with... Zack... and while you might arouse my body... you'd never have my heart..."

"Mmm," he stood up and grabbed ahold of the blonde pinning him to the nearest wall. "my body arouses you?" he rolled his hips, enjoying cloud playing hard to get with him. After all that was one of the reasons he chose to pursue him in the first place.

Cloud whimpered, even as he looked away. "I... I'll admit its... attractive... I can't control that... doesn't mean I will give in so easily."

"oh really?" he spread clouds legs "look at you, your probably already soaking wet." he chimed in a sing song tone. "you want it and you know it. you want to taste my body... you want to feel it deep inside you..." he rolled his hips letting cloud feel his arousal "no need to feel embarassed baby, plant some sugar on my lips..give me a little taste."

he grabbed ahold of clouds chin making him look at him, pressing his lips against his and slid his tongue into his mouth.

Cloud fought, even as it wasn't very much. Zack's kiss drove him insane and made it hard to fight for long, even in playing.

zack shivered and deepened the kiss. He abruptly pulled away, completely and winked. "see...your body is deprived of a mans touch, your...responding quite well." he teased.

Cloud couldn't help but press close against him, his whole body getting hotter, tigher. Damn it all, he wanted to continue what had been interrupted earlier... and the more his lover teased, the harder it was to stop. "D... Doesn't... mean... anything," he whispered.

"You're showing your full of lust..."he whispered in his ear "a little bit of a fight excites me. give me a little chase, your not the type to just give in..." sliding his hands up the back of clouds shirt, he slowly dragged his fingertips up his spine.

Cloud couldn't help but cry out, panting heavily. "G... God..." he gasped, knowing he wouldn't be able to keep playing for much longer. "D... Damn it... I won't... give in..." he panted.

pulling away he hooked a finger underneath clouds chin, tauntingly flicking his tongue over the other mans bottom lip, "So you say." he whispered deeply, his voice several octives lower. "yet i can see, your melting."

"Zack... I don't... know... if I can... play... much longer," he whispered, his voice deep and husky with need and longing, even as his lower half moved on its on, pressing up against the other boy, even as he tried to pull his head away.

"That was obvious to me as soon as I kissed you.'' zack commented he slid clouds pants down as well as his own, he spread the mans legs yet again...he placed each leg on each side of him, before pressing into the tight passageway, sucking on clouds neck. panting heavily against it. '

Cloud gasped, crying out, even as he couldn't help but press up into him, feeling pleasure pour through his body, even as he couldn't help but rock up against him over and over again.

Gliding his tongue along the slender neck, he hummed happily, before attacking clouds ear, capturing the lobe inbetween his teeth and tugging on it. He gave it rough, hard and immensely hot. his eyes fluttered as he slammed up into him. "nng...mmmm yes.."

Cloud shifted, till he could wrap his legs around Zack's waist, driving the other man deeper into his body, crying out and purring in pleasure as he pressed against him over and over again.

Groaning, zack tightened his grasp upon cloud, stilling his own movements, his eyes opening as he watched cloud rock back against him. licking his lips. "nng...yes..." he whispered "work those hips...like that."

Cloud clung to Zack, rocking on him deeper, harder, feeling his length press into him over and over again. "G... God... yes... you're amazing..."

"Me?" zack murmured thickly "im not moving...your basically goin' at it babe.. not that i mind. im enjoying the view."

Cloud clung to him even more and bouncing on him harder.

"god damn!" zack screamed moving his hips again eagerly moving into him panting "mmmmm yes" tensing up he spurted his load into clouds ass. his eyes closed a peaceful and satisfied expression on his face "mmm"

Cloud screamed out in pleasure, crying out as he trembled and lost his load, spilling over both of them, his ass closing around them.

zack whimpered burying himself deeper inside of him.

Cloud groaned, clinging to him, even as he shuddered in bliss.

kissing a slender shoulder, zack opened his eyes slightly. "i've decided. im not moving from this spot. all day."

Cloud trembled, even as he pressed a kiss to his lips. "Mm... I'd like that," he murmured, holding him tighter.

zack hummed and kissed him back just holding him closely. "good.''

Cloud smiled, content to be in his arms, loving the feel of him, the oneness that seemed to come from just holding one another like this.