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Chapter 1

"But Grandpa!" Ben wined, "do we have to? It's, like, 100 degrees outside!"

Grandpa Max sighed, "Yes Ben, we have to, so stop your complaining!"

Gwen was on her computer, "Grandpa, Ben's right, this place is pretty hot. It's 104 degrees out."

Ben groaned, "See?"

Max sighed again, "This city has the strangest collection of animals in the states!"

Ben rolled his eyes, "Grandpa, remember last time? With the electric guys?"

"Yes, I remember. But this is different, these creatures aren't aliens, they're mutants. Much different." Ben grumbled and went over to the front seat to get cooler by the AC.

"Here we are!" They finally drove past a sign that said: Welcome To "Sciutant? What kind of city name is that?"

"An interesting one," Gwen was bored, so she researched the city. "It says they combined 'science' and 'mutant'. The cities science came around 50 years ago, and they rename the city from Rocies into Sciutant."

"Weird. Just the names in general. Oh! And of course, you Gwen."


Grandpa Max pulled into a parking lot near a small carnival. "Finally!" Ben grinned, "Cotton candy, ice cream, soda! Let's go!"

"Ben! Wait!" Ben had jumped out and started running towards a snack stall.

"I would like one chocolate ice cream and...Hey!"

Max had pulled Ben away, "Grandpa!"

"No, Ben. First we'll walk around town and then we will go get junk food."

Ben groaned, "Fine." They turned and started walking around the block.

"This place is pretty busy." Gwen nodded, "Though they're mostly tourists."

Ben turned his head to face Gwen, "Yeah, I guess that would include...Hey! Watch where your..." He turned to face the person he bumped and saw a tall teen girl who had most of her face covered in shadow from her black rimmed beany. She wore a dark brown halter top covered by a black jacket. She also wore dark blue jean cargo pants that slightly covered her dark red converse.

"How about you watch where your going, kid." Her expression looked like she was bored with what was really going on.

"I don't have to watch out, everyone should look out for me!"

"Ben..." Grandpa Max tried to stop him, but the girl interrupted.

"That's if they could see you, shrimp." She grinned and continued walking past them.

"Ben, maybe you should be careful with who you pick fights with."


"No, let's keep going so we can arrive at the carnival when it's cooler."

Ben sighed, "Fine."

Gwen smiled, "She was right, though."

"About what?"

"You, being a shrimp, shrimp!"


'Finally.' Ben thought; it was cooler and the sun was setting. Grandpa Max finally decided to walk them back to the carnival. "Cool! can we get some ice cream, Grandpa Max?"

He sighed, "Sure, here's 10$. Split it between you two!" He yelled as they ran off. After 10 minutes, they both returned, carrying the equivalent of 10$ in sweets. They all sat down on a bench and ate the food. Suddenly, a man screamed.


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