The Whys And Wherefores Of Wonders

When Roy Harper started dating Cassie Sandsmark, the reactions were…mixed. Donna had been okay with it, just telling him that Cassie was like her sister, and to treat her accordingly. Or maybe it wasn't so surprising; she did, after all, trust Roy, and know him in ways most people didn't. Garth had just shaken his head and wished him luck, saying that he'd need it. Wally had told him to try not to screw this relationship up.

Dick had been less concerned with what Roy might do with Cassie's virtue – and exactly how much innocence could a girl who'd been a superhero for going on five years have left, anyway? – and more concerned with the reasons why.

"Roy, just… You know you're like my brother, right?" Dick asked.

Roy nodded, a wary look in his eyes. "Yeah, man, you too."

"But I just have to ask…" Dick chewed on his lower lip for a moment before blurting out, "You don't, like, have, say…a Wonder fetish?"

Eye's widening to almost epic proportions, Roy couldn't contain a snort of laughter. "Uh…no. I just…no. I mean, Diana is beautiful and all, but…" He coughed to try and cover his chuckles, but it was a losing proposition.

"Then why Cassie?" Dick asked, frustration seeming to seep from his very pores.

Calming down from his levity, Roy said, "Well, you know as well as I do that I have an addictive personality…"

Dick nodded hesitantly; Roy typically got depressed when he talked about his junkie days. He seemed rather the opposite now.

Shrugging, Roy said, "I have a thing for strong women, and the Wonders just happen to be some of the strongest." He smirked. "I suppose you could say that I traded my heroin addiction in for a heroine addiction."

Dick blinked wide eyes, stared at Roy's serious face, and buried his face in his hands with a groan.