Chapter 1

Sara threw her kit into the back of the Denali and blew the hair from her face. It was only two hours past the time she should have clocked out; barely registering as overtime when you considered the long hours she had worked on swing shift. The heat from the day was stifling though and she had stayed out late the night before shopping with Nick's new bride.

Starting the car she found the number 2 and speed dial buttons on her cell phone without looking.

"Hey beautiful."

"Gris, sorry about before. I didn't mean to be short with you but I was"

"At a scene, I figured. Long day?"

"Very. Is it okay if we skip the whole going out to the movies thing tonight?" Sara navigated a left turn and winced as a bag of chips that had been her only lunch spilled to the floor.

"Sure, no problem." It was a problem. This was to be their third date. The first had been rushed, he had to leave for work, the second had been a nice dinner, which felt a little formal to them both and had been blissfully interrupted by his beeper. He knew she was probably honestly tired, but he couldn't help the small voice in the back of his head that told him she was losing interest. Getting what you think you want can do that.

She was still talking but he had tuned out. "Sorry, you cut out there for a second, what was that?"

She smiled to herself. She could tell when he wasn't listening. Sometimes she was tempted to start quoting facts she had caught from Animal Planet or lines from movies she was pretty sure he hadn't seen in an attempt to lure him back from Willy Loman status.

"I said, I'm too beat to go out, but I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. Wanna come over and watch something on dvd?"

"You get the movie, I'll bring dinner. Meet you at your place in 45?"

"It's a date."

Grissom was in her lot when she pulled up. He kissed her temple hello as he juggled bags of Indian food in his hands. Once inside he set the food on her kitchen counter and caught her around the waist as she reached for dishes.

Nose to nose she smiled, "Hi." He kissed her softly, "Hello." They began another kiss when her buzzer sounded. "Expecting company?" he wondered. She shook her head and frowned a little.


"Sara, it's me, Luna. You left your sweater in my car last night, thought I'd drop it off on my way home from work."

"C'mon up." She pressed the buzzer to unlock the door for her new friend and then looked to Grissom, gauging his expression. They hadn't told anyone yet that they were seeing one another and she wasn't sure he wanted to now.

His face gave nothing away, instead he pulled down the plates she had been moving toward before he redirected her and started setting up their food.

Luna knocked, Sara answered and moved to let her in. "Wow, smells great in here, did you cook?"

Sara had to laugh, "Not me, I'm not a good cook at all. Its take out."

"You sure knew your way around William Sonoma last night for someone who doesn't cook." Luna asserted before handing Sara the aforementioned sweater.

"I bake a little. When I'm home. Do you want to come in, have a glass of wine?" Sara hoped she'd say no, but what could she do, she had to offer.

Grissom showed up behind her, his arm snaking it's self around her, hand landing possessively on her hip. "There's plenty of food, feel free to stick around. We're gonna watch a movie."

Sara's mind reeled. This meant he didn't care who knew. Certainly he could count on Luna telling Nick, Nick would tell Warrick, Warrick might tell Catherine and from there it might as well be on the evening news.

Luna grinned, "No thanks, I don't want to interrupt. I have to go home and collect 20 bucks from my husband."

Grissom raised his eyebrows at her and she answered without further prompting, "I won a bet. Enjoy dinner."

Sara turned to face Grissom, "I forgot the movie."

Luna to the rescue, "Oh, I have a great dvd in the car, walk me down and I'll let you borrow it."