(A/N: I personally have never been affected one way or another at the scent of freshly cut grass that particular personality trait is all Sara's. It was as much a surprise to me as to anyone it showed up on the screen in her session with Dr. Case initially and so I followed it to its natural conclusion. Today while driving to work I smelled newly cut grass for the first time this season and must say I was moved to a more romantic state of mind automatically. I may be learning as much from Dr. Case's sessions as Sara is.)

On the drive home Sara was mostly quiet. When they left her mother had asked her if they would both be there when her brother arrived. Grissom hadn't said a word, just munched happily on one of the cookies from the bag her mother had prepared to sustain him on the road. Sara had said she'd be there and left it at that. Despite his easy demeanor at the house she wondered if all the domesticity had been a little much for him.

She broached the subject carefully. "You charmed my mother, she loves you."

There was that word again. At least her mother loved more than iced tea. "I enjoyed her. Can you bake like that?"

"You might have a cookie obsession that needs addressing."

"I'll check for a local chapter of C.A."

"Cookies anonymous? Take mom with you." She waited a few moments then added, "Thanks for today, you were great."

"It was fun. I forgot how much I enjoy yard work."

"There's definitely something wrong with you."

"Or maybe it's easy to enjoy when you only do it once every decade or so."

"Yeah, maybe that."

"Your mom has a nice space on the side of the house for a grill. Did she ever have one there?"

"Near the broken down picnic table? No I don't think so, who would she grill for?"

He shrugged and seemed to get lost in thought. She loved stealing glances when he was like this, particularly when he was driving. She loved his face when he was both in control and without any self awareness, it was open and kind.

"We could bring a small one over."

She was lost. "A small what?"

"Grill. Charcoal, not gas, if you're going to cook with gas you might as well cook inside. My dad used to say that all the time. I just thought it would be easier when you brother comes."

"Okay." She didn't know what to say, he was obviously planning in his head.

"If you think it's a bad idea just tell me. I only thought if we barbequed in the side yard it would feel less formal maybe. I don't know."

So he was coming, just like that. No question, no drama, just like he'd dealt with her mom, just like he'd dealt with pretty much everything since the night they first went out.

"It's not a bad idea, I don't think that old picnic bench will hold up though."

"Structurally it's sound. I checked it out. It could use a coat of paint but I don't know if we'll have time to get back and paint it"

Sara finished his thought as he trailed off "And have it dry in time. I could get one of those plastic table cloths."

"Let your mom know what we're thinking, we could be off base, maybe she's looking forward to cooking a big family meal."

"Yeah, I don't know what her grilling skills are like."

"I've got that covered. Pit master Grissom at your service."


"I never joke about barbeque, Sara. Tell your mom if she wants to go this route she can bake whatever she wants for desert, I'll cover the grilled foods and you'll buy some salads and fruit."

"Buy? I'm not so lost in the kitchen that I can't handle a little potato salad."

He stopped with the traffic and raised an eyebrow at her. "Where do you stand on the egg issue? Potato salad, with or without eggs?"

"Without obviously, otherwise I might as well just eat the chicken."

"I'll make the potato salad."

"You will not, I'll make it."

"It isn't potato salad without eggs."

"Technically it is. Technically when you add eggs it becomes potato and egg salad."

"What about pasta salad?"

"Who puts eggs in pasta salad?"

"No one. Will you make pasta salad?"

"Sure." She waited a beat "Don't think I didn't notice the subject change when I pulled out the logic."

"I should assume no salami in the pasta salad right?"

"Safe assumption."

"It isn't fair."

"Life isn't fair Gris, deal with it."

"You're going to expect grilled eggplant or tofu burgers or something but I can't get an egg in my potato salad."

"You'll survive."




"Are we really planning a family picnic at my mother's house?"

"We are."

"It's amazing how quickly things change isn't it?"

He didn't answer, just rested his palm on her leg, his fingers curling slightly where they rested just inside her thigh.