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Chapter 1: August

Katara POV

My life is like a novel in which you say at the end: I'm happy i'm not that girl.

Now don't judge on what I think i'm about to do. Don't call me a hoe or slut or any other nasty name you could come up with, because i'm telling you...IM DESPERATE HERE! I keep playing my little plan over and over in my head, like the control is stuck on "repeat"

Traveling with Aang, Sokka, and the soon to be new addition to our happyily dysfunctional little family, i have my hands full.

The cravings are probably the worst. 2a.m. in the morning and my mouth is watering for tangerines.

What aang and sokka hate the most though are probably those mad moodswings. I'll even admit I can be a real pain in the ass when the time is right.

Have you figured it out yet? If you havn't...your probably very slow.
Yes, yes I'm pregnent. But with who's baby? When you find out, tell me because it's a mystery to me as well. Rape would be the four letter word i was looking for. Dark alley way, late at night, all alone.
you can guess the rest.

Sokka and Aang don't fully believe me though. They interegate me like iv'e just murdered then eaten my victams. O.K. that was a little sick.

"Katara, i need to know who the child's father is? WHO DID THIS TO YOU!" that would be the daily rant from sokka.

And everyday i just sit there with the same dazed expression glued on my face, shrug my shoulders and say "I'm telling you, I don't know who it was!"

Iv'e tried many times to think who it was. I've come it with a list.
1. it was a dude (which eliminates many)
2. he was taller than me 3. his hands were warm Sounds like pretty much every guy I've met. Greeeaaat.

I'm now about 7 months in, and won't forget it. Everyday, along with Sokka's exessive ranting, i have to hear aang's new catch phrase:

"I think she's gonna pop"

The real problem is: i need some help with this baby. Finnacially.
My current income: various fruit and nuts and spair change we find scattered on the ground. That will NOT be enough to let my baby live "the good life."

I've always dreamed of being a princess, living with money at my disposal. I don't want my child to live as I am now. Poor and hungry, running from the firenation. 24/7 moving. No...i just can't let it be like that.

So my plan is: find a man, tell him this is his baby, and pray he doesn't say he's a virgin, or kill me on the spot.

But how many men will i be around long enough to work this plan?
I have a few options:
1. Find a random village guy who looks like a rapist 2. tell aang he was sleep walking..and did somethings...some very bady things.
3. sokka...NO NO NO! that's NOT an option!
4. find jet, im sure he's been with a few woman...proably can't keep track all the ladies of who he banged 5. zuko...and i wont elaborate

As much as I hate to admit option #5 is the most reasonalbe. And everytime I think that, I almost laugh so hard I pee. But, in all seriousness (is that even a word?) that's the man iv'e decided to go after.

When I orginally found out i was pregnent, I knew it wouldn't be too hard to find him. I mean he's usually stalking us.

But, something has gone horribly wrong with my plan. After that insane earth general almost killed us while trying the trigger the avatar state. We flew into a small village, to restock on supplies with the money the general had given us.

And there she was. Azula. Zuko's sister who was waving a huge wanted sign if front of the town, with zuko and iroh's faces pinned upon it.

Now i don't know Azula at all, but i'm guessing she is VERY close to the firelord, and zuko and the firelord are having some serious issues. I'm also ASSUMING Azula cut off all of zuko's resourses, and now he probably has other things to worry about.

"I havn't seen Zuko in a while. It's a good thing that he's wanted now," sokka pondered out of the blue. I sorta twitched when I heard the name 'zuko' mentioned, causing sokka to look at me strangly.

Damn! For this plan to work, Zuko needs to be here...NOW!


(an: now i just finished watching "the swamp". I don't know what zuko will do next, i think he was gonna kill that obnoxious guy who was making iroh dance for money, but im just gonna tweek the story a little to make it fit with my story)

"We're," zuko said, nudging his uncle from sleep.

Iroh rubbed his eyes looked up at zuko, who had a few new bruises on his face. Iroh's eye caught red stains on zuko's knives. Blood.

"Zuko...what happ-" but iroh was cut off

"We are leaving...NOW!" he said, more aggressivly this time. Iroh opened his mouth, about to argue but then rememberd, It zuko,
this no arguing with the most stubborn nephew in the history of the world.

So they picked up their belongings, hopped on Song's strange animal horse thing, and rode off.


Night is now falling, and sokka and aang quickly go to bed, not even trying to feel a little bad for me who can't catch an ounce of sleep tonight.

"Stupid, ungrateful, little-" i mumbled under my breath, until i cut myself off. Something was sparkling in my eye. I turned my head,
to see something approaching in the nearby river.

Oh please be zuko's ship.


Now that was a strange that i wished for that, but as the ship crept closer, the flag rippling above was not a firenation emblem.
I narrowed my eyes, trying to make out to unfamiliar symbol, but it was just something iv'e never seen before.

I pushed up off the ground, and crushed the dirt under my barefeet as i strode over to sokka and aang.

"Sokka, we have a problem," i said, trying to shake him from his sleep

"No, no yue, that's ok, i like that shade of blue for the kitchen," he said, still in his dreams

I roll my eyes, then kick im in the side, knocking the wind right from his gut. It was a bit cruel and unexpected, yeah i do admit, but isn't that just the story of my life.

Sokka screamed at such a high tone, i thought I would never be able to hear again.

"What the hell was that for?" he said, almost ready to strangle me

"good your awake, we have a problem," i said, pointing to the ship which was now almost at the shoreline.

"What's going," a groggy voice interupted. It was aang, rising from his sleep, "I heard screaming,"

"WEll, the screaming...sokka, the problem...unknown ship," i summed it up.

At this point the ship was docking. sokka and aang lept into the bush as I hobbled after them. We ducked down looking out into the distance,
to see numerous guards departing the ship. They moved to the side,
creating to straight lines as the leader of the ship strode down the center.

"Looks young," sokka commented. He was right. The guy couldn'vt been more than 16 years old. He was dressed in a very light weight armor,
yet sturdy enough to withstan battle. He pointed his finger at random guards, barking orders left and right. They bowed then scammperd off in different directions.

"What should we do?"I queried

"Avoid them at all costs," sokka promptly responded.

"Common lets move to a bush farther away," he added

Sokka stood on his feet, but hunched over low so he was still the height of the bush. Suddenly, he accidentally dropped his boomerang, which happened to land in probably the worst place possible. It shattered a large branch, which was supporting a small tree that collased all at once. The teen and soldiers whipped their heads around, and saw sokka,
who was now in full view.

"RUN!" he screamed, helping Aang and I up, as we dashed through the woods, with strangers chasing us from not far behind.


"What was that?" zuko questioned, emerging from the cargo.

"I'm not sure prince zuko, but i think that the ship is empty," iroh added, standing up. They carefully menuverd around the boxes, and up a small ladder till they reached the main part of the ship.

"Looks clear," iroh comfirmed

"Look at that!" zuko exlaimed, pointing out in the distance to sokka aang and katara running through the woods, with those people chasing them.

"The avatar."


ohhhh zuko...never giving up...
if you didn't get it by now...zuko and iroh were stow-aways on that guys ship which youll learn more about next chapter please tell me what you thought!

aang and sokka really have no compassion for the pregenant teen who was raped..
maybe if sokka didn't choose a boomerang as his "weapon of choice" they wouldn't even be in this situation right now...

a knife, a sword, imean even a plank of wood with a nail sticking out of it woud've been better than the boomerang!

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