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Chapter 6: 3-way-day (part 1)

(just so your not confuzzled)
The following explains the POV of the day in the eyes of three different characters:
Zuko, Ussika, And Katara. The scene begins in the evening, then through the next day.

USSIKA'S DAY. A fear is born

Katara falls to the ground, Zuko is not sure which emotion to emit, and I feel like I cannot move my body. This is how my wonderful evening progressed. As I stand, absoulutly frozen looking over a still breathing Katara, I wonder where my life has really gone.

Then for some odd reason, I see zuko pull I knife out of his pocket.

"Zuko..." my tone is very unsure, "What are you doing with a knife?" I ask, afraid of suddenly seeing blood spewing out from the crevices of someones body. Vagualy, I recalled them confiscating all weapons prior to be thrown into the prison cells.

No reply.

"Zukoooo..." I caution again, as he bends down over Katara. Gently placing his fingers over her wired shut-eyelides, he prys them open, and slighly cocks his head.

"Zuko!" I now yell, tired of his sudden lack of speech. If only he was like that a few hours ago.

Then without warning, I see his hands rise into the air, the knife tighly grasped in his palm, his eyes focused on Katara, and they thrust back down, the knife pentrating her skin, digging deep right into her heart.

From then my eyesight turned blurry and distorted. I could hear screaming, coughing, I desperate gasp and choke for air. My eyes restore their former clarity, but by now all that's left is a puddle of blood, soaking into the cracks of the concrete, visously expanding out and casting around my legs. It's rising like that of the ocean waters, filling the room like a drowing chamber.

I could only imagine the horror twisted upon my face. Like a demon's. Zuko has he teeth exhibited like a carniverous beast, hunched over, the scarlet stained knife still in his hand.

Then I take a closer look at his face. Its covered in blood, seeping out of his eye sockets,
and ever other extremity, making him look almost diseased. The skin of his face is almost albino,
and the expression in his eyes is deadly mortifying, yet emotionless, almost as if he isn't even alive.

"What have you done to me?" he bluntly asked, with no feeling in his voice, and wabbles a bit.
Without warning, he falls to the floor.

That voice, It did not belong to Zuko. 'what have you done to me." Those words echoing in my mind. It was not his voice. It was...someone so familiar...but my mind would not let me think.
Until Suddenly I could see pictures and images of Yuan flash before my eyes.

Now the one lit candle in the room is growing, consuming the room. The flames near me...

Next thing I know, it's morning. But instead of waking up in a puddle of blood, Im in a room. It's stained an eerie shade of perfect white, everyone in perfectly neat and clean white uniforms.

A crazy assylum?

Quickly, I look down at my shirt, expecting to see criminson blood stains, but I only see my shirt.
Plain. Normal. Clean. Just the way it was.

One of the men approaches me. I frantically look around, and realize I'm laying in a bed, and there is medicine everywhere.

Then I realize...I'm in a hospital?

A hospital?

But why?

"WHAT HAPPENED TO KATARA? WHERE IS SHE?" my voice in raspy and urgent. I could tell the doctor was confused by the perplexed stare he shot back at me.


The doctor looks at me, in an off way. What's that man thinking? I see his face beggining to twist and turn as scars surface it. I begin to scream some more, what the hell was happinging to me!

I tightly grasp the blankets, my eyes about fall out their sockets.

I can here the doctor yelling something, but I can only here it vagualy. 'Plack, Place, stage?' he said something that sounding like one of those words, but right now it felt like the world was melting before my eyes.


Now I wake up again. Still in this hospital room. My heart beating at the speed of sound, my mouth permently glued in an open/shocked manner. In a small window I can see the sun is going down.
But I feel so very dizzy. I go sit-up and lean over the side of the hospital cot-but see the floor covered in blood.

Blood. I was never one to get woozy or screamish around the stuff, but now I am horrified.
I remeber seeing Yuan covered in blood. That horrible man, rotting and decaying in his own bodily fluids. The smell still haunts me to this day. It managed to soak into every pour on my body, and no matter how many times I bathed, I still felt wrapped in the stench.

My eyes reluctantly travel to a cot next to me, where doctors and nurses surround a body, that is gushing blood everywhere. They are all shouting order and demands, trying to stop the blood.
I take a closer look at the face. Mother? MOTHER!

More screaming, more tears, more shots into my arm. Wait, shots into my arm? what! But then I blackout.



So blah blah blah. It's just another typical Ussika vs. Zuko cage match argument. I'm not really paying attention anymore. Then Ussika begins to rant on about ratios, and thats when I get this very light-headed feeling. Suddenly, I hit the floor, a very un-subtle impact, that knocked me right on consience.

Well, hunger was probably the main player in this one. I could very faintly hear the murmurs of voices dancing around my ears. They are un-audiable, but comforting, knowing i'm still alive.

It's nice to be alive.

I feel someone, gently open my eyelids. The silloutte of a certain concerned ex-prince was kneeling down before me.

My eye site improves, but I cannot talk or communite.


I see Zuko pull out a distressed white rag from his pocket. Carefully, he trys to wipe away the blood that spattered when I fell, and apply pressure to my wound.

But something is off.

Ussika is hysterically screaming in the background. Her eyes lit with such fear, that it made my skin crawl.

What was wrong? Was I dying?

Her screaming was shrill and persisistant. Hyperventlating, she inched away from zuko who had stood up, trying to comfort her, not sure what she was screaming about.

Well not comfort her...maybe yell at her like, "USSIKA WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

Her tears seemed to form endless puddles like she was crying out everything she had.
I couldn't understand. I wanted to wake up. I was yelling inside my mind. Throwing a fit, trying to move my mouth, but only my eyes would flutter.

Zuko is now calling for help outside. Desperatlly begging, for anyone. I've never heard him say 'please' so many times. Who knew that it was even in his vocabulary.

Finally after a few minutes, hospital workers rush in, and immeadtly restrain Ussika. Her arms and legs flailing everywhere, doctors and nurses wearing concerned faces, trying to keep her still.

"Tsk tsk, the poor girls got'er self something nasty," I hear one of them remark, putting on a pair of sympathetic eyes.


what about meeeee?

So after a few minutes over vigurously fluttering my eyes, a few nurses finally remember the paralyzed girl who may sustain traumatic head injuries lying in the other corner, soaking in a puddle of blood.

Way to go. Smart ones.

Im hauled off into the hospital. Healers examing my head, browsing through various jars and flipping through random medical books.

The last words I heard before I blank out again are, "Hey, Lin? Have you ever heard about those odd cases where people get trapped inside their own body?"

Real comforting.

I think they need to work on their bedside-manner. (an: just like Jack from lost! ha...sorry)

I wake up to sound of screaming. My eyes slowly open, expeting to be welcomed by the night sky, but instead, I needed to shield my eyes, for the afternoon sun sat heavily upon the horizon.

A kind looking nurse in sitting in a chair next to me. A small smile is glued on her face, but I could not tell if it was real or fake.

"Honey, how do you feel?" she asks, her voice not genuine.

"mmmmm..mmmmm." is all I manage to utter, but atleast i can talk

"Can you move your fingers?"

So I go to move my fingers, and yes...they are working properly. I can hear the nurse sign with relief and she becomes a little less tense.

"Just rest up, dearie."

So I nod my head, as she walks away.

And in that bed I remained

Peacefullness at last. (an: is that a word?)

Wait...no...just kidding. It was too good to be true. Hear comes Zuko. Killer all fun, happiness,
hope, properity, and your dreams. My nick-name for him is now a run-on.
"ex-prince"-prettyboy-fun killer zuko.

"katara." he says, his voice quiet, almost tranquil. His eyes arched in a concerned fashion.

I now grew curious of what he was going to say. It felt like he was going to confess to me a deep and dark secret, or maybe tell me something I did not want to hear.

"What Ussika said, earlier, when she when we had that argument...it was all true. I'm so sorry"
He voice serene yet worried.

Now, I was really interested. I really wasn't paying much attention to the arguement..but...when I blanked out, the arguement was just starting get really heated. I needed to find out what she said, without making it sound like i didn't hear her.

I pryed deep into my thoughts, trying to recall as much of the convorsation as I could. I remember Ussika badgering Zuko about my baby's father.

And that's when it hit me.

I'm absolutly and in every shape and form a compte half-witted moron...


My breathing grew heavy, as i frantically whipped my head back and forth as if I could easily spot her. My voice cracked as I cried out to no one impiticular, "WHERE IS SAKURA?"

Zuko relaxed his expression, because I had gone off topic.

"Don't worry Katara, Sakura is in another wing on the hospital, being cared for."

I sighed.

"But back to the-er...prior subject," I said, trying to unsuspiciously shift the convorsation

Zuko tensed up again, "Right, well you see...i'm soo sorry for everything I've done...I feel like such a jerk."

I tried to make my voice stern," Um YES YOU ARE A JERK..YOU...YOU...HORRIBLE MAN."

"But listen, this may just be a blessing in disguise...I think maybe...it was meant to be"
he revieled

I quickly tried to think of a response, "I agree...whole-heartdly...about this situation. I mean..it's not that bad right?"

And that's when a smirk crawled onto zuko's face. He shook his head and took a long blink. "You have no idea what I'm talking about...do you?"

"No..no...I'm totally clueless." I smiled back

"Well...THATS a load off my shoulder," he sighed, opening a random medical book sitting on the table next to my cot.

"Please zuko...TELL ME!" I begged

He did not respond, but he was...smiling? He found my ignorence amuzing! That jerk! That FIEND!
I won't let him think my oblivian is there for his entertainment.

"LISTEN HERE, PRETTYBOY...you BETTER tell me WHAT USSIKA SAID...RIGHT NOW!" my voice showed no hint of tone in a frivolous matter

"Prettyboy?" that grin of his...so mischivious

But he was trying to contain his laughter. He turned his head, facing away from me. I could feebly hear him snickering. This only aggrivated me more to the point were i felt as if fire would shoot out of my hands! This must be why zuko is constantly discharging flames left and right.

"Zuko." my voice angered yet controlled, "If you don't tell me...I'll...I'll...I SWEAR i'll..." I stutterd,
strugling to think of a threat.

"You'll what...splash me with a puddle?" that mocking smile still plastered upon his lips

"Shut up." I paused...then rememberd something Aang had told me the night after the battle with Azula and Zuko. (an: that was this week's -may 26th- episode if anyone didn't see it)
"Shut up." I began again, "Zuzu"

Now his demeanor shifted, "What'd you call me?" his voice unappeasable

Now I smiled, "ZuZu."

"YOU WANNA FIGHT THIS ONE OUT...WATER PEASENT?" he was still ever so slighly smirking

"OH yes...BRING IT!" i was smiling so wide...we both were.

So I muster up enough strengh to leap out of bed, now standing ready to fight. Zuko is laughing up a storm accross from me, but I try to keep on a serious face.

And that's when the doors to my room slam open and two very omnious and shaggy looking guards,
begin to hollar and screech, seizing up zuko.

"Hey, boy I don't know how you escaped from that prison cell...but'yer going back in!" one yelled,
dragging zuko away, as he furously kicked and shot fire.

Wait, I thought the guards let him come to the hospital? Does this mean he escaped just to see,
me? And that's when I noticed it. (CLIFFY!)


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