OK, so for those of you who are returning, you will find this a rather different chapter than before. I am in the process of reworking this fic because I found it not nearly as dark as it is supposed to be. Human trafficking is a scary and dark reality and I really wasn't doing it justice. So if the story gave you the willies before maybe you should reconsider reading it because it's about to get very dark.

Warning: This is rated mature for a reason! This story involves rape and drugs and possibly other things that my sick mind can make up. If you are going to flame me then why bother reading it?


Harry glanced up from his homework when he saw a flash of light outside. However, it was gone before he had even a glimpse. He searched the streets but, seeing nothing returned to his charms. He was forced to do his homework in the dark of night, not only because it was wizard homework and therefore "freakish" but also for the fact that the Dursley's kept him extremely busy during the day with all sorts of chores. But Harry didn't mind. Not this summer at least.

Harry was glad for the distraction from his raging thoughts about the previous year. He could hear Cedric calling to him, blaming him for his death. Nobody would owl him on Dumbledore's orders so he felt extremely frustrated at not hearing anything from his world about Voldemort's return.

For now all he had was the gentle scratching of his quill on parchment to keep his thoughts away from less desirable things.

The night seemed cold for a June evening and Harry pulled his blanket around him. His room was the only room that the Dursley's didn't pay to heat. His thin white shirt and blue and red plaid pajama pants did little to help him in his drafty, barren bedroom.

His head snapped up when he heard a creak on the stairs. What was going on tonight? Was he just being paranoid? Harry shook his head thinking that he was becoming as suspicious as Mad-eye Moody. His quill had just touched the paper when he heard the creak again. Harry stared at the door, debating whether to go out and see what was going on. Instead, he nimbly rolled off the bed and pried up the loose floorboard that was underneath. He pulled out his wand and slipped it up his sleeve. He leaned over the foot of his bed and opened the trunk. He grabbed his wand holster and used it to strap his wand to his right forearm. He leaned back on the bed. Now, if his paranoia was accurate, then at least he was prepared. He dipped his quill in the inkwell and continued his essay.

The door then slammed open and Harry jumped, spilling his ink on the bedspread. He looked up and saw two men he didn't recognize at the door.

"Who are you?" He questioned. They didn't answer but ran forward grabbed him. Harry twisted around and jumped off the bed onto the floor. He pulled his wand out but one of the men stepped on his hand and it flew from his grip under the bed. He rolled on his back and saw another foot coming so he rolled over and stood up quickly.

Harry yelled but it did no good. One of the men grabbed both of Harry's arms behind his back and the other advanced towards him. Harry kicked his legs up and managed to get one good shot between the legs. This only seemed to make the man angrier and he stepped forward and backhanded Harry hard across the face. He cried out in pain and shouted towards the door, hoping Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, or Dudley would hear. Harry still kept fighting back. The man hit his face a few more times and kneed his in the gut. Harry had the wind knocked out of him and was seeing spots gazing dizzily at the floor. The men took this momentary sign of weakness as a chance to grab him. The man behind him wrapped one arm around his torso, pinning his arms down, and used his other hand to shove a piece of cloth in Harry's face. Harry was just beginning to get his second wind and took several large breaths. He realized too late that the cloth was soaked in something that was quickly making his drowsy. He fought for consciousness and he felt his stomach lurch as the world shifted around him and was turned upside down as he was tossed like a sack of potatoes over the man's shoulder. He groggily let his head hang as he was carried down the stairs. He lifted his head, which felt like it weighed a ton, to see the other man who was in the room handing a thick wad of cash to Vernon before shaking his hand. Then Harry lost consciousness.

Harry groggily began to open his eyes, wishing he could sleep for just a touch longer until he felt a rather uncomfortable bump in the road. Then his eyes snapped open as everything came back to him. He sat up quickly but almost immediately fell back cursing himself for moving too quickly. His stomach was tied up in knots from not eating and the drug had made him nauseous. He dry heaved a bit, rolling onto his side in case he did become sick but, luckily he presumed, there was nothing in his stomach to sick up. He laid there a few moments analyzing the situation.

He was in some sort of moving vehicle. How had he gotten here? He remembered being rudely ripped from his bed by two strange men…who were handed money by Uncle Vernon. His breath caught at the thought he had been…sold. His first thought was Voldemort but he immediately scratched that. These men had used a drug to knock him out, not a spell, and he was in a van which no death eater would be caught dead in, much less know how to operate. He looked around, still laying on his side to observe his surroundings.

It was completely barren. He slowly tried to sit up and found, with gently movements he was able to. He crawled around a bit, exploring the corners of the van. He didn't know what he was looking for, if anything. An escape, a weapon, anything. He backed himself against a wall and pulled his knees to his chest and felt tears stinging the back of his eyes at his seemingly hopeless situation. He had no wand, no ability to contact anyone in the wizarding world, and no idea where he was or was being taken. He didn't even know what time of day it was, the van having no windows. He felt tears beginning to escape his eyes when the van came to a stop.

He looked around frantically, as if looking for a place to hide but only shrunk further into a ball in his little corner. He heard doors open and felt the van shudder as they were shut. He prayed inside his head that they wouldn't come back here but he heard footsteps heading to the back and soon found the back door thrown open.

'Well, it's nighttime' was the first thought that came to Harry's mind. He was fairly certain that it wasn't the same night which mean that he'd been out a day at least. Then he got a closer look at his captors. They were two big, brutish men. One was bald with a rather large mustache, and the other had a full head of hair and a full beard. They were dressed in regular clothing; jeans, t-shirts, jackets. Harry assumed that it would help them blend in, but they would also be able to roughhouse with ease. That was the part that Harry was worried about as they began to climb inside.

Harry chanced a peek behind them, hoping that maybe somebody would see him but he discovered that these two men weren't complete morons and all he saw was forest. They were pulled off onto the side of the road of some deep woods back road that Harry was sure he would more that likely die in before he found a way out.

"See, I told you I heard him moving around" Said the bald one. He walked over to Harry and kicked him in the side. Harry flinched violently and curled up tighter, which was apparently the opposite of what the guy intended, since he kneeled down and grabbed his hair to lift his head up.

"My My, I can see why Daray wanted you. You are a pretty one" he murmured, running a finger down Harry's cheek. Harry shuddered violently and almost felt like retching again.

"Maybe we can stop for just a little while…"He trailed off suggestively, putting one of his hands on Harry's knees, the other still firmly gripping his hair.

"You know that Daray wants him virgin, I wouldn't mess with him." said the man with the beard.

"We don't have to fuck him to get some use out of him" said mustache man who was still stroking Harry's knee. The other man sighed and looked around before climbing into the back of the van and shutting the doors.

"This had better be quick, you know we have another pick up to make"

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure he'll cooperate. Won't you?" He said, tugging on Harry's hair assertively. He felt even more tears leak out of his eyes and looked at the other man who fingered the gun in his waistband. He closed his eyes and nodded his head.

"Good boy. " He released his killer grip on Harry's hair and instead petted it as if he were a dog. He tugged on Harry's hands so that they were removed from where they had been encircling his legs. He then yanked, pulling Harry forward and he fell over slightly sideways until the man grabbed his hair again. Harry yelped painfully as he was hauled up onto his knees, the mustache man now standing. He released Harry and his hands moved to his belt.

Harry wanted to be sick. His mind was running a mile a minute trying to think of ways to over power these two to get out of this horrifying nightmare. He summed up what was left of his Gryffindor foolishness and made a break for the door but a kick to his back sent him sprawling. He felt a hand grab his ankle and drag him back while he kicked and hollered, grabbing at the floor as if he might take hold on something. He was violently flipped over and hauled up by the front of his shirt.

"That was really stupid kid" the one with the beard said before smacking Harry with all of his might, knocking him onto his side. The man landed one good kick to his stomach before stopping as his partner, mustache man, reminded him of the condition he was supposed to arrive in. All of this made no sense to Harry and he laid on the floor before he was roughly pulled up again.

"Now you better cooperate and shut the hell up, I don't care whether Daray wants you or not, I'll put a bullet right through your pretty little head." threatened mustache man. Little did Harry know that this was an empty threat as if these two men didn't deliver him they would be the ones with bullets in their heads. However he didn't know this and just nodded, back on his knees again as the man undid his trousers. All he could do was sob harder until he was smacked in the side of the head and told to shut up. He looked at the penis in front of him, unbelieving of what he was about to do. He felt a hand grab his jaw and tilted his head upwards where he saw the man glaring down at him.

"You bite me, and I won't hesitate to beat the living shit out of you. Remember that."

He lowered Harry's head back down and Harry stared, unsure what to do. The man grabbed his hands and put them on his hips and held them there for a moment before he let go, knowing Harry would leave his hands there, and grabbed Harry's head with one hand and pushing it towards his penis, the other hand directing it to Harry's mouth.

Harry opened his mouth and slowly began sucking on the tip, wanting to have as little of the body part in his mouth as possible. But mustache man was not having it and shoved himself roughly in a few inches. Harry gagged a touch but had nothing to sick up so the man kept thrusting and muttering things at Harry as he brought himself closer.

He finished soon enough, through it seemed like a lifetime to Harry, and stepped back tucking himself back in as Harry lowered his head, crying and wiping the cum off of his chin. He moved to curl back up again until mustache man spoke back up.

"Don't think you're done little boy. Remember there are two of us" He smirked and the man with the beard stepped forward. Harry looked up warily as beard man took the gun out of his waistband and handed it to mustache man before undoing his trousers. Harry glanced at the gun and moved to get back on his knees.

A while later the men returned to the front of the van and left Harry laying on his side sobbing and feeling disgusting. The two men came back around and Mustache man grabbed him and laid him down in the back of the van and Harry saw beard man coming forward with a needle. He began fighting and yelling but mustache man just smacked him until Harry was dizzy and stopped. He felt the needle prick his arm and felt himself becoming drowsy.

"That oughtta keep him out until we get to France."

'France!?' Harry thought frantically but before he could think anymore about it he was drifting off into his nightmares.


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