Albus Dumbledore stood serenely in the Dursley living room. Or at least one who was observing would think he was standing serenely. In fact he simply had so many emotions stirring inside of him the he wasn't sure which one would display on his face.

Denial. That any of this was truly happening.

Fear. That Harry was already dead, or simply lost forever.

Sadness. That he had allowed this to happen.

Anger. At Vernon Dursley for doing this to Harry.

Anger. At the man who had taken Harry.

Anger. At himself, for being so trusting to leave Harry with the Dursleys.




Yes, anger would do quite nicely.

To see the face of Albus Dumbledore contort into a look of rage is not something anyone wants to see in their lifetime. Luckily for Vernon Dursley, who was sure that he would be incinerated on the spot by the stare of Dumbledore's eyes, Dumbledore was distracted when Remus began speaking.

"Ok, he's told us everything Dumbledore, here's what we know."

And Remus told the story of Vernon, so desperate to get rid of Harry that he took a suggestion from a co worker and sold his nephew into slavery. He talked about the two men who came in the night and stole him away. He told about the enormous sum of money he had been offered and given in exchange.

"What was his name?" asked Dumbledore.

Vernon looked up, shaking in his armchair. His arms were bound to the arms with conjured rope and he was still scared stiff from having the murderer Sirius Black stare him in the face.

"Daray Courtemanche…'s his name! Never met the bloke though! Don't even know what he looks like! Honest! I can't help you anymore, I've told you all I know!" Vernon stuttered, wishing he hadn't made the biggest mistake of his life. All he'd wanted was to get rid of the filth, not drag more in to kill him.

"Where were they taking him? Surely you know that?" Remus snarled, leaning forward looking every bit the wolf.

Vernon recoiled and looked to be thinking very hard.

"Uh.….uhm…I…I don't know! The only person I ever talked to was British so he must still be here…he must…" Sirius lunged menacingly from the corner of the room and advanced as if to attack. Vernon let out a great, unmanly shriek.

"OK! OK! He…..They said something about…something in French. That's it! In France! They were going somewhere in France!" Vernon yelled out.

"Very well then. Lets go." Albus said, and started out the room. Both Remus and Sirius looked at each other and then ran towards Dumbledore.

"But Dumbledore, we're not just going to leave him here!"

"After all he's done! We're just going to leave him alone!"

"This is absurd!"

"We can't just let him free."

"Gentlemen!" Dumbledore shouted, turning around to face his two former pupils, "Wouldn't you agree that we have more important things to do?" He gave them each a look before turning around and continuing towards the fireplace. Sirius sighed and followed after throwing a menacing glance towards Vernon. After they both disappeared into the fire Remus turned and walked back to Vernon. He leaned in really close to Vernon's face.

"Don't you dare mistake this for mercy Vernon Dursley," He whispered "We will be back. And when we are back you will pay. You will pay hard for what you did to that boy. You can try and run, and I would if I were you…but we will find you, have no doubt about that. But while you're running, you can think about the fact that at any given moment a whole army of wizards could simply appear and make you pay. Because that's how many people love this boy that you just threw away."

Remus gave Vernon one more look before turning and stalking to the fireplace, leaving Vernon to sink down in his chair and ponder his fate.

Harry awoke in a lumpy bed. He first wondered why he was awake when it was clearly still night, when he bolted upright and looked around. They weren't in a basement. Harry was sure of that, as there were windows. Well…there were two windows but still. He looked around and saw Renee and Aimee still sleeping soundly. They were on mattresses that crowded the floor of what looked like a cramped apartment living room. He stood slowly and walked over to a window. He peeked out from behind the dark curtain.

He saw the most magnificent architecture. Turrets that were topped with what looked like swirled ice cream, buildings of every color. There were people milling about the street and just when he got the urge to try and pry the window open he felt an arm snake around his waist.

"Do you like St. Petersburg, Harry?"

Harry felt the familiar voice of Daray tickle his ear. Daray's embrace got stronger and his hands began to roam.

"Well, I hope you enjoy the view, because it is the last of the outside you are going to see for a very long time." He whispered before pulling Harry back and pulling the curtain shut. "You don't really think I'm going to let you out for another party after that stunt you pulled? You will work solely out of the house from now on. It may lose some money at first, but people always want what they can't have. So no worries….you will have plenty of customers."

Daray turned back around and glared at Harry.

"You almost lost me a lot of money and caused me a whole lot of trouble Harry. Did you think that would go unpunished? But how to punish you? I can't take away your customers, that would be like a vacation." He stepped up to Harry and ran a hand down his cheek. "I can not mar your beautiful skin, that would hurt my product. So what do you have left?"

Harry set his mouth in a firm line and jutted his chin up at Daray and stared him down. Daray chuckled.

"Ah yes…your foolish pride. Well I know just how to take care of that."

Daray gave Harry's face a gentle smack before heading towards the door. He turned around with his hand on the knob.

"Oh yes, you may want to wake up your friend. You both have a customer."

And with that Daray was gone.