Summary: 8-year-old Harry Potter runs away from Ms. Figg's house after the Dursley's leave him there for a week, then Harry meets a stranger named Snape.

Harry Potter wasn't a normal boy of 8 years old, if anything he was anything from normal. He didn't have any friends, he slept in a cupboard under the stairs and he had the messiest hair in his second grade class. Harry was about to get a lot weirder. He didn't know it yet but his life was about to change.

As Harry woke up on a beautiful Saturday day, he was feeling extremely upset. Today he would have to spend a whole week with the smelly old cat lady, Ms. Figg. He hated spending time with her, but the Dursleys were going to stay with his Aunt Marge for a week and anywhere was better than with her.

"Boy! Get dressed, we don't want to keep Margie waiting." His Uncle Vernon screamed from the kitchen.

Harry dressed slowly, dreading when he was going to be dropped of at Ms. Figg's house. As he entered the kitchen he saw his cousin dressed in a blue sailor suite, hat an all. Harry could barely hold back his laughter and snorted very loudly.

"What're you smiling at boy! Get over here and cook me some breakfast."

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Said Harry obediently as he made to the oven, silently calling his uncle bad names under his breath.

After Harry served breakfast, while the rest of his family ate he had to wait until they were finished, his uncle called it common courtesy.

"Boy, if I hear you misbehaved at that Figg ladies house, I promise you will not see day light for a month!" Screamed his Uncle Vernon, spitting bits of food at Harry.

"Yes Uncle Vernon."

After the Dursley's finished eating, Harry helped himself to some of the scraps. Then Harry and Dursley's piled up into the car. After they arrived at Ms. Figg's house, Vernon threw Harry out of the car and gave him a dark warning.

"Remember boy, do any weird things, and you'll be sorry."

With that said Uncle Vernon and the rest of the Dursley's sped off, leaving a bewildered Harry behind.

Harry contemplated on what he should do next. He didn't want to go to Ms. Figg's house, but he didn't know where else he could go. The Dursley's had locked the door so he couldn't go there. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he really hated Ms. Figg's house. The cats made him sneeze, and the small of cabbages made him want to vomit.

Harry decided what he was going to do, he would leave, just run away from all of it. He was going to leave Privet Drive forever, he would never have to go to the Dursley's again.

After Harry left Ms. Figg's driveway, he decided that the first thing he would have to do was leave his neighborhood. Then he decided to travel to London and life off of the streets, like in a book he remembered reading. He knew that it wouldn't be too hard, he could steal all the supplies he needed.

It wasn't until 2AM in the morning when Harry started to get worried. He was cold, hungry, and very lost. He had thought he could walk the same way he remembered his Uncle had taken to get to London. He was starting to think that running away wasn't a good idea after all.

All of a sudden he heard a loud honking noise. Then in a blink of an eye a bid double-decker purple bus appeared. Harry blinked in surprise, then grew frightened. He had never seen s uch a weird bus before. Then the door opened and a skinny flushed man with wild bushy red hair and strange yellow eyes, stepped off the bus.

"Hello little one, need a lift?" Said the strange man.

"Umm. S-Sir, I don't know who you are." Replied a very terrified Harry.

"Oh yeah, sorry forgot, new to the job. Well, my name is Liza Truntopper, and this is the Night Bus." He exclaimed proudly.

Harry didn't know what to make of this Liza person, and he didn't know what to make of a purple "Night Bus." But he did know that he had no way of getting to London on his own.

Nervous, Harry replied, "Well er sir, I would really like a ride to London."

"London eh, you're in luck, another fellow on here is heading to London also." Liza said, while motioning his head towards a creepy looking pale man dressed in all black strange looking robes. "By the way, what's your name little fellow?"

Harry responded, "Harry Potter, sir."

As Harry gave his name he noticed in the corner of his eyes the pale man started to stare at him.

Author's Note: DUN DUN DUN! Who is that creepy pale man! I know crappy cliffhanger, but it had to end somewhere. Well this story might not be AU (alternative universe) , meaning I might make this story fit into the book somehow, or I might make it completely against the book. Who knows..