This might get confusing, but I agree I need real dialogue to keep this interesting. So I'm going to italicize the parts that are of actual scenes. If that's annoying on your eyes, tell me and I'll do it the other way around, since this story will still be majority journal entries.

"Do you like your relatives?" Snape asked at the dinner table as they were finishing their meal.

Harry was now used to the random inquiries about his life with the Dursleys. Though, he was still not used to the locations of where they would begin. Just the other day, as he was coming out of the bathroom he had to answer Snape's question of whether he had fun at the Dursley's or not.

Harry didn't truly trust Snape enough to go revealing his personal life, so for the most part he lied.

"Yea, yea. I like them a lot, sir." Snorting at the end trying to hide his laughter. Hell would freeze over before he liked his relatives.

Snape just stared at him for a moment, which made Harry feel as if Snape were reading his mind, then left the room.

July 10, 1990

Snape and I (darn your contagious grammar, Snape!) went to the market today. It was really fun. I saw all the cool shops. They were nothing like the ones at home. All the food was fresh, and the clothes and jewelry were freshly made too. Everything was just so fresh! What a wonderful feeling.

Snape must've been in a good mood, he let me buy a really cool shark tooth necklace. I think it looks cool.

Snape just grumbled as he paid for it and told me to think of a new word that replaces 'cool'. I just told him, that's cool

I'm having a great time.

Yet, there are still bad times. Now it's become a regular event for Snape to ask me about the Dursleys. I can tell that he doesn't really care, he keeps calling me a pampered child and arrogant. I looked up both words, and I'm neither!

I don't care what Snape thinks. He's a slimy git!

July 12, 1990

Well… I'm sick. I have a really bad fever. Anyways, Snape's now super annoyed. Ugh, I can hear him screaming now, "It's bad enough to take care of a Potter, but a sick Potter!" I think he thinks that I got sick on purpose. He keeps cursing under his breath. I just think he's scared because he doesn't know what to do.

He mostly just asks me what I want. Of course, I could use this to my advantage. But, I won't (for now, muhahaha). Snape may not be very nice at all and hate me for no reason. But no one has ever taken care of me before. He doesn't treat me bad, the most he does is insult me.

Haha, this sickness must really be getting to me, I'm actually calling Snape nice.

July 13, 1990

Sick. Sick.

Forget what I said before. Snape is a complete GIT!

July 14, 1990

I asked Snape why he hated me today. I had nothing better to do. It is day 3 of this horrible sickness.

He didn't answer me though. He just pretended like he didn't hear me and went off to make soup. Mmm... Chicken noodle. He must have a heart in him somewhere, I guess. Instead of that nasty white mush that we used to eat, he's upgraded to soup.

I got him to promise me that he'd take me to a popular restaurant in the next town over, Vive something, anyways, it took me FOREVER to get him to take me, I had to ask him over and over again politely (yea right, more like begged and begged).

I've never been to a restaurant before, I told him that and he just stared at me and said, "I guess the pampered prince loves his Auntie's cooking."
Git. Still, I can't wait to get better so I can go.

I hear him at my door, so hungry, so sick. Bye!

July 15, 1990

Eilan and his twin brother Jacen came over today. They brought me fruits and vegetables and a small army tin man. They're really nice. I wish they lived around Little Whining that way I could play with them at the Dursley's.

The twins told me that I could go with them to their father's work, which is in a vineyard. Snape says I can if I'm good. I don't know what 'good' is since he thinks everything about me is bad, but I'm going to go no matter what Snape says.

After the twins left Snape told me that we could go to the restaurant tomorrow. I'm really excited; Jacen told me all the different foods I should get. I really want the Tiramisu, which is a traditional Italian dessert with coffee on it.

Wow I can't wait. I'm gonna ask Snape what he's going to get now. So, bye!

The next chapter will not be written as a journal, since it will be the chapter of the two at the restaurant. I also want it to be from Snape's point of view, we haven't heard from him lately.