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The wizard games were starting with wizards from all over the world entering.

The ones sent from king Justin were the fantastic Aaron and Michael. From king Markl was the mystical Hein. From queen Hatter came at least eleven wizards, but the only one worth mentioning was Sunny. When they finally caught up Howls castle (it got its legs back and is now powered by Calcefer and several other fire demons on a payment of eggshells, fish scales, and potato skin) Howl announced, "The winners of this tournament will receive the ultimate prize, will be able to walk in my shadow for a whole year. I know it's hard, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make." The whole crowd stood dumbstruck. Howl then started bursting in laughter and said, "You all actually fell for it! Hah hah! The real prize is being my apprentice. And all participants receive a Calcefer doll. So rest well, for the preliminaries start tomorrow."

"Are chances of are kingdom winning are doubled if we both past the preliminaries," stated Michael in a suit that looked similar to king Justin's (human form). "I concur," replied Aaron in his suit that looked king Justin's (scarecrow form).

"Finally, a chance to show up Aaron and Michael," muttered Hein to himself.

"That Calcefer doll was so cute," said Sunny in an excited tone.

" Shouldn't we be focusing more on the games than the cuteness of the doll?" asked one of the ten other wizards from queen Hatter.

"Aw, ok," said Sunny.

The each got their own separate rooms in Howls castle. Each had a good nights sleep because of a comfort spell cast on each room.