Stan had been keeping these feelings to him self for so long…too long in fact. He wanted to tell the red head how much he loved him so badly that it actually hurt. He always knew that love was "Painful" so-to-speak, but up until 6 months ago, he had never actually physically felt pain caused by love.

Ha. 6 Months ago. That's was about the time he'd broken up with Wendy. He'd been going out with her since the start of high school and just didn't love her any more. In fact, if he was totally honest with himself, now, the whole idea of going out with Wendy made him want to throw up, Although Wendy didn't seem to realise this. She kept calling or coming up to him in school, even bothering him at home, trying desperately to win him back, with no success what-so-ever. She's persistent, Stan had to give her that, but it annoyed him…A LOT.

He'd organised the sleep over for just the two of them tonight deliberately. Well, it wasn't totally deliberately, more like a happy set of co-incidences. Kyle's room was being painted back home, and Kyle had trouble breathing paint fumes, so Stan asked his parents if it was OK for Kyle to sleep over for the week, until the paint had dried properly. They said yes, as they were going out of town for two nights anyway. With his sister away at university, that meant Stan and Kyle would have the whole house to them selves. He was so excited.