Guardians of Legend
By: blondie91

Legends usually begin when a powerful evil takes over a land and a hero rises up against incredible odds to stop it. However, much like the case when the Hero of Time defeated the Evil King, sometimes that evil can not be entirely destroyed. Instead it must be locked away in a place it can never escape from. Well, at least a place that will hopefully keep it contained.

In order to keep Ganondorf from creating more destruction, the sages locked him away in the Evil Realm. Once peace was restored to the land of Hyrule with his downfall and his reign of terror erased from the minds of all with the reverse of time, the people began to expand to new horizons. An age of enlightenment had struck the people of Hyrule…an age where they were thirsting for knowledge.

Even though only those directly involved knew of the Gerudo king's existence, there was an even greater evil that had roamed the earth long before him that not even they knew about. This evil had to be stopped and the four heroes that rose up against it were forced to lock it away for it was so strong that they feared even death could not keep it from returning. In order to make sure the evil remained in its prison, the three golden goddesses blessed the four heroes with the gift of eternal youth so that they who possessed the power to bring this evil down could watch over the gateway to its prison and make sure that it could never escape.

Thousands of years later when the people of Hyrule began their quest for knowledge, the temple that held this evil was discovered. Although they did not know what rested deep within, it was an ancient structure that they felt had been left up to them to explore. Such ignorant fools they were…

Chapter 1
Hard Feelings

Night shadows clung menacingly to the walls of Hyrule Castle Town. No light penetrated through the inky darkness that the lack of moonlight created. While most people were lost in the peaceful realms of sleep, a few others crept about…some of those few had very devious intentions.

Two wanted criminals, known as Bernard and Leon, crept through the market having found this night fit to get away with yet another robbery. "Hand me the scrap piece of metal we brought, my daggers too big to fit in this lock," the one known as Leon demanded.

"Er…uh…there's a bit of a problem. You see, I think I've gone and dropped it…" came Bernard's hesitant reply.

"You clumsy buffoon, you had better help me find it!" Both men dropped to the ground and began feeling around for the object.

"Lose something, boys?" a masculine voice spoke casually from the shadows.

Doing a terrible job of hiding his fear, Leon had no problem telling a lie. "Why yes. It seems as though I've dropped the key to my shop and I'm in desperate need of something I left inside."

"Hey, I didn't know you had a shop--…Ow!" Bernard yelped.

"You idiot!"

"The two of you had better stay right where you are if you want to live," that same voice from just before hissed venomously. "I can't abide thieves and liars."

"Why don't you show yourself, you coward!" Leon screamed into the enveloping darkness as he jumped up and drew his dagger from the side of his belt.

However, that dagger didn't stay in his hand for very long. There was an echoing crack as his arm was twisted and bent backwards. Following this, there was a loud clang as the dagger clattered to the ground.

"M-my arm!" Leon wailed miserably as pain laced its way through his injured limb.

"Get up against the wall now!" Both men jumped at this sharp command and timidly did as they were bidden.

"Please don't hurt us, we never meant no harm…" Bernard whined pitifully.

"Oh really now? These people work hard for their money! What makes you think that you have the right to just waltz on in and take it? In fact, give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you…" The darkness that had inhabited the market since the coming of night had suddenly vanished, destroyed by the lantern light that now illuminated the area.

"It's good to see you again, Link. There's no need for bloodshed. Let my guards take them away to the prison," a female voice abruptly cut through the tension.

The light had revealed two stout men standing with their backs pressed against the wall with one of them cradling their arm, their attacker had also been revealed. The two men were astounded when they saw that it was just a mere boy of about seventeen garbed in an odd green tunic who had opposed them.

"Hey now, that just ain't right!" Leon muttered in pure indignation.

Three men clad in the armor of Hyrule's Royal Guard approached the two criminals and proceeded to take them away. They did this quickly and soon it was just Link and the girl who had addressed him as such. Link had yet to turn and face her.

"Those two have eluded the law's grasp for some time now; to apprehend them so quickly is truly an amazing feat." The heels of her shoes clicking on the hard ground resounded around them, it really made Link wonder how her approach had gone unnoticed.

"So what exactly brings you here at three in the morning, Princess Zelda?" he spat, turning upon her in one fluid movement.

"You do actually," she replied with ease; a smirk tugged at the corners of her thin lips.

"Would you mind explaining further?" he asked her.

"Hmph, you're always asking questions and trying to get straight to the point. Why can't we just talk? Maybe even go back to the good old days when we were in love?"

"That time is long gone. You will gain nothing by bringing that up again," Link growled, but even he could not hide the hurt that sparkled in his cerulean eyes. "Now what do you want from me?"

Zelda twiddled her fingers through her golden blonde hair and her sapphire blue eyes stared intently into his. "I'm sure you've heard of the temple that was uncovered just recently out in Hyrule Field. I am going with a small team to explore this temple. In order for my father to let me go however, I was told I would have to find a bodyguard better than any of the knights that serve under him."

"And that's where I come in," Link stated, meeting her gaze.

"Exactly, so will you go along with it?"

"After what has happened in the past, I have every obligation to say no," Link began, "but…as long as you don't pull anything, I will accept the job."

Zelda's face brightened considerably, "Good! I'm assuming you don't want any pay…?"

Dangit! She knows me too well… Link thought dejectedly, but soon hatched up a quick change in plans. "Actually, some pay for my services would be nice…"

"Not a problem, we can settle that once the expedition is over. Meet us all here at noon tomorrow. Oh, and you had better not be late."

"That I can do," Link replied as the two of them turned to go their separate ways. "You gonna be ok walkin' home by yourself, princess?"

"Of course," she snapped.

Link sighed; he missed the old and much nicer Zelda…


Well, what'd ya think? I'm really looking forward to seeing how well I do with this fanfic, especially with what I have planned as it gets farther into it. This chapter was short…but I'm really just tryin' to get it going. I'll try to get the next chapter up no later then this Sunday…but this could change if anything comes up.


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