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"Guys, I think it would be nice if we went to an inn for the night... It's really bad weather." He glanced up at the brewing strom clouds over head.

The now more mature Avatar, a 17 year old man named Aang agreed. They knew by now whether or not they could handle what the weather decided to give them. Aang had filled out. His broad shoulders, well toned abs and tall slender body were definitely something to look at.

"Well let's go before it starts pouring more" started the young woman, Katara, who is now 19. Her breasts came in even more, Aang noticed. Her curves fit her body well, her hair pulled into a loose braid.

"Yip yip!" Sokka called to Appa, who glided through the air without any problems. "I saw a village not far from here... there it is" he pointed towards a small town. Soak has gotten stronger, more warrior-like and was still a bit of a goof. The stopped at an inn, placed Appa in shelter and went and paid for 3 rooms.

"I can't wait to get out of theses wet clothes and take a bath!" said an aggravated Katara.

Aang stopped walking and paused, picturing this in his mind, feeling a bit flushed, but shook his head and kept walking. Sokka's room was first, followed by Aang's, and Katara's was across from Sokka's. The trio said their good night's and headed into their rooms. Katara entered her bathroom, pumping in water from an underground well that was hooked up to a pump in the bathroom. She slipped off her wet clothes, and got into the tub, letting her hair out of it's braid. Meanwhile, Aang was pacing in his room, finding it hard to keep his mind off of Katara.

She's in there, right now. Sokka is across the hall, this is the perfect time... so go on! He shut his eyes, wincing at the voices in his head, but gave up. "Fine!" he declared, giving in to his emotions. He slipped out of his room, shutting the door and step over to Katara's door, knocking softly.

"Who is it?" called a far-away sounding Katara

"It's...It's Aang. Can I talk to you?"

He listened for her, heard a splash and remember she was taking a bath.

A few seconds later he heard a "Just a second!" and before he knew it, there she was, wrapped in a blue robe, some cleavage was noticeable, to say the least. Her hair was undone and in a beautiful wavy look . Aang blushed, trying to take his mind off of her body and her beauty. She stepped aside.

"Want to come in?"

"Y-yeah, that'd be great"

He looked around the room, about the same as his. He sat down at a near by table, and Katara sat next to him.

"So what's on your mind?"

"Um... well I don't really know how to put it..."

"Well take your time. You know you can tell me anything" she rested a hand on top of his, and he bit his lower lip. Katara wanted to tell him something too; but she figured she should first help him with his problem first. She gave his hand a light squeeze, loving feel of his skin against hers. She noticed his face getting red, and blushed slightly too. She stood up, walking behind him, and put her hands on his shoulders, gently massaging him.

Aang let himself smile, feeling her hands on him. He leaned his head back, looking at her. God he's grown up, she thought,. So handsome... and yet so innocent and trustworthy. Aang got his courage up, and stood up, feeling her hands leave him and he turned to her, and held her hands with his, grasping them. Katara blushed noticeablity, even with her tan skin. Aang looked deep into her beautiful sea blue eyes, almost getting lost in them.



Aang gently pressed his lean, muscled body into Katara's, and snaked his arms around to her back, and looked deeply into her deep blue eyes. Katara gasped slightly, not wanting to look away but feeling embarrassed to have his full attention.


"Don't..." She started, but got cut off by Aang's sudden movement of putting his lips on hers. She was shocked at first, but then eased into it, letting him place one of his hands to run through her hair and the other to press her back deeper into his body, making the kiss more than passionate. He then pulled back, breathing quietly and looking at her.

"Don't what?" he whispered.

"...Don't stop..."

He grinned and led her hands around him, holding him close to her. Katara smiled, feeling flustered that she isn't thinking to do that herself. She looked deeply into his grey eyes. So deep and so innocent...

Aang kisses her forehead, letting his fingertip rest on her lips, as he kissed down her face and onto her neck. The water bender squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to let any sound out. Instead, she opened her mouth and let two of his fingers slip in. She played with them, gently biting when he kissed her neck intensely, and sucked softly afterwards, letting him know he's doing a good job. Aang raised his head, and Katara couldn't help but smile and almost leap onto him, grasping at the back of his shoulders and leaning into him, giving him a deep kiss, and slowed down a bit, tracing his tattoo up and down his head and neck. He felt chills sweep through him.

He groaned in surprise and pleasure, letting his hands glide down her body and feel her curves, stroking her back and slowly coming to a stop on her butt, caressing it and lightly pinching it. Katara giggled slightly at this, not being touched like this before felt so odd... but felt so right. Her experience with boys in this fashion was limited, but she knew the basics. She reached down and took one of Aang's hands in hers, and he looked at her, a bit red in the face.

"Oh... I'm... sorry..." He put his other hand back on her back.Katara grinned. "No, I liked that... I just wanted you to feel something else..." She placed the Avatar's hand upon her still clothed breast.

Aang turned more red, and bit his lip, and softly squeezed her breast as Katara leaned into him, moaning into his ear. Aang smiled widely. He groped the one breasts, then the other, as Katara licked and sucked on his ear, making Aang shiver all over. He turned away from his current point of bushiness and scanned around the room until he found a bed. He looked down at her, smirking and puts both his hands in hers, pulling her towards it, still kissing one another. He felt the edge on the bed on his legs, and turned her and gently let her down on the bed, him following her and laid himself half on, half off of her. He kissed her neck again, wanting to hear her make tmore of hoses delightful noises, and upon hearing them, he worked his way down, gently pulling back her robe, revealing her perfect breasts. He couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed, considering he hasn't seen any woman naked...or even half naked before, and felt a bit of pressure build up in his lower region. He ignored it and focused his concentration on her. She's so beautiful he had always thought to himself, all thoses years waiting and wanting and needed her. It all came down to this... but there was so much more that he couldn't explain. He loved her alright. This was the time to show her. He suckled on her nipples, making her twist her back and moan out his name, which in turn would make Aang's pants feel a bit tighter. He would suck on one nipple while circling the other nipple with one finger, pulling at it and twisting in his fingers softly, teasing her. When Katara couldn't stand the teasing anymore her cried out for him to come back up, which he did, reluctantly. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him and using her strength, pushed him off, only to roll on top of him, which was fine to her, that's where she wanted to be.Aang smiled his wonderful wide smile he always gave, and she straddled him on his stomach, He reached up and caressed her face and she bent down, kissing him lightly before shrugging off the robe that was now loosely clung to her. Aang's eyes widened; he couldn't believe that he was seeing Katara, of all people, on him, naked. The thought of it blew his mind, and all he could let out was a "oh" sound. She smiled, and lifted up his shirt, indicating that she wanted his shirt off, and he helped her take it off. Katara snuggled down onto his well-developed muscles, feeling them with her lips, and feeling his sides with her fingertips.Aang rested his hands on her shouldered, massaging them gently. She couldn't help but feel that bulge against her thigh as she moved around, liking how it felt. Aang propped himself up on his elbows as she moved lower, and he got a look of concern on his face.

"What are you...ooooh" A moan escaped the air benders mouth and he looked up at the ceiling; Katara's hand had slipped into his pants, feeling up his member. He shuddered and got goosebumps; no one has ever done that for sure... He shuddered all over, the feeling getting too intense.

"Katara," he gasped. She looked at him, and understood, letting go and laid on top of him, letting just her bare chest run up and down his, then found a comfortable position and laid her body down. He rested his arms on her back, breathing rapidly. She kissed his mouth, loving his taste and wanting more. He was more than willing to give her his all; he just needed to calm down a bit.

"You alright?"

"Better than alright" He grinned, rubbing her back up and down.

She smiled back, and got off of him, and laid down next to him, and pulled on his pants waist, signaling him that it was time to take them off. He quickly took them off, no longer ashamed if she saw him fully naked or not. She eyed him up and down, liking what she saw. He sat up on the bed, and faced her. He crawled over on top of her, and looked down.

"Hey Katara...?"


"You know I love you, right?"

"Yes, but did you know I loved you too?"

Aang smiled. He felt like he would explode at any second. Katara reached up, feeling his arrowed forehead. He's not the cute little twelve year old who I fell for anymore... He's now the strong seventeen year old man I love.

They embraced in another kiss, and Aang felt Katara's legs shift under him, and looked down to see that her legs were spread apart, waiting for him. He looked at her again, in a 'you sure?' kinda way. She just smiled and nodded. He let his knees go between her legs first, and placed one finger, then two onto her sensitive area. She gasped for air suddenly, Aang looked up in worry, wondering if that hurt.

She saw him and said "It's a good sound, don't worry".

He nodded slightly, and ran his fingers rubbing against her clitoris, however, at this time, Aang didn't know what it was. Katara moaned and cried for him. He grinned, and continued until he decided to explore a bit further, and traced his fingers down, deeper into her until her felt something, like a thin wall of some sort. He was confused, to say the least, this was his first time after all. He pulled his wet fingers out, and looked up at her. "Isn't there be... you know... a hole or something...?" She couldn't help but laugh, and he turned a light pink. "It's there... it's just... I haven't done this before either... so you need to push through the wall..."

"Won't that hurt?"

"Some people say it does... But then it feels really good."

"I don't want to hurt you Katara..."

"You won't be... you'll be releasing the ache in me I've had for so long...for you..."

He nodded, understanding. He grabbed his cock, and gently pushed it up to her 'wall', and leaned over her, wrapping his arms under her shoulders and gripping her shoulders.

He pushed.

Katara let out a yelp, and Aang stopped pushing.

"Should I..?.

"K-keep going..."

He kissed her lightly, and pulled out, and pushed back in, feeling it was much easier this time. Katara let out a sigh of relief and lightly moaned. Aang found himself sliding in and out more fluently, feeling his penis getting warmer and slipperly and being in a tight spot. Katara seemed to be enjoying herself too; she was moaning and gasping in short breaths, but Aang loved it. He now knew he was causing this pleasure. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy and pleasure her... in one way or another. He felt Katara's legs squeezing his sides, and grabbed them, and sat upright on his knees, not pulling out of her, but instead put her legs on his shoulders, and moved closer to her. It felt more tight now, he thought, trying to find new ways to explore this wonderful new feeling. He thrusted in and out of her, slowly at first, but then faster and faster, before slowing himself down before he spoiled the mood by letting it all go. Katara let her legs drop, and sat up, and pulled him down, and got on top of him. She quickly straddled him, and put the head of his cock at her entrance, but wouldn't let it go in her, not yet. She smiled and watched Aang twist and groan at her teasing. He would buck his hips, only to feel a little bit of sensation. He then put his hands on her hips, and she rested her hands on his chest. Aang suddenly pushed her down as hard as he could, and Katara screamed in pleasure. He could feel himself touch her back walls, and he loved it. Katara gained her compositor back and grinded her hips into his, rocking back and forth and raising her hips on and off him. He groaned and felt the world slip away under him. Nothing can beat this. He bucked his hips every now and then, giving Katara that extra deepness she so badly wanted. Aang tried to whisper, but it came out in a choppy short breaths, "Katara... let me... before... before I-"

She arched her back, resting her arms on his legs, letting him see how deep he was in her. She bounced up and down on him a few more times before she finally slid off. And just in time, he thought.

He pulled her down so she was laying on her back again, and positioned himself between her legs again. He gripped her shoulder, and started working away at her, letting his mind think of nothing but pleasing her. He just about didn't notice when Katara started gripping him tighter and wrapped her legs around his back. He looked at her, her head tossing back and forth, wanting the pleasure. He smiled widely, and pumped into her again and again until he felt her insides tightening up even more than he thought was possible.

"Oh Aang...Aang...I'm...I'm..."

Her muscles twitched around his member, almost in a sucking motion, and he came in her. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in, and gently laid himself down on her chest, panting. She laid there, stroking his arrowed head.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling like that was the most incredible feeling in my entire life... and I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else except you"

She smiled, kissing the top of his head. "I feel the same way"

He smiled and rested his head on one of her breasts, and fell asleep, as she did the same.


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