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Aang stroked Katara's cheek, enjoying the silence between them. For once, it was comfortable. Before he had explained his feelings to her, he would do anything to kill the silence in between them. Now he understood that no words needed to be spoken to express their feelings.

"Sokka will be back soon" she murmured, nuzzling her head against his chest.

"Mmmmm," Aang didn't really want to think about Sokka right now, but the sooner it was dealt with, the better.

"What do you suggest?"

Katara fidgeted a bit.

"Well we have several options... we could tell him right out... though he might throw a fit... we could not tell him and he'd throw a fit later... or we can let him walk in on us and defiantly throw a fit" she frowned at this thought.

Aang smiled, but felt uneasy. Sokka was a lot stronger now than he was when they first started out. He's been through a lot of training too. Aang didn't want to fight with Sokka if he had too... why would he be upset anyways?

"Maybe we should just tell him then..."


"Yeah... I think the sooner we do it the better too"

Katara felt a bit concerned. She knew Sokka should have caught on several years ago, the innocent flirtings between them... but sometimes Sokka can be too absorbed with himself to notice anything else.

Katara rose from the bed, looking around for her robe. Aang stood now, finding her robe and wrapping it around her slim body. He pulled her into his body before he closed the robe, feeling her body warmth, and felt an ache in his lower region again

Katara felt this with ease, and rested her head on his chest while wrapping her arms loosely around him. They stood for a little while, silently debating whether or not to crawl back into bed. Finally, Katara released him, and finished dressing.

Aang turned, and pulled his clothes on, he was eger to get back beside his love. They left the room in a bit of a mess, but it didn't matter. They would just mess it up again later.

They walked out into the marketplace, aimlessly wandering around. Katara held onto his arm, pulling Aang over to whatever caught her fancy.

""There he is!" Katara neary yelled, and they both ducked and hid behind a nearby market tent.

"Why are we hiding?" Aang asked suddenly.

Katara looked up at him.

"Well... I'm really nervous, aren't you?"

"Yeah... nervous to say the least... I'm pretty scared alright..."

Katara felt a bit of relief. At least she wasn't alone in that department. She turned to him, embracing him in a kiss.

"No matter what, I'll always be by your side Aang"

Aang burst into a smile.

"I don't think I'm afarid anymore..."

He stood up, pulling her up with him, and they walked out together.


Sokka was chewing on what appeared to be some type of jerky, while holding a large black full of goodies. He was happy; he had gone to the training center, upon finding it was closed, he decided to cheer himself up with some food. He had lots of it too, he realized, feeling the weight of the bag. He glanced up, to see his little sister and Aang, walking towards him. Katara walked with ease, while Aang sort of walked stiffly...and what this? Katara's arm linked around his? Maybe she can't stand on her own, she said she wasn't feeling so great this morning...


"Aang! Walk normally!" Katara said in a low whisper.

Aang felt his legs stiffen up again, seeing Sokka made him worry. Sokka wouldn't let many just ANY guy be with Katara... he would have to win him over with more than just their friendship.

Katara gave Aang a small nudge as they met up with her brother.

"Oh, H-hey Sokka!"

"Hey, I thought you guys weren't feeling so great... your still looking a bit pale Aang..."

Aang shook his head, trying to get some blood back into his cheeks.

"He's fine... just a little... nervous."

"'Bout wha?" Sokka said while shoving another piece of jerky in his mouth.

Katara looked down, a bit hesitant. Aang cleared his throat, and crimson rushed to his face in embarrassment.

"Sokka... I am in love with Katara..."

Katara's face turned a deep red with hearing those words; in love.

Sokka didn't say anything. That was, however, due to the fact that he was choking on a piece of jerky. Katara rushed to his side and patted him on the back roughly. Sokka coughed and beat on his chest with his fist, clearing out the jerky in his windpipe.

"Your WHAT?"

Aang took a step back, raising his hands in defense.

"Sokka, me and Aang... we're in love"

Sokka turned to Katara, his face still set on 'stunned'.

"I can believe him, but you? Your in love with Aang? The Avatar?"

Katara nodded sheepishly. She walked over and stood by Aang's side, and took his hand in hers, giving in a tight squeeze.

"Yeah, I'm in love with Aang, the Avatar!"

The shouting match was becoming the center attraction for the market place customers, some of them watchings, others were whispering.

"Hey guys... maybe we should move this talk-"

"You can't love him! He's just a kid!"

"He is not! He's 17 Sokka!"

"Umm, guys..."

"But he's the Avatar! Isn't there rules about that or something?"


"Who says?"

"I says!"

Aang focused his energy, and up from the ground came a rock wall, separating the two.

"Katara, Sokka, let's not make a scene!"

He lowered the wall again, only to get a scary look from Sokka.

Katara crossed her arms un front of her chest.

"Fine... let's go back to the room so i can drop this off and we can talk there..."


Sokka put one hand to his forehead and rubbed it.

"Now, explain that to me again" he said.

This has been going on for the past hour of sitting in Sokka's room, Katara and Aang still holding hands, and still trying to explain to Sokka how they felt.

Katara groaned.

"We've told you already Sokka, we are in love and Aang just feels like he should have your approval"

Aang felt distressed. It didn't have to be such a big deal, or at least, he hoped it wouldn't have been a big deal.

"Sokka... I cane about Katara. You of all people should know that. All I want is your blessings."

"Blessing? You aren't getting married now, are you?" Sokka looked at Aang with intensity.

"What? No! We're too young for that!" Aang said, trying not to blush at the thought.

At hearing that, Katara frowned, but understood.

Sokka stood, walking over to them. He paced back and forth, as if thinking about it. He stopped in front of Aang, and the Avatar stood up straight.

"Aang... Just don't hurt her, or I'll hurt you"

Aang broke into a smile, and let out a sigh of relief. So much stress was relived and off his shoulders. He turned to a smiling Katara, who hugged her big brother in thanks, and turned her attention to Aang, who picked her up and whirled her around in a circle before stopping and giving her a passionate kiss.

"Hey! I don't want to see that kinda stuff!"

Katara broke the kiss to stick out her tongue at her brother, and grabbed Aang's hand and pulled him over into her room.

Sokka's face went into a wrinkle. My little sister...


"See? See?"

"Yeah, but still, I was worried there for a moment!"

He pulled Katara down onto his lap on the bed, holding her tightly, and rocking her back and forth.

"I was too. But even if he didn't approve, I'd still be with you"

Aang smiled, and leaned his head in the nook of her neck.

Katara broke free of her lover's grip and stood up, only to push him on the bed gently, and climbed on top of him.She cooed to him as she ran a hand up and down his body. Katara purred softly, and felt up Aang's stomach. It was hard with muscles and she liked feeling Aang's chest rise and fall with his soft breaths. She rubbed her hands on his hips and looked up at him with a grin.

"What? Again?"

Katara nodded, and placed a kiss on his lips, then tickled his lips with her tongue until he let his mouth open to her. She slid her tongue in, gently massaging his tongue with hers and felt her heart skip a beat hearing Aang's soft moans. She released him from the kiss, and wiggles down his body, and Aang sat up letting his elbows support him.

"Where do you think your going?"

Katara didn't answer, just shuffled backwards under the blankets until Aang could only see her body shape under the blanket. He could feel her moving all about him though; her fingertips dancing upon his thighs, gently licking his chest and her soft eyelashes fluttering against his stomach.

Aang let out a sigh, then gasped sharply as he felt something wet and slippery indulge his member. He squeezed his eyes shut, pleasure coursing through his body.

Katara only sucked harder, making Aang melt and quiver. He felt an urge to please her, and pulled her up from under the blankets, and let her lay on her back as he slid down under the covers now; suckling on her breasts and tickling her sides as he went down. Katara bit her lower lip as she rubbed his tattooed head.

"Aang... please..."

He started by flickering his tongue out at her sensitive area, taking in small tastes of her. She only squirmed in pleasure, wanting more. Aang gently massaged her with his tongue as if he seemed to know what pleased her without asking. As Katara started to come to a climax, Aang pulled back, and came out of the covers, and looked at her with an evil grin.

"Why'd you stop?"

He pushed himself up with his arms, hovering above her.

"Your really beautiful Katara" he whisperd, putting a hand into her thick soft hair, and ran his hand through it.

She smiled, even in the heat of the moment he can still be so sweet without trying.

The water bender wrapped her arms around his back, pulling his body on top of hers, kissing his ear and whispered back.

"I love you Aang"

Aang wiggled under her grip and sat up again.

"I love you too"

He looked down, suddenly feeling the urge to show her his love. He placed himself inside her, and gently began to rock in and out of her, slowly at first. Katara groaned, biting his shoulder and let her fingernails scrape down his back. Aang didn't mind, it only made things more raw. Aang's hips gained more speed, and he kissed her mouth to keep her moans to a dull roar in fear Sokka might hear.

"Aang...!" she cried out breathlessly.

Aang slowed down, only to thrust into her hard. Katara's body pulsed with pleasure; she arched her back, trying so hard to make the feeling last. Aang grunted, trying to hold himself back a bit longer. He wanted to make her feel good, and damn it, he was going to do it.

He ran his hand tickle her sides up to her chest, and felt up her breast, pulling at the nipple and teasing it. He glanced at his lover, who looked like she was about to explode, and he felt the same. He gave her one last kiss deeply before plunging into her fast and hard, and Katara wrapped her legs around his lower waist, pushing him in more.

Aang gasped as he came in her, and Katara moaned, her muscles tightening while she came, and they each closed their eyes, letting the feeling settle in. Aang pulled out of her, feeling her overflow with his juices, and rolled over off of her. Katara was still trying to calm down from her pleasure, but managed to roll onto her side facing Aang, and rested her head on his chest.



She tilted her head up and kissed his chin. Aang sighed and relaxed, putting his arms around Katara and squeezing her tight.

"We're going to be alright"

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