Title: The Steps

Author: Kayla

Rating: R (for language)

Character/Pairing: Dick/Veronica, Logan.

Spoilers: Through 2x18 (I Am God)

Summary: Step One: Stop being an asshat to her. Step Two: Ask Logan how he ever got her to date him. Step Three: Get her to say your name without disgust.

Author Notes: Yeah, I know…Dick and Veronica, crazy right? Sure, but I like exploring their relationship. Hope you enjoy.


9:56 am:

You're not sure when it started and you're pretty sure you'd never admit to it. I mean, seriously, you and Veronica Mars? That's practically an oxy moron. You think Beav knows–he's never said so, but you know you've woken up one more than one occasion with her name on your lips. That's not the only reason you think he knows though. He's always asking questions now.

"Dick, have you talked to Veronica lately?"

"Hey, why are you such an ass to her?"

"Is she dating anyone yet?"

You want to say, 'Why the fuck all the questions?' but you're not sure you'd like the answer. So you shrug of the questions and find the next freshman that looks like they need a wedgie.


You're so fucking sic of Mr. Wu's bullshit class. Sure, Angie used to keep you entertained. You'd stare at her ass and think (not so) PG-13 thoughts. But now you're just bored. And you've found a pattern. When you're bored, your mind wanders. And when your mind wanders, Veronica usually finds her way in. So when the bell rings, you rush out. You guess you kind of felt guilty sitting next to Logan and thinking about Veronica­­­­—if you can even feel that kind of emotion. You're thinking the gods hate you because as you walk out of the classroom, you run straight into her.

"Watch it, Dick," she says. And there it is. How she says your name. It's like she says it with a bite and adds two extra sides of loathing. So try your damned hardest not to say something in your common jackass language and mumble you're sorry. If you ever want anything with her—which you're not sure you do, but if you did, you better stop being an ass.


You're eating Chinese, courtesy of your fan-fucking-tastic pirate points, and you're trying not to stare at her. You notice Logan sit down next to you and you wonder if you should ask him about Veronica. What the hell, you think.

"Hey, dude," you say and you wonder how the hell you're supposed to sound like yourself and ask Logan about his ex-girlfriend (your current obsession).

He nods and you motion in Veronica's direction.

"When'd you start tapping that ass last year?"

You realize how dumb that sounds after it comes out. Fuck.

"Are you fucking serious? Did you really just ask me that?"

"Never mind," you mumble, and dammit, that didn't go well.


You're sitting in English when you realize your being called on. You mumble the answer and sit your head back down on your desk. And what the hell? Did you really just mumble again. That's Beaver's thing. What the hell is Veronica Mars doing to you? You make a mental note to ask Beav why he mumbles later.


You're just trying to get home after a Monday from hell so why is Veronica sitting in your car? You just want to go home, its been too long of a day. You contemplate going back inside and waiting until she leaves. Dammit, you sound like Beaver again. So you swallow your curses and begin walking towards the car.

"Veronica, to what do I owe this pleasure?" you ask. You notice your tone is less biting and you give yourself two points. But you're still a fucking loser because you shouldn't even have these feelings for one Veronica Mars.

"You know I'm not going to forget you," she makes air quotes, "'nailed' my car, Dick. So be a good boy and get it fixed already."

You tell yourself to let go of all those comments you could say right now. You have bigger issues than making jokes to a girl you may or may not be falling for (but that's bullshit because you don't fall for girls.)

"Um yeah, you just take my car and I'll take yours into the shop tonight and we'll switch back tomorrow before school," and holy fuck, did that just come out of your mouth? You feel like you're morphing into Beav. Since when did you stutter, or do something nice for that matter. You think that's why she has a confused look on her face.

"Which brings me to another question. What the hell is up with you today? And Dick, if you plan on fucking my car up, you will pay."

"You wound me, Ronnie. Give me the keys and I'll meet you back here tomorrow."

And she does, she hands you her keys and you hand her yours.



You come to school a littlie early because you're almost sure Logan would kick your ass if he saw you driving Veronica's car. It's 7:15 when Veronica gets there, in your car, and you think you both had the same idea, because its twenty minutes until the school even opens.

As she gets out of your car, she smiles, and it's not sarcastic. Maybe you're not as bad at this as you thought.

You hand her the keys to her car. "I fixed the side, and they did the routine check up or some shit."

She has a disbelieving look on her face and you can't blame her. You used to be such an ass to her. Hell, sometimes you still are.

"Thanks," she says and she hands you your keys.

"Welcome," you say and she starts to walk away. You want to stop her but what the hell would you even say?

"Wanna get out of here?" you ask and you curse yourself for that being the first thing you thought of to stop her….