Truth, Dare, Double Dare or Bet

Author's Note/Beginning/Saying/waste of space/whatever the hell I need to say- It's my first fan fiction of Danny Phantom. It might not be so good but no body is perfect so get off of my back! Sorry if I seem weird and all that but people say that I am simply unstable and partly insane. But they have no idea of knowing that so don't worry.

Anyway like I was saying this is my first story of Danny Phantom I'm not really sure if it will be good but you tell me. Doesn't it suck that they are thinking of canceling Danny Phantom? I mean they have these other shows that suck (Power Rangers, Barney, Yu-Gi-Oh) but they are only thinking about kicking off all the good shows! Come on let's form a mob! (random mob out of nowhere) BURN THEM DOWN!

Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah the doctors also said that I talk about the most randomness subjects and I am suffering from mental problems.

Disclaimer- No I do not own Danny Phantom. The almighty great Butch Hartman has that honor.

Silence filled the nearly empty room. The seconds ticked by on the clock over the board. It seems that a minute would take forever to happen. The three students in the room stared at the window, the only thing linking them with the outside world. Signs could be heard from time to time. One of the students began tapping his foot lightly. Another person began drumming his fingers. The clock continued to tick and time itself stopped during those few seconds. The next noise broke the silence in the room.

"I'm bored."

"Me too."

A small pause followed the (very, very) short conversation. And another round of signs could be heard followed by the unmistakable look of boredom on the owner's faces.

"I'm bored." said Danny.

"Me t-"

"Say the words I think you're going to say and I will get my chainsaw and kill you." answered Sam.

"You don't really mean that do you?"

"Danny do you want to die too?"

"At least it's better than detention." Danny said earning him self a laugh from Tucker, God's gift to the ladies (his words not mine.)

Our favorite trio was currently stuck in (you guess it) detention!

"If only the Box Ghost wasn't so stupid then we wouldn't have been late. And we wouldn't have been in detention right now." said Sam looking directly at a certain someone that got them in this mess.

"Hey it wasn't MY fault!"

"No one is blaming you Danny." stated Tucker. It was clear that he did not want to be in the middle of another fight between the two lovebirds. However he had nothing better to do than listen to his two best friends engage in (yet) another argument

"I am!" Sam pointed at Danny; she had an angry expression on her face. She was known to have a temper and held a grudge against anyone she disliked or hated. "I think that it's always his fault!" at the last word she jabbed her finger at Danny chest. "I mean we wouldn't have been late if he didn't always have to go fight ghosts! You just couldn't wait to play superhero could you?"

"Who cares what you think!" said Danny furious that Sam would say such a thing. "Do you think I ask for these powers?"

"Well I could have sworn tha-"

"You know what? It's bad enough fighting ghost witho-"

"UH-HUH! See? It's always about you! And we are just your little sidek-"

"You're both my best friends and I wou-"

"Friends? I don't know the meaning of that wo-"

"Oh will you just quit i-"

"Hey Tucker!" said Sam dragging the forgotten friend into the 'conversation'. "Don't you see a pattern?"

"A pattern?" sweated Tucker wanting to be anywhere but here right now. Where was Desiree when you needed her? His eyes flew all over the place. He looked anywhere except his friends directions. They were now standing up and it looked like any minute now the two would be on top on each other (not like that! smacks Tucker. Tucker faints. Those workout lessons sure come in handy sometimes.)

"Yeah, a pattern. See the way I see it. Danny is always fighting the ghosts and we always get the blame."

"What? That is so NOT tru-"

"Well it's true! I mean we are always the ones getting in trouble and you always go scott cle-"



"STOP IT! Sam that is not t-"


"What is going on here?" a loud familiar voice came from the doorway. Mr. Lancer entered the classroom with Dash, Valerie and Paulina in tow. All four of them stared at the sight ahead.

The sight was a strange and unbelievable one. Sam and Danny were both up and they looked ready to pounce on each other and fight. Tucker was right between them and was trying to push them apart. Sam hands were half way through pulling out something in her backpack. And Danny eyes had turned a bright vivid glowing green. His hands were glowing green but it quickly disappeared when he saw Mr. Lancer. The two fighting friends broke apart but still wore angry expressions on their faces.

"Looks like there's trouble in the lovebird's paradise." said Dash.

"I didn't know Dash had enough brain cells to come up with that." laughed Tucker relieved for once to see Mr. Lancer.

"Eww. Loser Love." said Paulina cringing and looking anywhere but the lovebirds.

"We are not- UGHH! Forget it." and with that being said Sam sat down defeated and mad.

Meanwhile Tucker could be found drooling over Valerie. He had somehow found a tux, flowers and a heart shape box of chocolate. Right now he was currently trying to serenade a certain ghost hunter.

"Oh Valerie! My Valerie I love you so dearly!" he sang (horribly). The rest of the group just looked on in horror." I just want to be wit-"

"Mr. Foley! Cease singing and bothering Miss. Gray." shouted Mr. Lancer.

"Please save my ear drums!"

"Foley you can't sing."

"At all or if his life depended on it?"

"That's it! Fenton, Manson, Foley, Gray, Baxter and Sanchez. I'm locking all of you in this room until 6 o'clock." said Mr. Lancer taking out a key and jabbing it into the keyhole. "There is no way you can exit this room. I'll see you six later."

And with that he closed the door behind him. The six students stared at the door with hungry expressions.

Silence filled the room.






"Who wants to play Truth or Dare?"

And now let the fun begin!

Hopefully this will become a successful story ...Who am I kidding? This story is going no where.