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Tucker- That is why I brought you a ticket to the mental hospital for your birthday.

Author- Gee thanks. I feel so loved!

Tucker- Just admit that you love me!

Author- Sam? Her eyes are twitching madly.

Sam- looks up from her make-out with Danny. Yeah what do you want?

Author- Can I borrow your chainsaw?

Sam- Yeah sure, here. tosses her the chainsaw.

Danny- Sam... pulls her back down. More.

Author- Bad images. uses chainsaw. Metal beats techno geek any day! Let's figure out how many scars you'll have when I'm through.

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"Okay. So here is my list of what I'll bring." said Paulina.

"Number One- all my 53 credit cards.

Number Two- my custom-made all natural skin care products.

Number Three- my shrine of Danny Phantom.

Number Four- a really cute boy that looks like Danny Phantom.

And Number Five-"

"What could it be?" asked Danny looking a little bored. "Your cheerleader outfit? A package of teen magazine? Your important mole remover to get that mole off your face?"

"Where's the mole?" screamed Paulina taking out her mirror and checking her face.

"No her last items a mirror!"

"Her Number Five is a package of condoms." stated Sam. Everyone busted out laughing, expect Paulina who glared angrily at her. However she had no comeback to yell at the Goth. Instead Paulina smiled and said-

"My Number Five is the evidence that Danny Phantom kissed ME! A lock of his hair!"

And with that Paulina opened a locket she kept in her pocket. Everybody gathered to look at it. In the middle was a small lock of pure white hair. It was glowing a little, from the sunlight or the fact that it was GHOST hair, they didn't know. The lock of hair was barely four inches long and was a little faded.

Silence filled the room.

Pure silence.

Tucker burst out laughing. "Oh my God! You have got to be kidding me! That's your evidence? Looks like fake fur."

Dash grunted a little no seeing what a big deal it was. "I don't see what the big deal is. I have girly hair too."

Valerie growled. What did they see in him anyway? "Gee, why don't you just hang it over to me and let me clone you a Danny Phantom?"

Danny glanced at Sam sending her an 'i-didn't-do-it'. "Very interesting." (coughing desperate coughing)

Sam stared at the girl. Was she serious? "Congratulations Paulina you had reached a whole new level of obsession."

"Okay Tucker it's your turn." said Valerie once the laughter.

Tucker's List-

"Alright then. My #1- my PDAs.

#2- Fenton Thermos.

#3- My collection of Valerie related things, which I am PROUD to admit!

#4- The year old packs of Nasty Burgers Meal that I have hidden under my bed. They are still good.

And #5- all the blackmail stuff I have about Danny/Sam." said Tucker not looking ashamed for even a second. Everybody stared at him.

"Why would you need a Thermos?" asked Dash.

"For soup?" Tucker said. Valerie looked a little green at his Number 3. Paulina looked a little interested at his list. Sam was getting her chainsaw out of her backpack and Danny was trying to stop her.

"I'm sure he didn't mean his Number five Sam."

"He better not." she growled sliding into his lap. Valerie saw her doing this and let a tear slide down her face, before putting her mask back on. Oh you are so going to pay for this Sam! DANNY IS MINE!

"Hey Valerie" shouted Dash. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah you're looking a little bit red." replied Tucker. Valerie waved her hand to block her face.

"I'm perfectly fine. Thank You very much." she spat out the last sentence. The others looked at each other and shrugged.

"Danny it's your turn for this stupid list."

"Fine. #1- Fenton Thermo.

#2- my model of a spaceship.

#3- my collection of Sam." Sam blushed at this statement; everyone rolled their eyes (Valerie was pulling the ghost hunting gun out of her backpack.)

#4- the laptop that I got from Tucker.

And #5- my collection of Naruto! All 212 items! (I actually have all this stuff in my room.)"

Everyone rolled their eyes at the last thing in his list. This was Danny Fenton they were talking about. The outcast of the school along with Tucker and Sam. He was also public Enemy Number One, Danny Phantom, but no one needs to know that.

"And my #6 would be the year old ramen under my bed." added Danny after a few minutes of silence.

"Alright! You too?" asked Tucker, the friends slapped each other a high five. "Yosh!" they shouted. Their arms were around each other shoulders and they were making the victory sign.

"Guys this is boring." said Sam. "Got anything better to do?"

"Yeah I'm pretty bored myself." stated Dash.

"I know. I know!" shouted Paulina. "How about we play Spin-the-Bottle? Oh! If only Danny Phantom was here right now. Then I could kiss him and we could marry each other!"

A few rounds of 'slut' 'desperate' and 'stupid' went around the room. However the Hispanic girl was too busy day-dreaming about Phantom to even hear about the comments people were saying about her.

"We can play I Had Never." said Danny.

"What's that?" asked Valerie. Danny looked at her and Valerie blush a little, this bit of action did not go un-noticed by Sam or Tucker.

"One person says something they had never done. Like I had never 'gone deep-sea diving'. And if someone else already did that then they would have to drink beer or something like that. However we are all under-age. So I guess we can all remove one article of clothing. We can stop if something gets too revealing."

"Alright then. I guess we could do that." said Dash.

"How about I start us off?" said Tucker "I had never dated a Goth before."

Danny glared at Tucker who looked away from his friend. He was so going to pay! Danny frowned and took off the shoelace from his left shoe. Sam blush a ruby red, and Danny reached for her hand. They came to an understanding without words. Valerie felt sick and Dash was ready to gag. Tucker laughed.

"That's not good enough!"

"Alright then! Take my left shoe." said Danny removing his shoe off. His left sock had a small hole at the end.

"My turn!" shouted Paulina.

"I had never spent a whole hour without any make up on!"

The rest sighed and remove one article of clothing. Danny took off his right shoe, Sam's hair tie, Tucker's left shoe, Valerie's headband, and Dash's jacket. Danny stared at Sam. She looked a lot prettier with her hair flowing freely around her shoulders. Sam blushed at the attention and went ahead with her turn.

"I had never tried to see if I can eat 30 Nasty Burgers in less than five minutes." said Sam.

Un-surprisingly only the boys growled and removed their clothing. (Danny's belt, Tucker's hat and Dash's right shoe.)

"I hate ultra clean vegetarians." said Dash. Sam turned her head at the insult and shouted-

"What was that?" she had out her chainsaw (yet again) and it moved closer to Dash with every second.

"NOTHING!" screaming like a little girl, Dash buried his head into his discarded jacket.

"Why do you even date him?" asked Valerie to a freaked out Paulina.

"Because he's a good kisser." she answered back. "Also I can pretend he's Danny Phantom! Oh my dearest Phantom, he's very shy but he is a sex god!"

"Obsession has met its match, Paulina Phantom." said Tucker "Now there's a headline you wanna read."

Everyone burst out laughing again. Today was 'pick on a slut' day so it didn't matter anyway.

"I have feelings you know!" she shouted.

"Buried under two feet of make-up." said Danny brining up another wave of laughter.

"Let's just finish."

"Alright Dash it's your turn."

"Fine. I had never fought ghosts with Danny Phantom before."

Lair, lair pants on fire. thought Danny shooting an ecto-blast at Dash's butt. No one noticed him doing that, Dash tried his best to put his butt out.

"IT BURNS! WHO DID THAT?" asked Dash his eyes rounded on Danny. "FENTON!"

"I did nothing!" Dash growled and sat back down with a hole in his pants.

This time only Valerie, Tucker, Sam and Danny took off their clothes. Danny figured that since he was Danny Phantom it didn't really matter. Danny's right sock, Tucker's right shoe, Sam's left boot, and Valerie's right shoe.

"GOD DANNY!" shouted Tucker. "Your feet stink!"

"So does your hat but you don't see us complaining!"

"Hey Valerie you're next."

"I had never tried to hurt anyone on purpose."

Three rounds of 'lair' when through Danny, Sam and Tucker's head. However they each removed a particle of clothing along with Paulina and Dash. Danny's left sock, Tucker's belt, Sam's wristband, Dash's other shoe and Paulina's hair clip.

"Danny's a regular bad boy isn't he?" laughed Tucker.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"Can't you see?" said Dash. "Dude everyone else had something to take off."

"But the next turn...your either take off your shirt, or your pants are coming off." pointed out Sam.

"I can't help it! I'm dating a Goth, I tried eating 30 burgers once, I never tried any make-up on, I fought ghosts with Danny Phantom and I tried to hurt someone on purpose. I can't help it if you guys are such goody two shoes!" he cried.

"Fine then! It's your turn Danny."

"I got it! I had never gone on an internet dating site and tried to get a supermodel to be my date for the school dance by pretending that I was a rich billionaire heir."

"Man I hate it when you play hard." said Tucker, he took off his belt. Dash also removed his left sock.

"EWWW! You mean you actually tried that?" screamed Valerie, Paulina and Sam. They scooted as far away from the guys as possible.

"Of course!" said Dash. "Didn't you ever try that?"

"NOOOOO!" they shouted.

"GOODY-TWO SHOES!" shouted Tucker pointing an accusing finger. "I AM A WERIDO! BEWARE!"

Danny and Sam fell to the floor laughing their ass off. Tucker's imitation of the Box Ghost was so good that Danny thought it was the real thing. The rest just stare at them weirdly.

"Paulina it's your turn again."

"Well I had never ate at cheap-o place like Nasty Burgers!"

"You cheap-o hating freak!" shouted Tucker removing his PDA from his backpack.

Dash's belt, Sam's other wristband, Valerie's right sock. Danny blush a little after she said that sentence. Slowly he peeled his shirt off his body.

Everyone stared in wonder at the man before them. The sunlight glistened on his well-toned chest, its pale skin looked even whiter. The muscles on his arms and back flexed to reveal the coiled strength that he hid from the world. Sam found herself unable to look away, along with Valerie and Paulina. She allowed her eyes to trace over him greedily and watch as his muscles moved underneath his skin. Muscles on his stomach formed into well toned six-packs.

A small puddle of drool emerged from the girl's lips. Sam was on the edge of fainting, she could feel a small nose bleed working its way to her nose. She knew that Danny had been working out, but...damn...oh dear...

Oh My God.

I am THE luckiest girl in the world. she thought.

Sam saw that Valerie and Paulina were also looking at Danny. Not really looking but staring at him, like as though he was a brand-new shirt on a half price sale. Or a really juicy piece of meat.Her teeth bared back in a growl. Waves of jealousy washed over the Goth girl. What were they doing looking at him? It looked like they were about to jump up on him!

Didn't they know that Danny was her boyfriend? Didn't they see the kiss they had?

Paulina was now touching Danny's arm and speaking to him with a look in her eye. Valerie was working her way to crawl into his lap. And Danny was sitting there, trying to push the two girls apart from him but not trying to lead them on.


Everyone turned to look at Sam. She had out her chainsaw and was raging mad.


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