A/N: Seeing as how the previous ch.3 wasn't very thoroughly though out I redid it and I think that its better than be before… well, I would leave that to you the readers.

The Morning After

The sun rose over the countryside and the rays raced towards Gryffindor Tower where they shone through one particular window. The room had two occupants but unfortunately, the morning light only awoke one person. He looked down at the smaller body next to him and smiled as it slept peacefully. Oliver smiled at the Hufflepuff and leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead. The result of this was the awakening of said Hufflepuff next to him. Oliver smiled at him and he smiled back, remembering last night's events.

"Sleep well?" Oliver asked.

"Very well…" was the response.

"Good…" he said.

"What time is it?" asked Cedric.

"Not sure," was the reply.

"C'mon, we'll miss breakfast," the young Hufflepuff said, looking at the clock.

"How about we just stay here?" asked Oliver, with emphasize on the stay here.

"No, c'mon Oli, I'm hungry," pouted Cedric.

"Fine, fine…" said the reluctant Keeper.

After getting dressed the two quidditch captains walked down to the Great Hall, though there were a few detours involving empty classrooms on the way.

"Oliver, stop. We're going to be late if you keep dragging me into every empty classroom," Cedric mockingly scolded the older boy.

"Well, I can't help the fact that you're practically begging me to snog you," he answered, eyeing Cedric's body.

Cedric rolled his eyes and grabbed hold of Oliver's calloused hand, dragging him down to the Great Hall. Upon entering, eyes turned to them and they stood frozen to the spot. Suddenly, a smirk found its way onto Oliver's face. He turned to Cedric, slipped an arm around his waist and dipped his head down, capturing the Hufflepuff's lips with his own. Surprised at first, Cedric then gave into the kiss, moaning through it as the student body stared wide eyed at the pair.

Pulling away Oliver grinned at Cedric and he shyly smiled back.

"See you later Ced," muttered Oliver.

"You too Oliver, love you," Cedric muttered back.

"Love you too," replied Oliver.

They separated and upon sitting at their tables, they were bombarded with questions. They simply turned to each other from their tables and smiled. This wasn't exactly the reaction they expected but hey, they weren't complaining.