Six Contestants

Characters: Amy Dumas, Dawn Reso (Marie), Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Jason Reso, Adam Copeland, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Carlito, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Melina & More...

Pairing: Dawn/Jason, Torrie/Adam, Trish/Chris Jericho, Stacy/To Be Revealed, Amy/One Of The Contestants...

Contestants: Carlito, CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro

Summary: Dawn, Stacy, Torrie and Trish all feel a certain redhead needs a boyfriend. Six men will go on a 'blind' date with Amy.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters the WWE does, and of course they do.

Author Note: I know, I left it for about a year, but now I've gained some inspiration.. Well, a few notes; I changed the timeline, this takes place in June 2007, Lita is still with the WWE as is Trish. I am ignoring all current storylines and the rosters - as stated in the first chapter - are joined. Joey Mercury is also still with the WWE, whatever the story was behind his release is to be ignored. Stacy, however, is not with the WWE and hasn't been since she left. The deal is that she is visiting and is traveling with her boyfriend - whom I have yet to reveal.

Chapter Two: Certainly Not?

Dawn hushed the blonde beside her as she glanced over at the couple that sat a good four tables away, it wasn't like her to spy on people like this, but when it was your best friend and the man that, as oddly as it had been, Trish had nominated for 'her guy'. The four divas had all nominated one guy, who had to agree to the terms, and then the four agreed on two others.. Trish, for whatever reason, had decided that the ever popular - yet troublesome - CM Punk would be Lita's first date. When Dawn pictured CM Punk dressed up she didn't see him looking too good, she half expected him to show up with parts of his tux cut off in order to set a fashion statement. However that wasn't the case, he looked... Well, he looked damn good. He had even taken the time to get a hair cut - though it was simply a minor trim - and to gel his hair down neatly. He almost looked like a whole other man in Dawn's opinion. Yet, Stacy didn't seem to think that he would stand a chance, while Adam and Jason complained about having to sit in a fancy restaurant and simply watch Lita and CM Punk have a date..

"They really are a boring pair.." Adam went on, hoping to press his issue further. "They're just sitting there--"

"What do you want them to do? Flips? I think not!" Torrie exclaimed, glaring at her boyfriend in a rather dark way.

Jason raised a brow, "You three are sounding more and more British now a days.. Have you been hanging out with William Regal?"

"Oh for heaven's sake--!"

"See. There it is again! Dave.. Are you British?" Adam questioned.

"No..." Dave replied, staring blankly at the pair as they shook their heads.

"Are Randy, Hunter or Ric British?"

"I don't think so."

"Then who the hell is British?" Jason demanded to know.

"Nobody's British, Jason." Dawn replied calmly. "It's a fashion trend, I believe.."

"How can you start a fashion trend with words?" Chris Jericho wanted to know.

"I'm not sure myself, but let's leave it alone so we can watch them." Dawn snapped, sending a dark glare at Jericho, who flinched.

And four tables away, the two had just finished ordering the most expensive wine in the restaurant, of course Lita hadn't realized that she had ordered it before the waiter had left.. The diva trying to come up with a reason not to drink, finally settling on that she was trying to stay sober for the time being. Trish almost cried when she seen the waiter return with the wine, while Chris went on to mutter something about not realizing she was such a baby when he asked her out. At this point Lita figured that she man sitting across from her thought she was odd; first she ordered chicken and then lost her appetite for that particular food, then she ordered some salad and decided that it wouldn't be any good without pickles and onions, then she decided that olives on cheese cake sounded good, and finally she ordered wine and then said she was trying to stay sober.

"You know.. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were pregnant." Punk commented slowly, glaring at her plate of cheesecake and olives with a certain distaste.

Lita shrugged it off, trying not too look guilty as she spoke, "I.. I have a real diverse appetite."

"I'd say. Pickles and onions in salad? You even tried to put ketchup on it.. But then I guess you decided you didn't want that?" Punk questioned, raising a brow.

"Well, for some reason I wanted ketchup--"

"You were going to treat that salad like a cheeseburger..."

Lita laughed, "I guess we should have just gone to a fast food joint."

"Certainly would have saved Trish and Dawn a fortune..." Punk replied easily. "You wouldn't be trying to scare me, would you?"

"Please tell me I didn't give you that idea.." Lita began, though she cut off with a sigh. "I know tonight hasn't been...amazing, but this really has been one of the nicest blind dates I've ever been set up on."

"Well that's nice to hear, I'm sorry that the first time we've actually talked like this had to be on these grounds.."

"Don't worry about it, this isn't the first blind date I've been set up on." Lita informed him, taking a sip out of her water glass.

"Really? Me either. In fact, Nitro set me up with Maria a few times back in OVW... She really is a complete airhead." Punk commented, shaking his head at the mere memory.

Lita laughed at that, "Stacy and Torrie set me up with Devon Dudley once."

"Oh really? How did that turn out?"

"Alright, except for the fact that Devon is the shyest guy I know.. We sat for a good two hours before he even said anything. It really was uncomfortable." Lita stated with a small smile. "He's a great guy to hang out with, but he's not the type of guy I'd date."

Punk nodded at that, taking a drink of wine, wine that he figured he'd be finishing alone, before he glanced around the restaurant. A small smirk came across his face when he caught sight of Dawn and Trish glaring over at them. Though he had known they were going to keep watch of the date, he didn't expect them to be so, for the lack of a better term, nosey. Although he was sure to look away as soon as possible, for Lita would probably wonder what he was looking at and then it would be hell.. She'd probably get up and spend the rest of the night yelling at Trish and Dawn, he didn't want their date to be ruined due to their big noses. So he suggested that they finish up and take a walk, luckily Lita agreed easily. They left without Lita noticing Trish or Dawn and he was pretty sure that they wouldn't be followed this time around. It wasn't long until the pair found themselves walking along the beach.

"I never really thought you'd be the 'walk on the beach' type of guy.. It's sweet, don't get me wrong, but I didn't think it'd be something you'd like to do." Lita informed him slowly, the diva offering him a smile.

"I'm not, in all honesty. If it were up to me, I'd have done something a bit more, well, normal. Maybe go bowling, go to the movies.. Something simple. But Trish thought it'd be more appropriate to go to a fancy place." Punk shrugged. "I think the way this has turned out anyway."

"Well, I'd probably have preferred going bowling or going to the movies, but this really was nice." Lita replied.

Punk nodded at that, "Good, because I though so too."

After about fifteen minutes they found themselves sitting down on the sand, looking up at the stars - or at least what was out tonight. Punk found it rather funny when Lita complained about not wanting to walk, though Lita laughed when he offered to carry her.. It was almost perfect at this point, neither of them denied that much, however midway through their conversation the waves came up a bit more than the had expected.. The two finding themselves drenched from head to toe, yet they laughed it off and headed back to the hotel that they were both staying at. Once at the hotel, Punk half expected to see Dawn and the others there, however none of them were in the lobby or, seemingly, in Lita's hotel room when he walked her up. Before Lita was about to disappear into her room, he grabbed her wrist, forcing her to turn around and face him.

"I didn't want to end the date with us almost drowning.. So, in celebration of us surviving that near-death experience.. How about a kiss goodnight?" Punk inquired, looking hopeful.

Lita smiled, "Alright, but just one."

And that's how it ended, sealed with a kiss. The second she closed the door behind her she wondered just what would happen after tonight.. It had been a good date, however she wasn't sure if he was just saying things or if he had really enjoyed it as well. Either way, she seen herself having a one-on-one with both Dawn and Trish. She just hoped that she could get her hands on them tonight, but in the meantime, she wanted to get the smell of saltwater and seaweed out of her hair.

To Be Continued…

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