Author's note: I wrote this one day at work and I decided to post it. I have no idea where I am going with it or if I will even continue to write it. Please review and any constructive criticism or comments are appreciated.

Addicts Never Lie

Chapter One: Confirmation

He heard the familiar rattle of the pill bottle from the next room and had to restrain his tongue when House came out of the bedroom and plopped down in the leather chair across from him. He had tried to confront him earlier that day and was still licking his wounds from their verbal fight. He wanted so badly to just have an actual conversation with House but, his better judgment told him not pry or make any comments, and House didn't offer any.

Around 9 p.m. he took the two plates, one empty, the other nearly full and washed them, placing them in the drying rack before walking to the fridge. He walked back into the living room with two beers, of which House took one obligingly. They didn't say more than ten words to each other for the rest of the night and watched TiVo in silence until midnight, when Wilson announced that it was time for him to go to bed.

House walked into the bedroom as Wilson started to unfold blankets and adjust pillows on the couch. He heard House walk into the bathroom and close the door. Wilson stopped the rustling of the blankets, and waited as his heart beat faster, straining to hear any sounds from the bathroom down the hall.

Quietly he heard the medicine cabinet open, and the sound of pills tumbling out, followed by the trickling of a faucet being turned on. He sighed, releasing his breath. Despite all his denial and hopes his latest concerns and suspicions about House were slowly being confirmed. With all of his own personal problems he had only started to notice about a month ago, but he was closer to House than anyone and the strange behaviour was starting to build up.

He had become increasingly withdrawn, which wasn't anything new, but the fact that he had hardly talked to Wilson in the past week was unusual, even for him. He was having problems sleeping and despite Wilson's best efforts to keep him fed with yummy food, House picked at his plate each night pushing his food around, barely touching any of it. He had been skipping their usual lunch dates and was starting to show signs of weight loss.

He was moody and irritable, and got defensive if anyone questioned him or asked if anything was wrong. It was becoming even harder and harder to figure out what was going on, but for weeks now Wilson had been watching him like a hawk, causing him to seclude himself in his office or bedroom avoiding Wilson at all costs.

You can't keep this up forever House, he thought to himself sadly. It's only getting worse.