Sometimes when the sun hits the waterfall just right, and you and I are standing in the perfect spot, there is a rainbow surrounding you. It's at those times that I want to both tell you everything I'm feeling inside but at the same time I want to stay quiet, and simply watch.

That is, of course, until you splash me with water and the moment is lost but not forgotten.

To be honest, I'm afraid.

Afraid like that time we went swimming, and I made it back to the shore before realizing you weren't there with me. I was so afraid you were gone again, not to be found for another few years, or worse, that you were gone forever.

And when you surprised me, jumping out of the ruins and bragging over how I hadn't seen you hide, I knew right away how Yuna felt. Why she told you she couldn't take it any longer. You see, she was afraid too.

I talked to Lulu, you know? She wasn't surprised. No, she knew I had been feeling this way for quite some time, I guess. She told me that the fear would probably never go away. But, then she told me something else.

"Seize the moment. You've got to try; you've got to hope that somehow things will work out. And you have to be willing to make sacrifices."

Lulu said this was something she learned from you.


So here we are. I know you've been hurt by her, but the worse thing is that you understand. You know why we're afraid and you respect that.

But Tidus I'm sick of this fear.

I love you.

You know, rainbows don't ever end? They are actually complete circles, not half circles. Our eyes can only see half of the picture. The unseen can sometimes be scary and unsure, but sometimes it can be beautiful.

You don't give me much time to think about this, of course, before you're splashing my face, laughing and kissing me.