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Samantha Nicole Bolton woke up that morning feeling as nervous as could be. Today she was going to her Freshman registration. She was almost to nervous to work right. What made going to registraction worst was that it was also her 14th birthday.

She got up from bed, and walked to the kitchen. "Hey mom." "Happy birthday Sammie." "Thanks." She smiled her fake smile. She hated the nickname Sammie. "Where's dad?" Sam asked. "He's at work." "Oh. Well, where's Kevin?" "I was just about to wake him up." Kevin was Sam's 17 year old brother. His full name was Kevin Wade Bolton. He was a senior in high shool, and he was going to help show Sam around the school today at registration. Sam's mom, Gabriella, went to go wake up Kevin.

Sam looked at her pop-up waffles, and started to eat them with disgust. She had had waffles to much lately, they were starting to taste a little weird. But she ate them, feeling hungryly nervous.

Kevin and Gabriella walked in the kitchen. Kevin stole Sam's fork, and took a bite of her waffles. "Hey!" She yelled at him, even though she didn't really mind. She had gotten used to it by then. Kevin ignored her, and made his own pop-up waffles.

Sam finished her waffles, and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her mom walked in, and gave her a gift. It was a straighter, and Sam went to the bathroom right away to straighten her hair.

She was finally done, and went to her room to get changed. She chose some jeans, black converses, and a black shirt.

She walked to the living room, and found her mom and brother waiting on her. "I'm ready." She said, and they left to go to the high school. On the drive there Sam was so nervous she didn't say much. Kevin sat behind her, and hit the top of her head. "Kevin!" "It wasn't me." "Whatever."

They had gotten to the school, and Sam was shaking in her seat. "You're not even starting school yet. Don't be so nervous." Kevin said to her. She smiled at her big brother, and they walked into the school.

There was a huge line, and they stood in it. Waiting, for what seemed like hours. Kevin saw some people that he knew. One of the people had a little brother that Sam remembered having in her science class in 8th grade. She had also liked him a little bit, and thought he was quite cute.

After waiting in all the lines, Kevin began to show Sam where all her classes were. He said that the halls weren't that confusing, and that they got easier after a while. Sam couldn't see how she could ever get used to these halls.

It was finally finished, they were done touring the school, and were about to go get some pizza.

Home at last, Samantha fell in the love seat, and watched a little bit of tv, while eating her pizza.

A few hours later Sam hear a car pull up to the front of the house. "Dad's home!" Sam ran to the front door, and met her dad, Troy, half way. "Hi Dad." She hugged him. "Hi Samster. Happy birthday." "Thank you Daddy." He handed her a package. "Oh what could this be?" She opened the package to find a cd that she had been wanting. "Oh thanks Dad." She kissed him. And they walked inside.

"So how was registration?" her dad asked her. "Confusing." Sam said. "You'll get the hang of it." Kevin said, smiling at her. "It didn't take me that long."

So they had dinner, and the cake came out. "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Samantha. Happy birthday to you." Samantha blew out her candles, and she cut four pieces out of her Red Velvet cake.

"Thanks for the cake mom. It's really good." Samantha smiled at her mom. "Thanks honey." Kevin looked at his dad and asked, "Dad, can I go hang out with some friends?" "Kevin... it's your sister's birthday." "I don't mind dad. Kevin can go." "If you're sure..." "I'm sure." And she smiled at her brother.

Kevin left a few minutes later, and he said bye to Samantha, giving her a hug and a 'happy birthday'. Sam loved her big brother. He was her best friend. She picked up the phone and called her best friend, Elizabeth Taylor Smith, asking her if she wanted to come over.

Elizabeth came over within half an hour, and the night was young. There was much to do. Her parents went to bed, and the girls talked the night away. They put their schedules together, and found out they had English together. "Thank the lord." Samantha said. "Oh I know. I would have died if we didn't have a class together." Elizabeth smiled widely.

"You were so lucky to have your brother be with you the whole time." Elizabeth said hours later. "Why would that make me lucky? I'm not the one who likes him." "Well yeah, but you should have bought me with you." Sam laughed and hit her best friend with a pillow. Lizzie happened to like Kevin a lot. "He's just so hot." "Eww. That's kinda disgusting." "Well not to me." "Yeah. But to you, he's not your brother. Gross." "Shut up." "Dude. I am tired. I'm going to sleep." "Yeah. I'm tired too." "Let's go to the mall tomorrow, and go see a movie." "Sweet. I could use some Starbucks." "Me too."

So, how do you guys like it so far? Just so happens that's how my birthday went. This is basically the story of me and my brother since the beginning of this school year. But with Troy and Gabriella's kids. Pretty please review.