Spoilers- none really, based on info gathered from Out of Gas.
Disclaimer- They belong to Joss who is not me.
Note- Thanks as always to GrayMatter.
go se- crap
wan mei- beautiful, perfect

There were few things that unsettled the Serenity Valley hardened former sergeant, now captain, Malcolm Reynolds. Those cryin' dolls with no faces, theys was spooky. Rae Reynolds could raise a cold sweet when she was in a mood, but then what ma couldn't?

Geese too. There was something odd in the way they looked at ya. And it weren't right the way they act either, poultry being better guard dogs than dogs was just wrong somehow.

But that weren't nothing compared to what was putting the shiver down his spine. Never before had a sound chilled him to the bone so quickly. Mortars and shells hadn't fazed him none during the war, but this… This was something new, something dangerous.

And it was all the fault of that all too cheerful mechanic he just picked up.

Mal stepped into the dinning room and froze. He rapidly rubbed his eyes. The sight before him made no sense whatsoever. It was simply bizarre.

The new mechanic Kaylee and his first mate Zoë- the woman who had mercilessly killed during the war, the woman voted most likely to kill an Alliance soldier than meet his eye, the woman who barely flinched as the smoking remains of her squadron fell to the ground in front of her- were collapsed over each other giggling helplessly. Giggling like school girls from the core.

Zoë giggling.

Zoë giggling?

Sure, she'd been known to laugh and even to chuckle- rich and full throated, but this? Girlish, light, silly, unstoppable giggles?

Twas a sound never heard from this woman.

Mal shuddered. Twas a sound he hoped never to hear again. It was a mite unsettlin'.

Finally, Mal was able to take in the rest of the scene before him. His mouth snapped shut. What the go se

"Cap'n Reynolds?"

"You okay, sir?"

Mal blinked hard and quickly looked the two women up and down. Both Kaylee and Zoë were wearing shorts, revealing long, smooth legs, and oversized men's shirts. And both were covered in splatters of yellow paint. The same shade of yellow that now adorned the walls of his dinning and kitchen area.

"Kaylee thought this room could do with some cheering up," Zoë said, following Mal's gaze. "And I happen to agree with her, sir."

Kaylee bounced nervously on the balls of her feet, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. "Wadya think, Cap'n? We ain't finished yet, but…"

"It's… wan mei."

Kaylee grinned widely. "Really?"

Mal nodded, and then carefully schooled his face into a mock stern expression. "Just be sure to clean up after yourself. Won't do to have wet paint for breakfast."

Kaylee clapped her hands together; her smile so wide it damn near spilt her face. "Will do, Cap'n."

"All right then." Mal shook a finger at them. "And stop the gigglin'. It's right creepifyin'."

Zoë smirked at him, her eyebrow arched. "Sorry, sir. We'll try not to upset your delicate disposition, Captain. Won't we, Kaylee?"


Mal glared at his first mate. "You do that then."

With a final glare Mal turned on his heel and strode calmly out of the room. There was a few seconds before Mal could hear Kaylee and Zoë's muffled voices. And all of a sudden Zoë's giggle echoed clearly down the hall.

Mal shuddered. "That's real unsettlin'!"