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Dr. J was gone. Just like that. He couldn't say that he was particularly saddened by the news of his teacher's death, but he was admittedly a tad confused as to what to do next. There wasn't a home to return to and no one to happily reunite with even if there had been one. True, there were people who verbalized some concern about his well being but, in reality, they really didn't know anything about who he truly was. He was a lie. A perpetrator. A charlatan. Of the few details of his life others knew about, every bit of it was a artfully constructed ruse.

It had been a long year since the war had ended and Heero had been living, if that was even the right word for what he did every day, on the L1 colony ever since. None of the other pilots knew where he was and he liked it like that. Things were, after all, much simpler that way. Now and then, he would inadvertently catch glimpses of Quatre or Relena on television, but he certainly never went out of his way to keep tabs on them.

Everything had changed so much since one year ago, especially for Heero. Sometimes, during the war, he'd found himself secretly dreading the prospect of living in peace. Granted, he wanted the senseless killing to cease but, in the end, he had to wonder- what was there besides fighting? He once knew the answer to that question, but sadly during his time with J he'd forgotten. But, slowly, he had begun to find a purpose again.

Heero knew he had some options and could easily get a good job as a Preventer or something along those lines, but he preferred to live the simple life for a while and, surprisingly, he found he despised and loved it at the same time. The humble and mundane offerings of life was boring to say the least, but there was a simplistic peace in not having to look over his shoulder every moment of his life. For the time being, he managed to keep things relatively exciting by changing jobs every month or so.

The current month found him working at a small diner owned by an old woman that everyone called Ms. Etta and apparently she thought he was adorable and hired him on the spot. She even bothered to treat him like he was one of her own children for the most part. He had to admit that he liked Ms. Etha and could tolerate the people he met there. It turned out that the customers who frequented Ms. Etha's diner thought his "attitude" was cute, and at times some took it as a challenge, so he managed to fit right in. Oddly, Heero had begun to consider staying at the diner for a bit longer than he usually did instead of moving along after his month long stay, which had, in fact, ended a few days prior.

It was a Saturday night, during one of Heero's shifts, that he was just about ready to lock up and inform Ms. Etta of his plans to stay, when a young man entered the diner. Normally, Ms. Etha would turn the late stragglers away, but Heero knew she wouldn't chase this one out.

The young man was soaked. Apparently he wasn't from L1 seeing as he wasn't familiar with the colony's weather patterns. He was tall, and thin with his face hidden slightly as he turned to look outside one last time. Ms. Etha quickly waddled over to the young man's table and handed him a menu with a slight wink and Heero couldn't help but notice the wide smile that had spread across the old woman's face as she walked back over the counter where Heero was refilling ketchup bottles. "I'll leave this one to you Little Miss Sunshine." Ms. Etha said with her usual devious tone, the one she used whenever a reasonably attractive young man sauntered into the diner.

Heero knew what the old woman was up to. She had, after all, been trying to set him up on dates from the first week he'd started flipping pancakes. "A fine one like you shouldn't be lonely" she'd always say. True Heero was perhaps alone but that didn't mean he wanted to be set up with anyone or was in fact lonely.

With an inward sigh he walked over to the table ready to take the young man's order but upon closer inspection of the patron he had to fight the urge to have his mouth hang open and then walk away. But, alas, he would never run away from a challenge and continued walking to the young man's table. With a deep breath he completely composed himself.

"Can I take your order Trowa?"


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